A first look at "Of Gods and Men"

For my money, this is the first must-see movie of 2011.  I read the book The Monks of Tibhirine” a few years back, and was deeply moved by this story of a Trappist monks martyred by radical Muslims in Algeria in the 1990s.  The movie tells this same story, and strikes me as carrying a message that’s both timely, and timeless, about persistence, and prayer, and a faith that transcends fear.  As the movie’s publicists describe it: “The film tells a love story wrapped in a horror story. It draws on the research and drama of the monks’ kidnapping and death told in John Kiser’s prize winning book, The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love and Terror in Algeria ( St Martin’s Press). Translated into French in 2006, the account detailed the monks’ struggle to reconcile their vows with their instinct to flee a violent death.”

Watch the trailer below.

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  1. Paul Stokell says:

    What was used as the trailer’s score: http://youtu.be/4uOxOgm5jQ4?hd=1

  2. Beethoven: 7th Symphony, 2nd Movement

  3. I have really been looking forward to this…thanks Deacon Greg.

  4. Deacon John M. Bresnahan says:

    I have read the book and fully intend to see the movie. But I am puzzled that in the trailer they couldn’t find room for praise from some prominent Catholic or Catholic organization. Usually when a movie has been lionized by the NY Times, etc. the movie turns out to be a lot less than hoped for.
    Also, “Of Gods and Men” somehow does not strike me as an apt title (It wasn’t the title of the book, so I wonder about their use of the word “Gods” and the creation of a new title.)
    On the other hand I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
    One recent great movie for those who are looking for one of depth and spirituality is the Russian production: “The Island” about a Russian Orthodox monk and his life of repentence. It too won many awards and accolades.

  5. Hi,

    living in Europe (where the movie has already been on), I have seen the movie.

    And I can only say: it is a must see!

    This is possibly the most moving picture I have ever seen in my life. Incredibly beautifully made and just simply touching.


  6. Diakonos09 says:

    Read the book and also the other by their Order’s general abbot entitled, “Martyrs of the Atlas”. Sure hope this plays near me.

  7. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    I had the good fortune of meeting and working with Dom Bernardo several years back at a Cistercian conference in Georgia. What a wise, holy, wonderful man.

    Dcn. G.

  8. Deacon Greg,
    Do you have any idea when the DVD will be available? It is “currently unavailable” at Netflix. I am reading the book now and find it very moving.

  9. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    Betsy …

    The movie is just being released in American theaters in February. I don’t expect it will be on DVD for several more months. But check your movie listings; it may be showing soon at a theater near you …

    Dcn. G.

  10. Let’ pray millions see this powerful film. Thanks for posting this!

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