At my men’s group this past week we spent the evening talking about love. I suspect the thought of a bunch of rough and tumble guys sitting around the living room talking about love may leave you with a funny mental image. But it certainly was something to see as those men wrestled with the differences between the Greek words for love, agape and phileo. (It should come as no surprise how quickly the jokes came rolling out when we… Read more

Its the same old routine. You pull yourself out of bed. Bathe. Clothe yourself. Bathe the kids. Clothe the kids. Warm up the car and drive to work, arriving not a minute too late. You start your day by turning on the light, eyeing the work that lies before you, and settling down into the same drudgery. It’s the same, day in and day out. The end is sustenance — the money needed to eat and live and make purchases…. Read more

Even Christians can fall prey to the perils of an unhealthy attitude at work. Consumed by a dislike for the job, we don’t think about wearing the robe of Christ into the workplace. We don’t think about salvation for the person working right next to us. We don’t think about doing all things unto the glory of God. We focus solely on our own needs.We even think about sticking it to the boss, cheating the company, or ruining our coworkers.How… Read more

In today’s agnostic and hyper-tolerant business environment, American corporations have actively worked to shunt God into the darkest corners, trying their best to hide from the reality of a supreme God. And yet virtually all of these same corporations try to protect their interests by invoking God in their legal contracts.Most corporate contracts have a boiler plate clause called Force Majeure. The term literally means “greater force” and these clauses cover “Acts of God” that prevent a company from performing… Read more

“Quite often we change jobs, friends and spouses instead of ourselves.”– Akbarali JethaThe typical American spends eight or more hours a day at work but that’s just the start of it. Add up the commute time, the time spent in personal preparation, and the time decompressing in the evening and you’ll find that work consumes a majority of your waking hours.It is no wonder that work can invade even our quietest moments. How many nights have you stretched out on… Read more

It’s almost the beginning of another year – 2007 Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord – and as I do every year around this time, I have been thinking about what I’d like to accomplish during the next 365 days of my time here on Earth.As I looked at the resolutions from past years, I must admit that my resolutions have been quite selfish. For instance last year was focused exclusively on finally completing a goal that’s been… Read more

I went and saw the new Will Smith movie last night called “The Pursuit of Happyness” .It’s a great story about a man, played by Smith, who is part of the working poor in America. He is a salesman trying to sell an overpriced piece of medical equipment. Things are not going well and his wife decides she can do better without him, waiting tables in New York. That leaves Smith with his son (played by his real life son,… Read more

The world is filled with lost and dying souls.But you won’t just find them in the usual and expected places – like the dark, mean streets of our cities or some distant, unexplored jungles, or tropical, remote islands. If you want to see where these forlorn souls are living, just look in the cubicle right next to you. They are working alongside you under the florescent lights of your factory floor. They drink coffee with you and sit next to… Read more

If we want to give gifts that last, how about one that spans eternity? However, the discussion that begins with the question “Got God?” is often elusive.Sharing your faith is something that should come natural – but it is an enigma to many people.When it comes to sharing our faith in the workplace, the path can be quite perilous. In the righteous pursuit to eliminate racism and prejudice from our world, faith-based discussion has been all but muzzled.Even our religious… Read more

During the Iraq Gulf War, reporters were granted a unique, first hand glimpse of the battle. During the “shock and awe” of the initial raid in Iraq and march toward Bagdad, television was never so honest. This was reality TV. As invited guests of the Pentagon, these reporters were embedded in units of every type. Every service was represented and, by and large, the reporting was accurate. It was real.Christians are embedded in the workplace. We have been sent by… Read more

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