“Catholics against Capitalism”



This is the kind of thing that, believe it or not, actually passes for thought in some Christian leftist circles.


This is pretty bracing stuff, and I may — I’m not sure — detect a slight whiff of anti-religious disdain in it, but, on the whole, I agree with Kevin D. Williamson:




Unsurprisingly, people who’ve spent their entire adult lives in divinity schools and seminaries and then as clergy tend, on the whole, not to understand business and economics as well as those who work in those areas.  Unfortunately, though, they often seem oblivious to their obliviousness — and yet presume, quite ignorantly and self-righteously, to lecture others on those very matters, and to recommend policies that, if followed, would damage real people in major ways.


Parenthetical note:  The leaders of my church are often criticized because, by professional standards, they haven’t been trained for the ministry.  But this can be said:  They commonly have a great deal of experience in the very areas where too many denominational leaders are relatively uninformed and, at the same time, relatively overconfident.


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