Republican Baptist Church: Truth in Advertising in South Carolina?

Truth in Advertising?

Given that it’s primary season in South Carolina, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I stumbled across this church sign while driving in the state. It is the perfect encapsulation of Christian Nationalism. I couldn’t have made this up if I wanted to!

If only all churches were this honest about their political allegiances. And if only the Republicans had an ounce of this honesty in their current political campaigns!



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  • Please, please, please, revoke our tax privileges. We are begging you!

  • They could always market themselves to Newt Gingrich supporters by advertising: “Have your wedding here, and the next two are on us!”

  • Anonymous

    Are they really named this because of the Republican party or is the town named Republican? I’m going out on a limb here, hoping it’s not what it appears to be.

    • David R. Henson

      It’s named for Republican Rd. I am just having a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun.

      • Anonymous

        Phew! I was hoping it was something like that. 🙂