6 Things the Church Can Learn From Jimmy Fallon — #ordainjimmyfallon

The Church could learn a few things from Jimmy Fallon, the new host of the “Tonight Show.” And it’s no surprise, really. Jimmy has said in interviews he once wanted to be a priest in the Roman Catholic Church and was influenced early in life by his experiences as an altar boy. But he never felt he could really be a priest because he couldn’t keep a straight face. As a priest myself, it’s always good to be reminded that our image in culture is often a dour one when it should be a joyful one.

So it got Mark and I to thinking on “The Moonshine Jesus Show” what Jimmy Fallon has to teach us and what it would be like if he were a pastor or a priest. So we started a hashtag —#ordainjimmyfallon — and the early contributions are hilarious, but also really profound at times. Seriously go check it out and add yours in!

But the hashtag responses really do speak to the idea that Jimmy might have some important lessons for us.

Lesson 1: Embrace the Joy and Enthusiasm in the moment. Sure, lots of churches claim to have joy and enthusiasm for the work of Christ. Some actually do. But, let’s be honest, churches still have a lot to learn when it comes to joy and enthusiasm. What Jimmy does best is exist in the moment on his show and exist in that moment fully, giving it all his attention, energy, and enthusiasm …

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