“Over half of all statements made on Fox News are false.”


The Fox News logo


Democrats and the Left absolutely hate Fox News (aka “Faux News”), Rush Limbaugh, and others who interfere with the political and cultural narrative they would like us all to swallow without question.


And some of them aren’t above a bit of deception in their attempts to stigmatize conservative-leaning media and media personalities — and their audiences — as liars, dupes, morons, idiots, and mind-numbed robots.


Here’s an examination of one such attempt, made very recently:




Furthermore, incidentally, the other day, when I posted an entry linking to an article entitled “When Bigotry Comes to Your Hometown,” I meant to comment on the author’s gratuitous insinuation that Fox News is densely packed with bigoted Islamophobes.  I liked the article overall, but, as someone who has both watched a lot of Fox News and crossed swords in significant ways, publicly and privately, with real bigoted Islamophobes, I deny his suggestion.  Many people who despise Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and other stars of the Right-leaning media are, in my experience at least, scarcely familiar with them.  Putting it another way, they simply don’t know what they’re talking about.



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