And when you're done, fetch my pipe and slippers

A seminarian I know is looking for a summer job and asked his friends on Facebook for any suggestions.  Someone posted the link to the blog post below, from Georgetown University in the fall of 2009.

I can only conclude that they just aren’t making 19-year-olds the way they used to.   This sophomore was looking for a personal assistant.  Really.

The posting:

I am a Georgetown undergrad student and part time employee in the financial services industry. I am looking for someone to take care some of my everyday tasks for 1 hr a day, 5 hrs/ week, $12/hr. I live on campus which would make things very easy convenient for a Georgetown student. The normal pay per week will be $60 ($300/month), even though on occasion it will be possible to work additional hours and/or receive bonuses at my discretion.

The schedule is completely flexible because I do not need to be around when you do the work. You can even spread it out over the course of the day. As my PA you will receive an email once a day by 9:00 am with a task list for that day and a time estimate for each task. Important tasks will be bolded on the list and must be done that day (even though everything on the list should theoretically be finished on a daily basis). At the end of the day you will send me an email telling me what tasks are incomplete or that all tasks have been completed.

Tasks such as doing laundry that involve a lot of waiting around (time when you could be doing other tasks or doing your own stuff) will be counted for the approximate amount of time it would take to do the labor involved. For instance, laundry will be counted for half an hour even though a laundry cycle takes 1.5 hrs to complete.

Job Requirements:

PA example tasks -Organize closet -make bed -Drop off / pick up dry cleaning -Drop me off / pick me up from work -Do laundry -Fill up gas tank -bring car for servicing -schedule appointment for haircut -Pay parking tickets -manage electronic accounts -shopping and running errands -other random tasks.

Check out the rest.

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3 responses to “And when you're done, fetch my pipe and slippers”

  1. I’m surprised she didn’t add: “Must lace my stays until my waist is compressed to 18.5 inches” and “Resmblance to Hattie McDaniel not nec but a +.”

  2. “Pay parking tickets -manage electronic accounts -shopping and running errands -other random tasks”??

    Some Georgetown college student had a great time with this verbal prank. I wonder if he/she has graduated yet? He/she might have a job on Comedy Central.

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