“The Problem with Cliven Bundy”


A scene near Bunkerville


I’ve posted a couple of things recently in which, while not necessarily agreeing with the specific legal complaint or tactics of the Bundy ranching family down in Bunkerville, Nevada, I’ve expressed broad sympathy for a less servile and supine attitude toward the ever-expanding federal government and, therefore, for them.


Not to worry:  My posts have, as might have been expected, inspired some of my critics to depict me as desiring violence, endorsing “treason,” aligning myself with “thugs”, and, of course, a “racist.”  (I eventually stopped reading that stuff, so there’s probably been more.)  And then, when I failed to express humble gratitude for their portrayal of me, I was, naturally, revealing my “persecution complex,” and so forth.  Pretty much the usual drill.


Anyhow, in my prior postings I provided several links to articles broadly sympathetic to Cliven Bundy’s plight and complaints.


Here, though, is a piece from an Oxford-educated British conservative writer now living in America, whom I greatly admire.  He is less sympathetic to the Bundys than the other articles have been:





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