“Where is Mount Sinai?”


Jebel al-Lawz, in Saudi Arabia


My weekly Deseret News column for today:





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  • peredehuit

    Oh wait! Science hasn’t found it, it must not exist!!

    I’m off to the bar!

    • kiwi57

      That’s absolutely it. Perhaps the single most important site in the Bible, and nobody knows for sure where it is? Humph! Isn’t it “obvious” that the Bible is just fiction?

  • Michael P.

    I visited St. Catherine’s Monastery in 2006, and then hiked Mount Sinai in the August heat. Or I guess I should now write “Mount Sinai.” You’re such a party pooper.

    • kiwi57

      Well, it’s *maybe* Mount Sinai.

      The funny thing is, I’ve always thought of Sinai/Horeb as a volcano, too. It just seems fairly obvious from the text. Didn’t the Greek Christians of bygone days know what a volcano looked like?

    • DanielPeterson

      I know, I know. Sorry.

      I’ve climbed the stupid thing four or five times myself. Dang.