Guest Post: Year and a Day Journey

By Dava Greely

I started my Year And A Day journey precisely on January 1st 2012. So on this day, January 2nd 2013, this leg of my spiritual journey comes to a beautiful finish.

The last year of my life has been the harshest, most terrifying adventure I’ve ever been on. But, in the midst of it, I have grown so much stronger, wiser, and more beautiful. Through walking in complete faith with the God and Goddess, I have been given the tools to live the life I truly desire in my heart of hearts, and to help others do the same.

Through diligent studying, I have learned so much about the history, the present, and the future of magick. More studying has been done in this one year than I did during my entire college career! HA! Though I value my formal education, my entry into the world of witchcraft and the Pagan way of life has taught me more than I could ever learn in class, because a majority of the lessons have been received through living. And in that way, I have been blessed beyond measure.

I have met so many spirit guides – gods and goddesses, animal spirits, angels, fairies, daemons, and ancestors, and more. And they have brought with them, and continue to bring, love, support, guidance, and blessings into my life. When I cried until I puked because I missed my daughter, they were there. When I found myself homeless and on the streets, they were there. When I was doing things that went against my well being in order to survive, they were there. When I was brutalized, they were there. When I made the decision to think differently, choose how I felt, and to shake the fear and discomfort of taking action – they were there. And they are with me now, keeping safe for me all the lessons I’ve learned, and moving forward with me as I shift into the person I’ve long dreamed of becoming.

I have also met many new friends along my way. My relationships with family members are much different, more loving and unconditional. I have healed many old wounds and seen the glory in what all the pain had to teach me. I have become extremely masterful, and that means the world to me.

In 2008, I suffered a complete mental and emotional breakdown. I was dead to the world, lost, and in total darkness. The way of the witch has taught me to embrace darkness and transmute what needs to be changed, and to see the mystical beauty and power in that which needs to stay hidden. The journey back to life from such a deep pit has only been possible through my seeking this Divine path, which has inevitable lead me to the divinity within myself.


Bio: Dava Greely is a twenty-six-year old mother, entrepreneur, and Eclectic Pagan, currently residing in Philadelphia PA. She is a skilled and practicing psychic reader, specializing in Oracle, Tarot, and Runes.

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