Arguing for the Resurrection at Education Week


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The Anastasis, or Resurrection
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Just a reminder that I’ll be speaking at BYU Education Week again this year (19-22 August):


Daniel C. Peterson
Truly He Is Risen: A Historical Case for the Resurrection of Christ
3220–3224 Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), 3:10–4:05 p.m.

T  The Witness of the Gospels
W  The Collective Witness of the Original Twelve
Th  Paul, the Neglected Witness
F  The Witness of the Restoration


I’m really excited about this topic, and only hope that I can begin to do it justice.


Proposing these lectures to the folks who run Education Week — they would have been happy if I had simply repeated some previous years’ topics — was a way of obliging myself to sit down and commence systematically laying out some arguments that I’ve long wanted to make for an LDS audience.


This will be a first take, a dry run, for a book that I have it in mind to write — and perhaps for a film that will eventually appear.


Of course, this is on top of my other work — including (but far and away not limited to) two book manuscripts on Islamic topics that I hope to have completed by the end of this calendar year — so that’s why I worry about having the time and energy to do these presentations right.


If you’re thinking of coming, by the way, I think you’ll want to have your scriptures with you.  But I’ll try, if I get the time, to have a lot of the relevant passages (and other material) up on a screen in PowerPoint.



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