Here they are — UPDATED

The three men (still in dalmatics) who today became the first in the world ordained under the new Anglican ordinariate.

You can read more details here.

And Rocco adds this nugget:

A daughter of the freshly-named ordinary proclaimed one of the readings at the Mass, and in the rite’s emotional high-point, the new priests’ vestments were brought forward by their wives.

UPDATE: British religion reporter Ruth Gledhill has uploaded some video of the historic event.

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One response to “Here they are — UPDATED”

  1. I have been reading some liberal British Catholic reactions to the Catholic ordinations of the 3 former Anglican bishops. To put it in royalist terms: “They are not amused.” or to put it another way–are snarkily negative on the whole bit.
    The last thing liberal Catholics apparently want is an influx of converts who aren’t in favor of abortion promoting priestesses and are opposed to gay bishops with their mates in tow..

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