Hope and Change!


HOPE: An unemployment line in New York City


CHANGE: Invading Russian troops in the Crimea


Don’t worry, world! We’ve got this one!


What could possibly go wrong if we send an undistinguished state senator and community organizer to the United States Senate and then almost immediately elect him President?


Remember Clint Eastwood and that empty chair?


The most powerful man in the world



The large and the small of it
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Elder Holland in California
  • kiwi57

    Who remembers when Mitt Romney described Russia under Putin as the number one threat to world peace?

    Who remembers Tovarich Obamov and Jackass Joe laughing themselves silly at his Cold War thinking? Didn’t he know the wall had come down?

    Will the Obamov-loving media have anything to say about it?

    Only time will tell!

    • mike

      Or how about John Kerry. Good thing he’s heading things up in Kiev tomorrow. I would love to ask him about his arrogant and clueless rant at the 2012 DNC.


      • Richard Cobbledick

        I agree. It’s too bad we can’t send this guy. He seems so knowledgeable and articulate:


        • mike

          I don’t see what Bush has to do with Obama’s foreign policy failings. He has been in office for six years now.

          • kiwi57

            More to the point, Bush has nothing to do with Romney’s smarts (vis-a-vis Obamov) in 2012. Bush wasn’t an option for American voters in 2012. Monsieur LeSnark has no relevant response, so he is more or less forced to come up with an irrelevant one.

          • utex

            Agreed. It sounds like this guy is trying to somehow justify President Obama’s incompetence by listing Bush’s alleged failures.

  • Richard Cobbledick

    It could be worse. Much, much worse.

    -For a minute, just imagine if we had a president who lied to the American people about the reason for going to war and, hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as a result;

    -Just imagine if we had a president who lacked such a moral compass that our enemies were emboldened enough to attack us on our own soil;

    -Just imagine if we had a president who waged an endless war against an amorphous enemy, and in so doing, canceled our fundamental rights of habeas corpus and the right to be free from unreasonable government spying;

    -Just imagine if we had a president who squandered our budget surplus and enacted sweeping financial deregulations to Wall Street and the banking industry which lead to the largest recession in U.S. history.

    Yes my friends, it could be much, much worse. :)

    • http://kgbudge.com kgbudge

      Fortunately, none of those things happened.

      • Richard Cobbledick

        Yes, we are all fortunate indeed!

    • peredehuit

      Really? What qualifies you to make comments #1 and #2? Do you just parrot what others tell you? The first Islamofascist attack on US soil was in 1993. That was under President Clinton. The fault wasn’t in Bush’s “moral compass” it was in the endless bureaucracy that kept Government agencies from working and talking with one another. A problem that has existed for many years. I know this personally.

      Endless war? Are you an expert on military doctrine? The first low intensity conflict the US has engaged in was with the Barbary States in 1801. Since then the “Savage Wars of Peace” have been with us through out our history (Nicaragua, Haiti (multiple times)etc.). The difference for us today is the fact that weapons technology has progressed to the point that a small group can destabilize world peace and bring tremendous suffering. The only way to keep this from happening is to eliminate them or keep them on the run so they don’t have the time to acquire the weapons etc. These engagements tend to be limited in scale and high in intensity. The problem is that since the Truman administration the US has never learned how to pull out of a region effectively.

  • peredehuit

    The interesting fact is that the US has been deploying Marines into Romania. Normally that act alone would cause any nation to reconsider. Putin hasn’t even flinched. Obama is playing marbles and Putin is playing chess…

    • Phil

      Or perhaps Obama’s giving Putin enough rope to hang himself?
      Time will tell.

  • RaymondSwenson

    President Obama promised Putin that, after he was reelected, he would be much more “flexible”. Putin is relying on Obama to keep his word.