Interpreter’s volume 10 now available in paperback and e-book formats

near our hotel

  I'm happy to announced that you can now order the tenth volume of Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture in paperback form and as an e-book:   Posted from Seaside, Oregon    … [Read more...]

The Title Page of the Book of Mormon

1830 Title Page for B of M

  Inspired by something that Elder David A. Bednar said in a recent speech at Brigham Young University, I've resolved -- we'll see whether or not I can keep the resolution! -- to read through the Book of Mormon, one chapter each day, and to post something about each chapter on my blog. What I post will be very brief, with no pretense of being exhaustive.  I'll often simply choose a single verse for comment.  And not necessarily the most obvious or most impo … [Read more...]

Life could be so much better if only we were more cynical and less sociable!

   Having called attention this morning to a prior blog entry about two good reasons for going to church, I fell to thinking intermittently about one of the largely atheistic anti-Mormon message boards that I sometimes read. A common feature on that board -- it appears essentially every Sunday -- is a thread focused on what board regulars are doing that day instead of attending church services. This is clearly meant to suggest that their … [Read more...]

The challenge that Putin poses to NATO

  Vladimir Putin's behavior in the Ukraine represents a new kind of foreign policy dilemma for NATO and the West.  And, if he succeeds in the Ukraine, what will prevent him from using the same successful methods on other parts of the former Soviet Union, or on various states that dared to break away from the former Soviet b … [Read more...]

On Harry Reid’s Name-Removal

  No, not from the Church. From a building at Southern Utah University, where he studied as an undergraduate. The president of the school says that the removal of Senator Reid's name described in the article wasn't politically motivated.  And perhaps that's true, although some Southern Utah conservatives are overjoyed at the news. Let me go on record as saying that, although I'm a staunch political conservative (trending libertarian on … [Read more...]

Tolkien and the PC Police

 I'm a major fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, which is only one of the reasons that this cartoon caught my eye. I apologize in advance, because it contains one F-bomb.  I can do nothing about that.  But, if the word would offend you too much, please don't read this cartoon. I held off posting the item for several weeks, because of the one obscenity.  ("A true gentleman," Oscar Wilde once observed, "is one who is never unintentionally rude.") I think the car … [Read more...]

Obama a war criminal, says “Cornel West”

  As has been pointed out by at least two intrepid investigators, I get all of my political facts and opinions from Sean Hannity, at Fox News. Here's an item that I'd almost forgotten about: Employing his fictional "Cornel West" personality, Sean Hannity is shown here speaking at Fox News Headquarters in New York City (which, as part of his schtick, has been temporarily rechristened "The National Press Club" in Washington … [Read more...]

“Joseph Smith’s Hick Language in the Original Book of Mormon Manuscript”

  After decades of observing them, it's pretty difficult for extreme ex- and anti-Mormon critics to astonish me. Even so, on the whole, I've been amazed at the reaction of many of them to my recent column focused on Dr. Stanford Carmack's article, now two weeks old, in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture. I've been surprised at how many of them, despite their vocal and even mocking criticisms, seem actually not to have read even my short n … [Read more...]