Ethicist: let's only keep most intelligent embryos

And, of course, destroy all the rest.


Human embryos should be screened for their potential intelligence and only the smartest allowed to live, an Oxford University ethicist has argued.

In shocking remarks, Prof Julian Savulescu says embryos that do not pass the intelligence test should be destroyed for the good of society.

The Australian Professor is the Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and claims that it is our “moral obligation” to use IVF to choose the most intelligent embryos.

Prof Savulescu said: “There are other ethical principles which should govern reproduction, such as the public interest.

“Even if an individual might have a stunningly good life as a psychopath, there might be reasons based on the public interest not to bring that individual into existence.

“My own view is that the economic and social benefits of higher cognition are reasons in favour of selection, but secondary to the benefits to the individual.

You can read more here.

I’m thinking maybe it would be a good idea to start by screening the embryos created by ethicists …

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  1. Well the move from believing it’s alright to use IVF toward a moral imperative in favor of it seems logical. It’s just totally unfounded.

  2. pagansister says:

    I have no problem with IVF, but I totally disagree with this man! Hitler anyone?

  3. What a scary thought. And sick.

  4. Is it really all that different (morally) than killing the “extra” embryos? From petri dish to utero, it’s always about the “good ones”, which of course is all relative to various eyes.

  5. wineinthewater says:


    I think you make an excellent point. I think that anyone that is not disturbed by IVF, but is disturbed by this needs to really take a hard look at why. It’s ok to kill an unborn child, unless it is because of their perceived potential for intelligence? Why is one reason for killing a child acceptable and another reason not?

  6. The movie to rent is Gattica.

  7. Klaire and Wineinthewater have it right, as does the Catholic Church, regarding IVF.

    What the professor is suggesting is garden variety eugenics. Line up the old and infirm next. What would be the most efficient way to send them off to their eternal destiny so as not to burden society with them any further? Oven?

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