A recent crime of mine


From my personal photo album:
Relaxing at home just after launching World War One.
(It’s astonishing how a life of pure evil keeps me young!)


My old FARMS apologist cronies and I are now being accused, it seems, of taking positive reviews of certain Mormon-related books (especially, I think, those published by Greg Kofford Books) down from Amazon.com.  We apparently don’t like the books, and resent their being positively reviewed.


It seems that there’s no limit to my depravity, and to that of my wicked friends.


Leaving aside the fact that it’s apparently not even certain that any reviews have come down, and that I’ve never seen them nor previously heard mention of them, and that I’m not sure that I particularly dislike the books that are or were under review, and that I don’t know how to remove a review from Amazon.com, and that I’ve never ever thought of doing such a thing, and that I think my doing such a thing would be unethical, this is a pretty plausible theory.  All on the assumption, of course, that I’m deeply evil.


I’m surprised that the person making the accusation hasn’t yet noticed my connections with Malaysian Airlines, and the Old-FARMS logo on those invading “Russian” tanks in the Crimea, and the clear photo — it’s out there, somewhere! — of me grinning with smug satisfaction as I stand on the grassy knoll in Dallas on 22 November 1963.



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