Angry Bird-day cake

Last month, I reported on my fixation with “Angry Birds.”

This month, I’ve discovered what I want for my birthday.  See below.

YouTube Preview Image

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  1. I tried to say “LOL” but I got an error message that said my comment was to short and telling (commanding?) me to go back and try again. But that’s all I really wanted to say, so if it’s too short, I have no comment.


  2. In the first line “to” should be “too.” I really should proofread before posting, even when I have no comment.


  3. Elizabeth M says:

    That is terrific! What really makes it is the detail on the birds and pigs — the eyes and expressions are perfect. I’ll have to see if they give any details on how they did it. I don’t think I could pull off that artistry, but my son would LOVE something like this.

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