Thursday in the Berner Oberland



Wetterhorn and Schreckhorn, from Grindelwald
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It was snowing — snowing! — in Grindelwald this morning.  But then blue sky began to appear.


I, on the other hand, was feeling terrible.


So I drove the other five over to Lauterbrunnen, where they caught the funicular railway and the horizontal railway up and over to the wonderful cliff-edge village of Mürren.


Mürren on a good day (Photo One)


Photo Two of Mürren on a nice day


Eiger and Mönch and shoulder of Jungfrau from Mürren


Then I drove back to Grindelwald and waited for further instructions.  As I feared, though, it was bitterly cold and still snowing up there.  They soon called me to drive back over and pick them up.


So we drove to the other side of Interlaken and up to Beatenberg, another favorite place of mine.  It was pretty, of course, but the Big Three were covered with clouds.


This is the way the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau can look from Beatenberg. Just not today,


Looking down from Beatenberg toward the eastern end of the Thunersee


Afterwards, we came back down to Interlaken, where I wallowed in sentimentality by driving past Kanalpromenade 46, the modest little house where I lived, upstairs, with two different missionary companions (Elder Calder and then Elder Waddington), for seven months.  Frau Zbären is long gone, and — I spoke with them briefly a few visits ago — there are strangers living in the house now.


We returned, then, to Grindelwald, where we had a really good dinner at the Hotel Restaurant Alpina, enjoying our best views yet on this trip of the Wetterhorn (nearly complete, including the peak) and the Eiger (wholly visible for a while).  While sitting there, we also saw a small avalanche on the lower reaches of the Schreckhorn that lasted about five minutes.


We’re now back in our very, very nice apartment at the Hotel Kirchbühl.  I would love to come back here for three or four weeks to read and write and gaze over the valley.  Anybody want to kick into the Put Dan Peterson Up in the Berner Oberland Fund?


Posted from Grindelwald, Berner Oberland, Switzerland



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