Anonymous slander on the Web

a definition of "slander"

  The Web is a wonderful thing.  It puts information and research at one's fingertips in a way that would have been inconceivable only a couple of decades ago.  In fact -- given my hoary old age -- I am a witness:  Most of us never imagined it.  Couldn't have. But the Web can also be used for less reputable and more harmful purposes.   Terrorists use it.  Pornographers have made a fortune at it.  Sleaze for which one would, years ago, have had to wade into the w … [Read more...]

Happy Pioneer Day!

Handcart pioneers

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“Finding God through the history, philosophy of science”

Christchurch College, University of Oxford   … [Read more...]

Perhaps a faint glimmer of hope for my beloved California?

Neel Kashkari   … [Read more...]

From the PR department

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“How to Save Gaza”

Whatever your politics, this scene from Gaza is heartrending.

   Cassandra Hedelius has brought this piece to my attention, which seems to me a reasonable approach to the problem -- and to represent the kind of rational reflection on the current crisis (including criticism of Israel) that overblown allusions to "genocide" and "Auschwitz" tend to drown out:   … [Read more...]

Auschwitz? “Genocide” in Gaza?

It remains an excellent question: What WOULD you do?

  As I've said before, governments -- all governments -- have three absolutely basic and fundamental responsibilities to their citizens.  All governments do other things on top of these, of course -- many of them things that, in my view, they do badly, and many of them things that, even if they do them well, they shouldn't do. But these three things are irreducible.  A government that doesn't do them, or, worse still, deliberately declines to do them, is u … [Read more...]

Two “Interpreter” books

On the left, the first book published by The Interpreter Foundation. On the right, the coming next book to be published by the Foundation. Several more books are in the pipeline. (Thanks to Bryce Haymond for creating this slide.  Click to enlarge.  Click again to enlarge further.)

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