“Top Three Archaeological Finds from 2016 that Confirm Biblical History”

    The article’s title may be just a bit on the grandiose side, but these discoveries certainly do make the historicity of the Bible more concrete, and they lend no support at all to the cause of the biblical minimalists (briefly addressed here and here) and of the “Jesus mythicists” (briefly addressed here and [Read More…]

Eavesdropping on a sacrament service in Shanghai today

    Jeff Lindsay was set to speak at a district meeting of Latter-day Saints in Shanghai, China, today, and he kindly shared in advance some of the thoughts that he would be offering:   “The Creation and God’s Love: Hints from a Surprise Encounter with a Geologist”   Posted from Newport Beach, California   [Read More…]

“Satan Scourges Us with It: A Brief History of Carpeted Mormon Basketball”

    This article is actually somewhat more broadly significant, and more interesting, than its title might suggest:   http://deadspin.com/satan-scourges-us-with-it-a-brief-history-of-carpeted-1793111588   I’ll append to it a little story that I may have told here before, though I don’t believe so:   Long ago, my department held its fall party (just prior to the beginning of the [Read More…]

“How a Portuguese-to-English Phrasebook Became a Cult Comedy Sensation”

    Thanks to Ronald L. Dunn for alerting me to this gem:   http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/how-a-portuguese-to-english-phrasebook-became-a-cult-comedy-sensation?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=keywee&kwp_0=352547   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“Mount Etna: BBC crew caught up in volcano blast”

      This was something that they won’t soon forget:   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-39293086   We live on a remarkable planet, and nature is very, very powerful.   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

Monkeys, Chance, and the Cosmos

    “Someone once said that if you sat a million monkeys at a million typewriters for a million years, one of them would eventually type out all of Hamlet by chance. But when we find the text of Hamlet, we don’t wonder whether it came from chance and monkeys. Why then does the atheist use that incredibly [Read More…]

Do Mormon women have more cosmetic surgery than non-Mormon women?

    I’ve seen this charge (that Mormon women go in for cosmetic surgery at a stupendously high rate) a fair number of times.  It’s often intended to illustrate how dysfunctional and phony Mormon culture is.   Of course, it’s wrong — as such accusations often do — to conflate Utah culture with Mormon culture. [Read More…]

“Why so many conservative Christians feel like a persecuted minority”

    The title provides no clue, but this interesting article is focused on Rod Dreher’s provocative new book The Benedict Option, on which I’ve been posting from time to time over the past month or so:   http://theweek.com/articles/684365/why-many-conservative-christians-feel-like-persecuted-minority   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“Remnants of Earth’s Original Crust Found in Canada” [?]

    Of course, knowing a few Canadians, I’m not altogether surprised:   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/next/earth/remnants-of-earths-original-crust-found-in-canada/   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]

“Jerry Grover on ‘cureloms’ and ‘cummoms’ in the Book of Mormon”

    Ever wondered what they are?  Hint:  They make great pets.   http://scripturalmormonism.blogspot.com/2017/03/jerry-grover-on-cureloms-and-cummoms-in.html   Posted from Newport Beach, California     [Read more…]