Coming soon to your TV: "Father Albert"

The priest who became famous for Going Rogue — among other things — has now landed a new TV show:

A priest who left Catholic church to marry a woman has earned himself a TV show. Alberto Cutie shook the world with his scandal when he was photographed kissing Ruhama Buni Canellis on a South Florida beach in 2009. He consequently left Roman Catholic Church and joined The Episcopal Church.

Cutie, who has been deemed Father Oprah will now appear on “Father Albert”, an inspirational talk show about life matters. “It’ll be everything from sex to salvation,” Father Alberto told The Hollywood Reporter Tuesday, January 25 in Miami during the NATPE TV trade show.

Set to start airing in select cities later this year, “Father Albert” hopes to invite “greater dialog” with the audience. The Fox test markets will include the country’s two top markets New York and Los Angeles.

The need for an inspirational show has been high according to Jack Abernethy, CEO of the Fox TV station group. He said, “Something not dogmatic or rigid but uplifting and helpful to viewers. Such things are big business in other media like book publishing and the radio but not on television.”

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37 responses to “Coming soon to your TV: "Father Albert"”

  1. “Something not dogmatic or rigid but uplifting and helpful to viewers.”

    Here is the lie from the pit of hell. It is the assertion that dogma is neither helpful, nor uplifting in people’s lives. We have rampant STD rates in society, 53 million abortions, tens of millions more shattered lives and marriages precisely because the dogma of Humanae Vitae has been portrayed as “rigid”.

    Those of us who have read and taken that document to heart have not suffered the brutality that has befallen scores of millions.

    Cutie violated his sacred vows, has committed apostasy, and now gets a TV show to help others live as he does, in a church founded on the seed-bed of Henry VIII’s adultery. It is a church where anything goes, though I shouldn’t complain.
    They get our Cuties and we get their Bishops, Priests and laity who’ve had enough of institutionalized relativism.

    Rock on Cutie!

  2. I hate to sound judgmental…but it seems like Fr. Cutie’s ego is getting the best of him. I hope that his new family can manage that.

  3. ROFL

    “FATHER ALBERT”??? are you kidding me??? it’s ALBERTO, with an “O”, not “Albert”. I hate it so much when people try to addapt their names.. from Juan to “John”, from Jorge to “George”, etc. Your name is not John, it’s Juan, not Georgem but Jorge, not Albert but AlbertO. You’re not a yanqui because you change your name, you know that “Father AlbertO”? LOL

    That being said, I really don’t see why we should be dedicating more time or space to this “priest”. He’s not relevant anymore. Stop talking about him, catholic people! he’s a has-been.

  4. btw: “Something not dogmatic or rigid but uplifting and helpful to viewers.”

    translation: “I’m going to blab about whatever the WORLD needs to hear and not preach the SOUND DOCTRINE, the true GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST”

  5. Why shouldn’t he have a TV show? There are a lot of religious shows on TV, might as well have another one.

  6. What ever happened to people who resign in disgrace and leaving the public sphere?

    I expect Fox to be sleazy and without standards. But I’m still surprised the Episcopal Church was so quick to ordain a man caught in public scandal and in need of a convenient opportunity to maintain his clerical position.

  7. Alberto Cutie served his pastoral year before ordination to the priesgthood at St. Mary, Star of the Sea, Key West, FL, while I was an active member. His youth attracted the young. His heritage attracted the Spanish-speaking community. His competent dedication to ministry attracted our pastor and all involved in our parish administration. But I think we all had a sense that this was a gifted individual who was facing challenges that all Catholics are dealing with, especially in areas of human sexuality, vocation to ministry and the necessity of making the Good News relevant in our community today. I believed then, and still do, that he is trying to be true to his conscience and honest in his lifestyle while being faithful to the Source and Goal of his life. He is human not perfect, and, like most of us, doing his best to do his best with us and for us, so that together we can complete our earthly journey, fulfilling our hope and achieving our goal. I join my voice with his as he questions our “faith” and pray with him to learn the truth that sets us free.
    Paz y Bien, Rolando, SFO.

  8. Gentle Correction:

    Father Albert is from Cuba, so he would fit the classification, Hispanic. Rather than a WASP, he’s a WHP.

  9. Oh my, where to begin? I wonder if he and his wife – is he married? – are practicing NFP, like MY WIFE AND I ARE. And what’s the message – is it any different from Glenn Beck, who literally shopped around for the faith that fit him, which happens to be Mormonism, which is a perversion of Christianity. What about the fact that Albert ditched his cross? Which is what happens when you decide to play by your own rules. Priests carry a heavy cross, celibate gays and lesbians carry a heavy cross, married people carry a heavy cross. I’d love to watch porn, fool around, etc., but my cross, which admittedly hasn’t been too bad, is to be faithful to my wife, to be open to children. Whatever good this guy did in Florida as a Catholic priest just got smashed to pieces when he abandoned the Bride of Christ for a heretical religion. This guy – pure and simple – is a fraud. The vine was shaken, as Peter Herbeck would say, and Albert fell off.

  10. Belén: Creo que tu manera de expresar tu incomodidad con los latinos que adaptan su nombre es una manera muy peculiar de demostrar una xenofobia y un enojo de tu parte. ¿Eres acaso miembro de “La Raza”? Sinceramente creo que esa rabia expresa una inseguridad y complejo de inferioridad. ¿Que mas da Albert o Alberto? Sinceramente Rudy (Rodolfo).

    Belen: I think that the way you express your dissatisfaction with Hispanics that adapt their name to the English use is a very peculiar way demonstrate a certain xenophobia and anger on your part. Are you a member of “La Raza”? Sincerely that rage you show on this puts forth insecurity and an inferiority complex. What does it matter Albert or Alberto? Sincerely Rudy (Rodolfo).

  11. I agree with Gerard’s first comment. We are called to speak out against the evils that surround us, and so we should. We must be vocal and see to it that our voices are heard. Still, we do need to pray for him and for all of our fallen brothers and sisters who are the victims of our culture.

  12. My thoughts at first glance had to do with Bill Cosby and “Hey hey hey!” It’s FATher ALBERT!

    As for Cutié, will his show be coming on following Esau v. Pottage?

  13. Ned,

    I don’t know what he and his wife (yes, they are married) are practicing, but she just gave birth to their first child, a baby girl.

  14. Bosco …

    The good Padre Alberto wasn’t an Anglican joining the Ordinariate. He was a Catholic priest who violated his vows. On a beach.

    That’s what I meant.

    Dcn. G.

  15. Rudy

    why are you judging me?? do you know me??? have we met before??? I’m argentinian, so I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. I’m telling the truth. The ONLY reason why these people change their names is to become YANQUIS, and YOU know it.I find it hilarious and amusing that you think I’m a “xenophobic”, since I’M ACTUALLY DEFENDING THE LATIN CULTURE AND HERITAGE. They want to get rid of their latin heritage because they’re ashamed of being LATINOS; and you KNOW i’m right. So before JUDGING, CONDEMNING, CRITICISING AND GETTING ANGRY AT someone you DON’T KNOW, please get your fact straight.

  16. Since Father Cutie couldn’t marry as a Catholic priest, IMO he did exactly what he should have done—left the RCC to join a church that allows priests to marry. At one time, the RCC allowed it. And as to whether he and his wife are using NFP? Why would that be anyone’s business?

  17. I’ve met any number of RC priests who are now married and doing other things. And I’ve known a few who’ve carried on some sort of double life and ending up shaming themselves and their church. I think it’s pretty well established that there were a number of practises in the early church and that the Eastern Rite folks have managed to be valid and accepted priests even in the presence of large wives and families.

    The opprobrium in the above comments is unbecoming. Fr Cutie was above board about this. I think you should wish him every blessing in his new ministry.


  18. It is helpful to see comments from somebody who knows the person, thanks Rolando Rodriguez, SFO! It is obvious that Fr Albert(o) will have prayed and taken seriously the situation in which he found himself. I also think R. Rabbit and pagansister have raised one of the biggest issues here: when a RC priest struggles with the celibacy requirement there are much worse things that can be done, and taking the Bible’s advice that it is “better to marry than…” should not bring such condemnation. If it really was about ego, it would be different.

    The hopes of the Fox TV guy to put out programming that is “Something not dogmatic or rigid but uplifting and helpful to viewers” may largely be for commercial reasons, but surely this should be viewed as an opportunity to talk about serious spiritual problems of the world we live in. From what I read, I don’t think this person would use the opportunity to tell people to make carbon copies of his decision. But I realise the situation of a Catholic finding a loving home in another denomination is a touchy subject for many people, and it is understandable that people will want to say he made the wrong decision and distrust him and all protestants as evil, but if we can look past our knee-jerk reactions to the cancer of unspeakable disgrace in modern society (not just in some Church scandals that hit the headlines), then I believe the words of the Bible are waiting to help all believers – imperfect as we all are – to respond to the love of God.

  19. The strange thing is, that had Fr. Albert been a married Episcopal priest in the first place who wanted to convert to being a Roman Catholic priest, he could have done so with no problem as well as bring both his wife and child along. He would be exempted from celibacy. Because it happened the other way, Catholics lost a good priest. Its’ nuts- mandatory celibacy for some-but not for others. It is time to make this archaic regulation optional. Wake up Roman Catholicism- its’ the21st century. Sexuality and family are God’s great gift

  20. “Go out to the world, and tell the good news.”

    How wonderful that a compassionate Christian message will be offered on basic cable. Evangelization through humanization. And the world needs a lot more humanization.

    As for denominational lines, there is more that unites us than divides us. We share the ancient creeds: Apostles’, Athanasian, and Nicene. We share the Bible. We share the importance of sacramental rites. The particulars (views on celibacy and implications of moral living) may vary because these have evolved over time. But Christ, the foundation, is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Why are people discussing name or ethnicity? If the church is catholic (universal), we do not see “Greek or Jew, male or female,” etc. We are all one in Christ Jesus.

    Jesus never condemned the seeker of God. May this TV program share the embrace of the Lord. May those who seek the Lord with questions of faith discover the One who seeks them.

  21. Episcopalians have serious doctrinal disagreements with Catholics on most of the important matters. The easy moving from one set of beliefs to another is disturbing for anyone, Catholic or Episcopal, who takes those beliefs seriously, and to then make such a man who does shift easliy a hero, it seems unthinkable. It is more along the line of religions who publish religious tracts and leave them in train and bus stations, “I Was a Catholic Priest, but now I have Seen the Light and joined the ___ Church” blasts the headline.
    Nobody is facing the other possibility that Cutie could have left the priesthood with humility, asking simply for a dispensation from the clerical celibate state from the Pope, and lived the life of an average married life. I would have read anything from him if he had done this. I will not watch or read anything from him at this point, as he seems neither hot nor cold, but in a lukewarm middle. (for the unfamiliar, my reference is to Revelations 3:16, a passage favorite to most Christian Churches when describing this phenomenon).
    God bless and help us all, Joseph Elkins, Ossining NY

  22. I cannot nor do I wish to talk about the sliver in my brothers when I can barely deal with the beam in my own eye.

    I care mostly about the people this guy will lead astray, but we were warned to “beware of false prophets” so……BEWARE!

  23. Thanks for all the comments on “Father Albert” I was looking forward to a show that would be something different than the methobaptistpentacostalism shows that run rampant on tv. Someone who knew the path of salvation was not through a personal choice but through the Word and Sacraments. Happy Holy Trinity Sunday +

  24. This is very good news. The world needs somebody spiritual and uplifting to get the message out. I hope Father Albert’s show is a success and helps a lot of people in need of answers.

  25. He who is without sin… cast the first stone. Watch that your pride in the RCC does not lead you astray. Truth is Truth whether it comes from a RCC pulpit, an Episcopal altar, an Orthodox cleric, a Protestant chapel… Christ call each as He chooses. Let us not presuppose Christ’s ways… Kyrie Eleison…

  26. Father Albert all right!!!!

    Guess what peeps God is God, he doesn’t have a name and it’s certainly not Jesus, all you fools out there waiting for some guy to come back you’ll be waiting a long time. The world is not ending and no one is coming back. Live your life and enjoy it, stop bothering people with these born again concepts that are not real. No one has control over others, you can only control yourself. Has anyone ever heard live and let live? If someone commits a crime they will be dealt with a judged. So sick of people acting all holy because they think they found God. It’s the reason why the Middle East has been at war since the dawn of time! And no one learns from that!

    The true pathetic people on this planet are those who try to control others who want to live their lives peacefully. Praise gay marriage! Praise people who practice alternate spirituality, praise people who live their lives how they see fit! Praise the priest who found himself HUMAN!

  27. There must have been some reason for him to leave the Catholic Church. It’s really hard to be a priest or a nun & not everyone makes it. I am sure that God would rather Father Albert to have left, then to have stayed & not been true to himself, others & God as well.

  28. Perhaps Father Albert had a change of heart when he found out that the bible does not require anyone to serve God in ministry as a priest and desiring marriage. These two cannot be found.

  29. Shame on this defrocked catholic priest. Not only is he ib great danger of losing his soul, he now seeks to bring his viewers into moral relativism and error with his misguided teachings.

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