A much improved website


We’re about half a block down the street that runs off to the left of the cathedral’s façade.


The John Adams Center for the Study of Faith, Philosophy, and Public Affairs has launched a much nicer and more user-friendly website:




I encourage you to have a look.  There’s some very thought-provoking material there.


Posted from Florence, Italy


P.S.  Indications that I’m posting from Rome, or Florence, or Jerusalem, or wherever plainly drive some of my critics absolutely mad.  They want to mock me as a provincial yokel who knows nothing of life or thought beyond Provo, but, sometimes, they’re obliged to pivot on a dime (or a centime) in order to deride me as a shallow pseudo-sophisticated braggart who preens himself on his frequent international travels.  The two caricatures aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, of course, but it requires a certain dedicated agility for such a critic to switch back and forth between them so rapidly.  Everybody has a hobby.



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