A brief interview with two missionaries, recently held captive in New Mexico

    http://www.koat.com/news/mormon-missionaries-held-captive-speak-about-incident/31395090     [Read more…]

“Circle of Life”

    If there’s life elsewhere in the galaxy, or elsewhere in the universe, a recent study by Mary Anne Limbach and Edwin L. Turner of Princeton University suggests that it will occur in solar systems with a relatively high number of planets following roughly circular orbits.   The necessity of circular or nearly-circular orbits [Read More…]

New Testament 85

    Matthew 8:5-13 Luke 7:1-10 John 4:46-54 Compare Mark 2:1; 7:30   The harmony that I’m using as the basis of this exercise — Kurt Aland, ed., Synopsis of the Four Gospels: Greek-Gnglish Edition of the Synopsis Quattuor Evangeliorum (14th ed.) — plainly believes that the incident recounted in John 4 is the same [Read More…]

“New Policy Prioritizes Family Time at Temples”

    This is really good news, and a great idea:   https://www.lds.org/church/news/new-policy-prioritizes-family-time-at-temples?lang=eng     [Read more…]

A proposed Arabian Book of Mormon site briefly discussed in an Omani newspaper

    http://www.muscatdaily.com/Archive/Oman/Khor-Kharfot-ruins-shed-light-on-period-pre-dating-Islam-3un2     [Read more…]

“Violent Extremism and the Value of Interfaith Dialogue”

    An informed and experienced perspective from Dr. Brian Adams, in the Brisbane, Australia, area:   https://medium.com/the-machinery-of-government/violent-extremism-and-the-value-of-interfaith-dialogue-9926b6766d68   For a bit more about Dr. Adams, see here.     [Read more…]

LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM, and no end in sight!

    You may well have seen the acronym LGBT, which stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered — in expressions such as the LGBT community.   (I confess to some reservations about the use of the term community in such language, but I’ll let that pass for now.)   However, the odds are that you’re [Read More…]

“The prophecy of this book”

    Virtually every missionary, I expect, has encountered Revelation 22:18-19:   “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:  And if any man shall take [Read More…]

“Islamic Scholars Present an Open Letter to ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi”

    http://jonathanturley.org/2015/02/22/islamic-scholars-present-an-open-letter-to-isis-leader-al-baghdadi/   For those who want to see Muslim opposition to ISIS.   (Thanks to Tracy Hall Jr. for bringing this to my notice.)     [Read more…]

Five nice minutes

    It’s just beautiful.  That’s all.  Feel free to take five minutes and watch:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM59vw8KA_s   Lyrics to “The Prayer,” a duet by Céline Dion and Andrea Bocelli:   I pray you’ll be our eyes and watch us where we go. And help us to be wise in times when we don’t know [Read More…]