“If All Love Is Equal, This Incestuous Mother and Son Couple Should Be Celebrated”


Martin, Sodom and Gomorrah and flames
“The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah,” by John Martin (1852)
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The motto at the bottom of a friend’s emails always used to read “Where are we going?  And why are we in this hand basket?”


If you were on board with the logic used to redefine marriage as including same-sex couples, I’m not quite sure how you can reject Matt Walsh’s logic in this little article:


“If All Love Is Equal, This Incestuous Mother And Son Couple Should Be Celebrated”


And, if you’re okay with an eventual government endorsement of incestuous marriage, congratulate yourself:  You’re on the cutting edge of progressive social thinking.


And don’t forget to congratulate young Caleb, who could soon be the proud father of his brother.




Many of us have been troubled by the decline — in some quarters, really, the virtual disappearance — of civility and decorum in our public political, religious, and other discourse, and by what has practically become a total war between factions who see neither value nor goodness in each other.


In that regard, this book review caught my interest:


“Recovering America’s Vital Center: Between Religious Nationalism and Radical Secularism”


Also relevant is this item, from The Atlantic:


“Jeff Flake’s Gamble:  The Arizona Republican is betting his Senate seat on the political appeal of decency—but can that pay off in Trump’s America?”


The more I see of the Latter-day Saint junior senator from Arizona, and the more I learn about him, the more deeply impressed I am with him.


Not everybody, though, is a fan:


“RNC chair to Flake: GOP candidates who didn’t support Trump lost”


I’m saddened to note that the warning alluded to directly above came from Ronna Romney McDaniel, who is a niece of Governor Mitt Romney, a graduate of Brigham Young University, and, I presume, a Latter-day Saint.


I’m deeply troubled by Republicans who seem to put the success of their party ahead of the conservative principles that many of them claim (often sincerely) to believe in.  To me, if the Party doesn’t advance conservatism, it’s of absolutely no interest.  (In a sense, this is quite analogous to my stance with respect to Jacinda Ardern.)


That’s why I left the Party on the night Mr. Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination.  He has, as I’ve been at pains to state on numerous occasions, appointed some very good people (notably including Justice Gorsuch), but he’s not a conservative.  And I hope that his non-conservatism and his poor personal character and shallowness don’t do serious damage to things that I care very much about.




Two more items about the recent firing of a fairly high-ranking employee by Google because he had committed thoughtcrime:


“Google’s Leftist Goggles Leave Googlers Agog”


“Fascist Google Has The Right to Be a Tyrant, but Bake that Cake, Bigot!”




Ahhh, but this item is making me nostalgic for my childhood, with its bomb shelters, nuclear drills, and Cuban missile crisis:


“How Hawaii is preparing for a nuclear attack”


Hallo, NoKo!




Finally, on a lighter note:


“It’s official: Pandas are worse than children.”



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