Punished for just doubting? Questioning? Trying to help?



An admiring friend snapped this photograph of me a few years ago while I was presiding over one of the hundreds of ecclesiastical tribunals that I conducted each month.


As I’ve noted in earlier relevant entries here, I’m neither “giddy with joy” nor “frothing at the mouth” with “unchristian” pleasure at the prospect of Church disciplinary action against John Dehlin and Kate Kelly — notwithstanding the dishonest allegations of certain anonymous posters on the Internet.


As a matter of fact, I’ve had very little to say about the “Ordain Women” group, and precisely nothing to say about Kate Kelley herself.  So I’ll just leave her out of it.


While I’  content to let his local leaders decide what to do or not do with regard to the case of John Dehlin, I really object to the claim — assumed in comment after comment that I’ve seen online as simple, undisputed fact — that John Dehlin is being punished (by angry and power-hungry old white men, of course, but that’s another story) for simply having some questions, or suffering from a few doubts, or trying to help the Saints, and/or trying attempting to improve the Church (which he loves, though it isn’t worthy of his affection).


The claim isn’t merely disputable, it’s been disputed.


See this little piece, for example, by Brian Hales.


Then, of course, there are Greg Smith’s much maligned but seldom engaged essays.


And, while you’re at it, have a look at this amusing little item from Kevin Christensen.


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