“Temples to Dot the Earth”


The Provo City Center Temple as it appeared yesterday
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The statue of the Angel Moroni was placed atop the Provo City Center Temple — the old tabernacle that is in the process of being converted into a temple — yesterday afternoon.  Somehow I missed the announcement, or I probably would have been there.


And photos of the soon-to-be-dedicated Fort Lauderdale Florida temple have now been posted, including some shots of its interior:




As mob persecution increased and the time for leaving Nauvoo pressed upon him and the Saints, President Brigham Young — typically described, quite accurately, as the practical genius who supervised the great trek to the Great Basin and the settlement of the Intermountain West — devoted much of his time to performing ordinances in the only partially completed Nauvoo Temple, which, as he knew, they would soon be forced to abandon.  He recorded that, on one particular day, “one hundred and forty-three persons received their endowments in the Temple. . . .  Such has been the anxiety manifested by the saints to receive the ordinances [of the Temple], and such the anxiety on our part to administer to them, that I have given myself up entirely to the work of the Lord in the Temple night and day, not taking more than four hours sleep, upon an average, per day, and going home but once a week.”


When he arrived in the west, President Young immediately selected a site for a new temple in “Great Salt Lake City.” He directed the building of four temples in Utah — in Salt Lake, St. George, Manti, and Logan.  However, only the St. George Temple was completed in his lifetime.  On 1 January 1877 — he would die later that year — with legs so weak that he had to be carried into the room in a chair, he addressed the congregation that had met to dedicate the lower story of the St. George Temple, declaring (among other things): “We enjoy privileges that are enjoyed by no one else on the face of the earth. . . .  When I think upon this subject, I want the tongue of seven thunders to wake up the people.”


One of the few surviving photos of the original temple in Nauvoo, Illinois, which was abandoned in 1846 and destroyed soon thereafter



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