“How Donny Osmond shares his LDS beliefs online”

A wikimedia commons photo of Donny Osmond

  May this be an inspiration to other faithful Saints to go and, in their own way, do likewise: http://ldsmag.com/how-donny-osmond-shares-his-lds-beliefs-online/   … [Read more...]

Glenn Beck’s crisis of faith

Mr. Glenn Beck, still Mormon

  In the wake of a somewhat cryptic post on his Facebook page in which he speaks of losing faith in religious leaders, etc., there's been a huge buzz of speculation across the internet over the past week or two about what many have hoped might be Glenn Beck's disaffection from his Mormon religious affiliation. Here's a short item posted yesterday, in which Beck speaks of the man who introduced him to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day … [Read more...]

An interesting Mormon blog that I hadn’t seen before

Providence across the water

  I've come across a really interesting and attractively designed Mormon-oriented blog by Nicholas Alahverdian that I want to call to your attention: http://www.nicholasblog.com May there be more such blogs by faithful members of the Church!   … [Read more...]

New Testament 44

William Hole, the calling of Levi

  Matthew 9:9-13Mark 2:13-17Luke 5:27-32 This account, of the calling of Levi or Matthew, provides one of our clearest glimpses into the character of Jesus.  And it's a very impressive one. Levi or Matthew is himself a tax collector -- not the most highly esteemed profession then or now, perhaps, but infinitely worse then.  And Jesus is portrayed as dining with a whole group of "tax collectors and sinners." When he's rebuked f … [Read more...]

History, present and personal

What's left of Sparta

  “All history is present history in the sense that the concerns of the present are bound somehow to affect the way history is studied and written. All history is also personal, since it is impossible to avoid the influence of one's own opinions and prejudices on the selection and emphasis of one's historical material.” Paul Cartledge, Professor of Greek History and Culture, University of Cambridge    … [Read more...]

A world with neither freedom nor morality?

North Korean military parade

  “Humans think they are free, conscious beings, when in truth they are deluded animals. At the same time they never cease trying to escape from what they imagine themselves to be. Their religions are attempts to be rid of a freedom they have never possessed. In the twentieth century, the utopias of Right and Left served the same function. Today, when politics is unconvincing even as entertainment, science has taken on the role of mankind's deliverer.”   (John Nicholas Gray … [Read more...]

New Testament 43

Healing at Capernaum on the mountain

  Matthew 9:1-8Mark 2:1-12Luke 5:17-26Compare John 5:1-9 The Pharisees and teachers of the law are offended, scandalized, when Jesus tells the paralytic that his sins are forgiven.  "Who, apart from God," they say, "can forgive sins?" An excellent question.  Well worth pondering.  Indeed, that, I suspect, is the point. But Jesus then asks them which is easier -- to tell a man to be healed or to tell him that his sins are fo … [Read more...]

Book of Mormon historicity and the “siege mentality”

Russell, "The Custer Fight"

  Ben Park posted an interesting interview today with Jared Hickman: http://www.juvenileinstructor.org/qa-with-jared-hickman/#more-16820 I'd like to comment on one passage from it: "Exciting things are happening in Book of Mormon studies at the moment. Within the Mormon bubble, there seems now to be increasing support for popping that bubble by moving away from a siege mentality focused on defending the historicity of The Book of … [Read more...]