From “Utah’s Dixie”


Utah's oldest temple
The St. George Utah Temple, the oldest continuously functioning temple in the Church, was dedicated in 1877.   (LDS Media Library)


It’s always fun for me to return to St. George.  I don’t have any significant ties here any more, but my Mormon-side family roots — such as they are — cluster mainly in and around St. George, and I’ve always been fond of the place.




Don’t miss the Interpreter Radio Show, which runs from 7-9 PM, Utah time, on K-Talk Radio AM, and which is also accessible live online.




Maybe I just have an odd sense of fun, but I enjoyed this one:


“The Family Dynamics of the Nephite Twelve Disciples and the Old World Twelve Apostles: Evidence of Plagiarism?”




Good news for Latter-day Saints in the Vancouver and Seattle areas:


“President and Sister Nelson to Visit Pacific Northwest”




I read an interesting message board discussion a few days ago.  It started off with an angry denunciation of the Church for never helping non-Latter-day Saints, and then continued, essentially, with a chorus of equally angry amens and amplifications.  There were no dissenting voices.  Nobody pointed out that the premise of the “discussion” was flatly false.  Here’s just one little bit of contrary evidence:


“Mormons Around the World Country Newsroom Websites August 2, 2018”


Ironically, though, the same people who denounce the Church for its supposed refusal to give any assistance to non-Mormons in desperate need — or, at least, people in the very venues where such denunciations are posted — often angrily attack the Church for boasting if it makes any public mention of the assistance that it gives.


“A man filled with the love of God,” said the Prophet Joseph Smith, “is not content with blessing his family alone, but ranges through the whole world, anxious to bless the whole human race.”




Here’s an excellent message from Elder Patrick Kearon — who was, to my great delight, identified by a Trumpist critic of mine a month or two ago as one of my co-conspirators (along with Elder Dieter Uchtdorf) in a plot to destroy the Church and Western Civilization:


“Unity in Diversity”




I now offer three pieces along the religious/political line:


“Mormon distaste for Trump could hurt GOP candidates in 2018”


Plus two from The Babylon Bee:


“Religious Extremism: Kavanaugh Caught Serving Food To Homeless”


“Robert Jeffress Accuses Jesus Of Having ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ For Condemning Adultery”


Pastor Jeffress is, or ought to be, beloved among Latter-day Saints for his always-kind words about Mormonism.  While he was appalled by Mitt Romney’s non-Christian faith, he is enthralled with the deep spirituality and principled Christianity of President Donald J. Trump.


Posted from St. George, Utah



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