Packers chaplain gets lots of ideas for his pre-Super Bowl homily

Ask and ye shall receive.

Well, he asked for ’em.  And he got ’em.

Details here:

Reverend Jim Baraniak typically doesn’t ask for help with his homilies. But then again, he typically doesn’t deliver them to a team hours away from playing in the Super Bowl.

“There is a lot on the line, therefore I put it out on my blog online, these are the readings, if you were in my shoes, what would you be preaching? What do you think the team needs to hear?” said Father Baraniak.

For the past week, the Green Bay Packers chaplain has had ideas pour in for his Super Bowl Sunday homily.

Baraniak says since the blog posting, web traffic has snarled the Internet server at his home base of St. Norbert College.

“The response has been tremendous,” said Baraniak. “I thought that people would get back and say, Father, three words is all you need: Go Pack Go and call it a day. None of that.”

He says the Packers will hear the same readings as everyone else in Catholic churches that day, but he wants to tie the readings in with his homily while addressing the importance of the Packers situation. Based on the readings, a wide range of suggestions have come in.

One person suggests unity would be an appropriate theme. A Lutheran friend writes on the blog, “Whether we are Lutherans, Catholics, Methodists, etc., we, as fans, coaches, and players are unified in our faith in the Packers.”

“A lot of it could very well be used for weddings on how we rely on each other, covenant, commitment, discipline, discipleship,” said Baraniak. “Those are the themes that are coming out.”

You can check out more at the link.

And visit Fr. Jim’s blog for more.

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