You really ought to give Iowa a try

I did, this weekend, when I gave a talk to a group of deacons in Des Moines.  I had a terrific time, and received a very warm welcome.

It was my first time to that little corner of the country — we even drove through Madison County (famous for its bridges, you know) — and I saw a lot of silos and snow.

It wasn’t anything like this.


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7 responses to “You really ought to give Iowa a try”

  1. Deacon,
    As a long time reader, I’m glad to hear you were in the city recently. BTW, I’m originally from the Mason City (River City) the hometown of Meredith Wilson,

  2. Deacon Greg,

    I hope that you had an uneventful return trip. It was a privilege to meet you.

    You are a gifted speaker. I will be blogging about your talk and visit soon.

  3. Cathyf,
    Well we have been here 13 years, and this is the least amount of snow that I remember. Years one, two, and oh last year were far colder, icier, and much more snow.

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