“Jordan, escape hatch for fleeing Syrians, also shelters most of the Mideast’s Arab Mormons”

    Jordan shelters most of the Mideast’s Arab Mormons?   Yes, it does.   It’s not a huge group, of course — as several braying jackasses predictably pointed out on the Tribune website in response [sic] to the article  — but the number is higher than some might imagine.  I know several.  I had two of them in one of [Read More…]

“Are Religious Kids Meaner or Nicer?”

    A while back, there was a flurry of attention given to a study purporting to demonstrate that children raised in religious households were actually less kind than children from secular families.  This counterintuitive finding was immediately employed as yet more evidence of the evils of religion.   In that light, Ron Thompson called this article [Read More…]

On the Emperor Constantine’s recognition of Christianity

    Another passage from H.A.L. Fisher (on whom, see here), this one regarding the Emperor Constantine and his legitimation of Christianity, which paved the way to its establishment as the Roman Empire’s official creed:   “Nobody would be bold enough to contend that this vigorous and capable soldier was a Christian character.  If he [Read More…]

“‘Parallels’ of prophets not parallel”

    Just moments ago, I received a note from yet another overconfident religious skeptic who thought that he could stun me with his list of astonishing supposed parallels between Jesus, Isis, Muhammad, Krishna, Ba‘al, Tammuz, and etc.   I guess it’s time to trot this May 2012 Deseret News column out yet once more: [Read More…]

“Trump Staffer Grateful to Work with So Many People He Could Turn Over to FBI in Exchange for Immunity”

    More crack investigative reporting from The Onion:   http://www.theonion.com/article/trump-staffer-grateful-work-so-many-people-he-coul-55321   If you would like to have the presidential fanfare “Hail to the Chief” playing in the background while you read the article — I’m always looking out for you! — just click on this link:     Posted from Waikoloa, Hawaii     [Read more…]

Are you aware of Milo Yiannopoulos?

    I wasn’t aware of Milo Yiannopoulos until quite recently.   I wish I still weren’t.   Here are a couple of items about him:   “What Is a Conservative?”   “Free Speech Has a Milo Problem”   I despise the “alt-right.”  The uncomfortably cozy links between Trumpism and the alt-right were among the many [Read More…]

“Utah lawyers step up to protect Muslim refugees from discrimination, threats”

    I missed this article when it appeared at the end of November last year:   http://www.sltrib.com/home/4650074-155/utah-lawyers-step-up-to-protect   Thanks to Anne Palmieri for calling my attention to it.   Posted from Waikoloa, Hawaii     [Read more…]

“Answering Letter To A CES Director – # 1”

    There have been many responses from believers to Jeremy Runnells’s unfortunate (and, in too many cases, unfortunately destructive) Letter to a CES Director, an unoriginal grab-bag of attacks on Latter-day Saint belief and the claims of the Restoration.   Here, for example, is a transcript of my own hasty fifty-minute reaction to the [Read More…]

“What’s the Oldest Thing Alive Today?”

    What’s the oldest thing alive today?   Contrary to popular opinion, it’s probably not me:   http://www.livescience.com/57941-what-is-the-oldest-living-thing.html   Posted from Waikoloa, Hawaii     [Read more…]

A historically interesting look at history

    Just for the heck of it, I’ve lately been reading H.A.L. Fisher’s work A History of Europe, vol. 1, From the Earliest Times to 1713.  Fisher had been a member of Parliament, a British cabinet minister under the prime ministership of his close friend David Lloyd George, and, after the end of World War [Read More…]