FairMormon RiseUp podcast

temple in Bellevue

  A podcast, intended to be produced on a regular basis, that is designed to help young Latter-day Saints deal with challenges to their faith: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/fairmormon-riseup-podcast/  Posted from Cedar City, Utah  … [Read more...]


Obama the golfer as pilot

   Many years ago, my father absolutely put one over on his sweet older sister, my aunt, who (I was quite young and don't recall) was visiting us from either North Dakota or San Diego, where she moved after the tragic accident death of her husband. He had gone golfing with his business-partner brother and some other business associates that day. She asked how the day had gone, and he replied that it had been pretty … [Read more...]

“The Gift of a Great Movie”

poster from "The Giver"

  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/385480/gift-great-movie-kathryn-jean-lopez Has anybody out there seen this film yet? I haven't, and I won't be able to see it for at least a week, but I would be interested in reactions from those who have.  Posted from Cedar City, Utah (mentioned in order to show off about the sheer enviable glamour of the place)    … [Read more...]

“The Comedy of Errors”

Im Adams-Shakespeare-Theater

  We've just returned from a crowd-pleasing slapstick Comedy of Errors set in the Old Wild West. Yet another excellent production. Still, there were a few empty seats. The executive director of the Utah Shakespeare Festival told me, this afternoon, that overall ticket sales for the Festival are slightly down this year. This ought not to be.  The Festival is one of the finest cultural institutions in Utah and among the best … [Read more...]

“A Look at Some ‘Non-Standard’ Book of Mormon Grammar”

Tyndale window, Oxford

  It being that day of the week, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has published another article: http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/a-look-at-some-nonstandard-book-of-mormon-grammar/ I think this now represents one hundred and seven [107] consecutive weeks of publication. I'm not alone in regarding this week's article as exceptionally significant.  My friend and colleague Professor Royal Skousen, professor of linguistics and … [Read more...]

Jane Austen, on stage

Jones Theater, SUU, Cedar City

  After enjoying lunch with Will Schryver and his wife, we attended a very well done theater version of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I'm a really, really, really enthusiastic Jane Austen fan. It worries me. Nothing blows up.  There are no car chases. Am I, simply, when all is said and done, a sorry excuse for a man? (Some out there will have a ready answer for that question.)  Posted from C … [Read more...]

“A Church for Exiles”

a stained glass Calvin

  This article -- written by a Christian in the Reformed tradition -- makes an interesting case for the claim that Reformed Christianity is best suited for disciples of Jesus living in a rapidly emerging post-Christian America. As I read it, I was thinking to myself of ways in which what the author says applies, or doesn't apply, to the Latter-day Saints. We certainly have a history of marginalization already, and of literal exile. We … [Read more...]

Bart Sibrel vs. Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

Near the "moon."

  Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, now 84, is a retired NASA astronaut who, as part of the Apollo 11 mission, became the second man to walk on the surface of the moon. At least, that's what mainstream thinkers and historians believe. Bart Sibrel, however, is no conventional mind.  A taxi driver and conspiracy theorist, Sibrel believes that the moon landings were hoaxes. Sibrel confronted Aldrin in 2002 at a hotel in Beverley Hills, California, … [Read more...]