Some notes about Miami



In the Art Deco District
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The Colony Hotel in the Art Deco District
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The district shortly before dark


We ate a fair amount of Cuban food while in Miami over the past few days; my son’s marriage into a very close Cuban extended family has its benefits, even for his parents.  I’ve fallen in love with ropa vieja.


But my son and daughter-in-law also took us to a really good Cuban restaurant, Sazón, out in Miami Beach, at the corner of Collins and 73rd.  It was the first restaurant that they went to together as husband and wife.  For those of you who someday visit Miami, yet lack ready access to a  Cuban family in which the multigenerational matriarchs take cooking very seriously, Sazón might serve as a reasonably good substitute.  My wife really liked her Sazón Pollo Enrollado Relleno de Puré de Plátanos Maduros con Salsa de Chimichurri, while my son recommends the Sazón Frita, a kind of Cuban hamburger.


The view from the water


Miami Beach from the air
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We also took a very nice boat ride from the Bayside Marketplace out around some of the islands (where people like Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, the late French Singer Edith Piaf, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, and a bunch of other famous types own or have owned property).  I recommend the boat tour.  It’s the best way, too, to see the Miami Beach skyline.  And, of course, we visited South Beach’s Art Deco District both in the evening and on the following afternoon.  Iconic Miami.


I would have written about the things above anyway — as I’ve explained, my blog serves as part of my journal — but it gives me special pleasure to do so since I see that four or five very sad people out there are driven to nearly apoplectic rage by the fact that I post such things and that I sometimes conclude my blog entries in this manner:


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