God vs. Man at Christmas – Keeping score of our cultural wins and losses

For our family vacation this Christmas we packed up the clan and loaded up the car with what seemed like all our belongings and headed south to Los Angeles for a week long excursion. (When you have a family full of girls you can’t help but look like the Clampetts when you finally get in the car.)During the 8 hour drive from Sacramento to LA, a few of the radio talk shows I was able to find were discussing how… Read more

Actions first, then talk

Being a workplace Red Letter Believer isn’t always about the proclamation. We have all seen the those who stand on the pedestal and shout their faith without any regard to how their actions relate. How many of these vocal beleivers have poor workplace habits, shaky ethics, and worldly behavior. For some, it does a disservice to our Lord to be a proclaimer. They should first be seen, and then be heard.A friend of mine wrote me today about the intersection… Read more

Red letter Christians – just another political front?

It seems that the term “Red Letter Christians” has been co-opted by some on the left, looking to embarrass Christians on the right into spending more money on social and environmental programs. “See ,” they’ll say, “we’re the true Christians, because we actually follow the words of Jesus.” And yes, the right has equally co-opted the King of Kings for their cause – both yesterday and today.Both sides are wrong.It is sad that the Savior who takes away the sin… Read more

Christmas and the workplace

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Christmastime.It isn’t just in your neighborhood, with your neighbor’s lights shining in your eyes at night.It isn’t just in the mall, splashed with gory colors and tinsel.It isn’t just in every commercial or ad or pitch to buy a product.It’s also Christmastime in your workplace. In many workplaces, the may CALL it something else — Holiday Season, Winter Season, Solstice etc. — but we all know its Christmas. The breakroom is full of cookies…. Read more

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