The missal translation: there's an app for that

Really. It came out last summer but, as interest in the missal has picked up, so has curiosity about the app.


An iPhone has been launched to help people understand the new translation of the Mass.

The New Mass app, which costs 59p in Britain, has been endorsed by Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto.

Created by Cale Clarke, from Unionville, Toronto, it offers the new text of each major section of the Mass alongside the current translation, and includes a commentary on the changes.

Mr Clarke said: “When I heard about the new English translation of the Mass, I realized that a massive catechetical effort would be needed to help people learn the new texts and responses.

“Of course, books and printed materials have their place, but in today’s wired and mobile world, there was a need for something that people could carry with them in their pocket – a simple, easy-to-use, yet beautiful tool for helping them learn the new translation – hence, the idea for The New Mass iPhone app was conceived.”

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Elsewhere, Clarke has put it this way:

You’ll find the key responses you’ll need to learn and reasons for each change, and, best of all, it can still be used with today’s Mass. Ultimately, though, the app has a far greater purpose. We cannot love someone we don’t really know. We can be attracted, but to have a real relationship we must discover a real person. The Mass is nothing less than an encounter with Jesus Christ himself. And discovering the New Mass is an opportunity to know – and love – Jesus in a whole new way.

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