“Cultural conservatives have barely begun to fight”

Tiberias at night, with lake

  I've thought highly of David (and Nancy) French for several years now, and I like his defiant spirit in this article: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/417332/cultural-conservatives-have-barely-begun-fight-david-french Religious and cultural conservatives can and must make common cause.  Posted from Tiberias, Israel    … [Read more...]

Robert George’s commencement remarks at BYU

Tiberias from above

  Obviously, I wasn't there. I regret that. But, thanks to Nathaniel Hancock, I've now read the speech that Princeton's heroic and invaluable Robert George delivered during BYU's very recent commencement exercises: http://mirrorofjustice.blogs.com/mirrorofjustice/2015/04/remarks-at-byu-commencement.html I'm glad that he said what he said, and that he said it at BYU at this particular time. I had long imagined … [Read more...]

“Say Now Shibboleth, or Maybe Cumorah”

Nightfall in Tiberias

  This week's article from the Interpreter Foundation: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/say-now-shibboleth-or-maybe-cumorah/  Posted from Tiberias, Israel   … [Read more...]

The world’s greatest street?

Vom Burgtheaterdach

  Maybe. It's certainly a nice one, and an important one, historically and culturally: http://edition.cnn.com/2015/04/23/travel/experts-guide-austria-ringstrasse/index.html And, for years, there was a very influential Latter-day Saint presence on it. You can read his testimony in his native language  (and, further down, in my English translation) h … [Read more...]

“A Sucker by Design”

The Houthi Logo

  On the flight over, my wife and I shared our row with an extremely pleasant older Jewish man, a British-born economist with a Ph.D. and a newly minted American citizen (as of three months ago), who had been a volunteer with Israeli forces during 1967's Six Day War and who had, since, lost a son in military service to Israel. He was coming over to check on some family property. We enjoyed several lengthy conversations with him.  (The flight from N … [Read more...]

“Warfare and the Book of Mormon”

Campaign of 1260 AD

  Today's "Defending the Faith" article in the Deseret News is now up: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865627050/Warfare-and-the-Book-of-Mormon.html  Posted from Tel Aviv, Israel    … [Read more...]

Once more, a note on the death of Europe

A postcard from Tel Aviv

  I wrote here the other day about the sharp decline in European birthrates. On the flight over, I noticed several articles in the 18 April 2015 issue of the Economist that, without signaling that as a theme, addressed the topic at least in passing. Finland, for example, which faces a looming election, is the world's most rapidly aging country.  By 2030, more than a quarter of the Finnish population will be over 65, which will put enormous burdens … [Read more...]

See inside the new Payson Utah Temple

Nearly-finished Payson Temple

  Dang. I had an invitation for a special tour of the Payson Utah Temple on Tuesday, but, alas, the airport was beckoning me and I couldn't make it. Here, though, are some photos of the building, which is soon to be dedicated.  Posted from Tel Aviv, Israel  … [Read more...]