Quote of the day II: what we may hear with married priests

“Well!  I see another year has gone by and the pastor’s wife still isn’t pregnant.  A fine example they’re setting!  I won’t have them teaching my children CCD, since his own wife is clearly on the Pill.”

Simcha Fisher, with some other droll observations, too.


  1. So I guess you’ll have to go through fertility treatments BEFORE ordination, huh?

  2. I don’t think its a good idea to look at any thing from only the negatives and EVERYTHING has a negative possibility, even celibate priests:

    “He must be gay”
    “I bet he is one of those abusers”
    “He must hate women”
    “What a loner and intovert, who would marry him anyway?”

    Is THAT how we want to look at our priests? Sursum corda.

  3. Dante- I agree!

  4. re: Simcha Fisher


  5. I agree with one of the commenters there who said that the post was less about priestly celibacy than it was about the sin of gossip. If I were a part of a parish in which such things were being said about others on a regular basis, I would be looking for a new faith community.

  6. There are several considerations to the question of married clergy. I read in a Baptist magazine that the average length of active ministry for a Baptist minister is about five years. The divorce rate among Protestant ministers of all denominations is scandalously high and a major concern of denominations with married clergy. Also, according to date from Fr. Andrew Greeley, which is admittedly several years old, the average Protestant family contributes $600 a year to the upkeep of their minister, while the average Catholic family contributes $60. How many Catholic families are interested in raising their annual contributions to the Church by such a large amount in order to support a pastor and his family? Finally, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that married men, even married clergy, don’t abuse children.

    On the other hand, the Eastern Catholic model seems to work well for them. So, which model will Western Catholics follow?

    My confessor is a married priest, formerly an Episcopal priest. He struggles regularly with being respected, though less so from the laity than from many of his brother priests and especially some of the leadership in the chancery. What he’s been through I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. On the other hand, a great friend who is also a former Episcopal priest, is having a wonderful experience of ministry as a Catholic priest in Texas.

    Lots to consider, but I heartily agree with those who say that allowing for married priests is no panacea to the lack of vocations, the sex abuse scandal, or any other of the myriad of challenges facing the Church.

  7. that is UTTERLY stupid. The person that says or thinks that is just STUPID& IGNORANT. What if the wife is infertile, uhh?? I’m sorry but people have C-R-A-P- inside their brains.

    who cares what people think anyways??? they WILL make up whatever they can think of as an excuse to not follow the Church’s rules, so who cares??

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