The pain, still sharp, of two years ago today


Kenneth D. Walters (d. 23 March 2012)


This day, two years ago, was probably the worst of my life.  And it foreshadowed the rest of the year, which, for several reasons, was definitely the worst of my life.


On the morning of 23 March 2012, I learned that my (half-)brother, Kenneth, my only sibling, had passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly.


I had already lost my parents.  But they had been old and sick.  Their passing hurt, but it was natural and expected.


Kenneth was my only sibling.  I thought we still had years to travel and talk together.


When the call came, I was working on an academic paper that was to be delivered either that day or (I think) the following day at a regional conference being held that year on the campus of BYU.   Instantly, it meant nothing to me.  I sat in a stupor much of the day.


But I managed to post this blog entry.


And, a few days later, I spoke (very badly) at my brother’s funeral in California.  These are the remarks that I delivered.


I realize that few will be interested.  But I’ve resolved, at least once a year, to memorialize my brother, whose absence is still deeply painful to me.  It’s a small thing, but, in my powerlessness otherwise, it’s something that I can do.



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