Father Who? Why Corapi matters — UPDATED

If a legendary priest falls, and a lot of people don’t hear it, does he still make a noise?

I look at that in this week’s column, “All Things New,” beginning with an encounter the other day:

Mid-day Monday, I found myself by a bank of elevators, waiting to go to lunch. Two priests soon joined me, also heading out to lunch. One of them, a monsignor, smiled and said hello. We waited for several long moments in silence, and then I decided to make chit-chat.

“So,” I offered, clearing my throat, “did you hear the news about Fr. Corapi?”

He looked at me. The other priest looked at me. Somewhere, crickets chirped.

The monsignor furrowed his brow. “Who?

I tried to explain. Both men, it turned out, had never heard of him.

We rode the elevator to the lobby in awkward silence. My mind flashed to another part of the Corapi statement, in which he bemoaned the process he must now undergo:

The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable, and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known.

Well, uh, maybe not.

Read the rest. Whether Fr. Corapi is known or not, what is happening to him right now impacts us all.

UPDATE: Check out this very good piece by Eric Sammons, which looks at how the media shapes our perceptions of people:

What I am most surprised by  is how many people have strongly defended him (and attacked the accuser) in spite of only “knowing” him through his TV and radio shows. If we have learned anything over the past few years, it is that someone who is orthodox in his public preaching is not immune from personal failings and sins (which we should have known from our reading of the Bible – see St. Peter). Most of us don’t know Fr. Corapi (or the woman who is accusing him), so how can we know whether the accusation is true or not? Because he’s a good preacher?

Does this mean that whenever someone is accused of immoral behavior we should never defend him before all the facts are out? No, but it does mean that we should withhold judgement regarding people we don’t really know. If one of my good friends were accused of something like this, and he denied it, I would defend his good name until any facts contradicted his story. This is because I have built a personal trust that allows me to give him the benefit of the doubt. But if a stranger were accused and protested his innocence, I would wait until all the facts were in before forming a judgement. And in reality, Fr. Corapi is a stranger to me, as my only knowledge of him comes from seeing him on TV and hearing him on the radio. He is as much a stranger to me as the woman who made the accusations against him – so why should I assume that she is guilty (of slander)?

Also worth reading: Frank Weathers’ advice on things to do while Fr. Corapi isn’t on TV.  And Jimmy Akin has done some head-scratching about the case, too.

UPDATE II: EWTN has released a new statement on the matter.  And there may be a lesson or two in how Padre Pio faced a similar scandal.  Also, Our Sunday Visitor has weighed in, mentioning another name that a few people have raised, Fr. Maciel.

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88 responses to “Father Who? Why Corapi matters — UPDATED”

  1. Perhaps the better way to look it is that the “Hungry Sheep found food elsewhere.” Meantime, many who had/have the responsibility to teach, continue to live in their “safe tax sheltered bubble, making sure not to preach anything “upsetting.”

    By the same note, many of those who don’t know Corapi also probably don’t know EWTN, as there does seem to be a bias against orthodox teaching, sorry to say.

  2. History is teaching us that those who are “lifted,” Fr. Corapi, Fr. Maciel, Mel Gibson are targeted by our adversary. Those who are “dragged along by evil’s tail” and those who stay beneath evil’s radar certainly must not have to endure the extent of temptation of the more visible people attempting to do God’s work. We must all pray for our leaders and support them as often as possible.

  3. The core issue here is not Father Corapi’s guilt or innocence. That will be determined (hopefully). The end (adjudication of the truth) is not the issue in all of this, but how we get there.

    Even if Corapi is guilty of every detail in the letter sent to the bishops, I would still insist on a process that does not bring such allegations to light until a thorough investigation is completed and the case adjudicated. The reason is simple.

    If, as his bishop has said, he is presumed innocent then he should be treated as innocent unless and until such time as his guilt has been established. Supposing he IS in fact innocent, such suspension from active ministry casts a long shadow over the man’s good name forever.

    Many have said that Corapi is the one who went public with this and therefore his superiors bear no culpability. That’s nonsense, and rather disingenuous. In truth, if a priest today takes a sudden leave of absence from his ministry, the rumor mill immediately swings into high gear and gossip of the pedophilia sort immediately begins to swirl. Corapi very well can’t just disappear from public view without an explanation.
    So there is no good safeguard for the accused other than a presumption of innocence that bears the reality of innocence, until guilt can be established.

    No crimes were alleged, but I dare say one was committed.

  4. You are so quick to attack a beautiful defender of the faith because he is orthodox as is EWTN.
    I hope you never find yourself battling Satan as he is now
    and perhaps his intercession has helped you and protected you over the years.

  5. I feel so sad about Father Corapi. I will believe his innocence until the church tells us otherwise. Satan is trying to silence all the good priests, they are being attacked on everything. If they touch a child someone yells molestation, if they touch a woman, well, they must be having an affair. If they touch a man, he must be a homosexual.
    Everyone, including priest and religious need to be loved, hugged and appreciated.
    Please pray for our priests, fast for them and above all love them.

  6. I appreciate your comments on this deacon and I’m sure your speaking from your heart, however…

    Even if Father turns out to be guilty, when you have a moral tower who both claims to be 100% innocent and has consistently spoke the truth for years, and your comparing him to an unknown soul with NO record of virtue, the default should be to seriously doubt the unknown person and to assume the accused as innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent. It is only proper and just to assume and defend the one with a good reputation over the one with no reputation.

    There are a lot of damaged souls out there with agendas who will not hesitate to slander if it serves their purpose or ailment.

  7. I have watched Fr. Corapi on EWTN almost weekly for years.
    In my estimation he has done more for the Catholic faith than 10 diocese priests.
    He is outspoken and a straight shooter about himself and the Catholic Church. He hammered that into our heads.
    He is a shining example of a soldier in the trenches and in this Lenten season no less than a soldier for Christ enduring similar persecutions.
    God Bless him for what he has done for the Catholic Church and for me.

  8. There is no “hiding accusations” anymore in our new media savvy world, so I think the Church should be the first out with news like this. Otherwise it looks like… what? A cover up. Now I have to be un-PC for second, and say that from my experience in life I’ve learned that usually where there’s smoke there’s fire; especially in our new litigation savvy world, where slander payoffs can be pretty lucrative.

  9. I live in the middle of no where on an Indian reservation in the desert. I know of Father Corapi and his teaching. Heaven knows how much certain kind of teaching are needed in the day we are living in. No one wants to heard the truth that is lay out in the Bible. No one wants to listen even the priests in the church. Those priest that was meet by this man know of Father corapi that for sure. They just don’t want him to say what he says. Why? Its them he sometime talks about. Hope whatever is waiting in the wind for him will clear his name. Either way I hope the truth comes out in the way where both party are help. May God blessing be upon both side to tell the truth. Thank you

  10. The presumption of innocence does not require leaving a priest in his ministry until an investigation is concluded. Administrative leave does not presume guilt. It’s very unfair if people presume guilt based on the existence of an investigation, but the fault lies with the people who assume, not on the procedures surrounding the investigation. Administrative leave while an investigation is conducted is a routine practice when accusations are made against people in positions of trust. It’s a fact of life for police, teachers, counselors, medical professionals, and others with responsibility for the safety or welfare of others. As a high school teacher,it would apply to me if an accusation were made. It’s a reasonable compromise between the rights of the accused and the rights of the accuser while the facts are being determined. It’s not going to be very satisfying to an accuser who is a real victim, nor to an accused who is innocent, but until human beings become omniscient, it’s likely to be the best we can do.

  11. All of this publicity and combox stuff can only serve to arouse and beckon the unstable, the hateful or mercenary to try to accuse any of our good priests. It thus makes all or our good Catholic priests very vulnerable. This is incredibily an overkill. In addition, it is a seed bed of encouragement to rash judgement on the part of practicing Catholics and others.
    Catholics have become infected by a politically correct culture. And yes, that means you and me. It is the new neo-virtue. No need for private and personal confession huh?
    Just good old public calumny everywhere. Reality TV versus holiness.
    Silence really IS golden.

  12. Guilty or not – we all know that Father Corapi ‘tells it like it is’ and lots of people do not like that.

    If guilty, we must never forget he is only a human being and GOD forgives human frailty, after all, JESUS died for our sins.

    If not guilty, we must never forget that Father Corapi has gained thousands of souls for Our Lord and Our Blessed Mother … and Satan is very angry at him.

    Like he says when he preaches: something good always comes out of something bad … that’s the way Our Lord works.

    GOD bless our priests.

  13. Father Corapi, an outspoken critic of the “guilty until proven innocent” process, is not the only victim of wild suspicion.

    http://www.thesestonewalls.com/ is a website of an imprisoned priest who has suffered for years the worst of this flawed process. Perusing this gives insight into the complexities and depth of the suffering caused by these malicious situations.

  14. I agree with Eric Sammons–perceptions are shaped by the media and we must withhold judgement.

    The current story of Fr. Corapi is really is another twist on the age old battle of spiritual forces. If he is innocent–then darkness attacked him. If he is not innocent–then darkness still attacked him and all those involved.


  15. This post makes me very sad. Fr. Corapi should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. He should be strongly defended. I do agree, at the same time, that the accuser must not be attacked.
    I think that it is possible to come to know someone when they bear their heart and soul in teaching and preaching. There is such thing as spiritual discernment in sensing someone to be a true or false prophet….and we will know them too by their fruits….

    There is not enough attention being paid to the dynamics of false accusation. Because of the horrible authentic crimes of some priests, they are all painted with the same brush and therefore are terribly vulnerable to false allegations that are also occurring.
    There are three motivations for false accusation that I have been able to determine….
    1-Vindictive motive: malice, contempt or hatred of the Catholic church because of her moral stand.
    2. financial gain: windfalls of money
    3. false memory or ‘recovered’ memory which has become rampant in recent years. The idea is that, if you have any emotional or psychological problem it is assumed you must have blocked out sexual abuse, so hypnosis therapy is used to ‘find those memories’ and they materialize with the coaxing of the therapist. The problems with this have been recognized by our Canadian Psychological Association http://ww1.cpa-apc.org:8080/publications/position_papers/adult.asp
    I am not sure about the American counterpart.

    The problem of false allegation of priests must be put in the spotlight. It is being ignored. We are well aware that media is not exactly priest-friendly and it is open season on our priests in general. It is fundamentally a spiritual warfare, however, that calls for spiritual weapons and armor. Let us pray for all priests falsely accused, God knows who they are.

  16. This is absolutely ridiculous and SATAN is behind all of this evil for so many INNOCENT priests…Pray,Pray, Pray.

  17. I was in the same order as Father Corapi for three years until discernment led me elsewhere.

    The sadness of it all is that he is a priest, an alter Christus, and he should have our support no matter what.
    Father Jim Flanagan, the founder of SOLT, said once that if we see with the eyes of God we’ll see God everywhere and if we don’t see with the eyes of God, we’ll see the devil.

    I support Father Corapi because he’s Christ’s priest. That’s not to say I’m presuming guilt or innocence, that’s to say it’s not my place to presume either. Our duty isn’t to judge, it’s to love and pray for our priests.

    “I give you a new Commandment, Love one another as I have loved you.”

  18. Many of us in Sacramento have first hand knowledge of Fr. John Corapi as he taught the cathechism class of a year in our Diocese. Did the priests and the clergy like him? Not really. Why? He was hard hitting, uncompromising in the truth, and speaking gospel words that were not being preached in our town. Many were jealous of him. Why? He was preaching the truths of our Catholic faith and people loved it. At the time, the sermons we heard in church were rather mealy mouthed and rarely inspired a love of the faith. It was exciting and refreshing to hear the truths we all knew and loved spoken from a dynamic priest’s mouth without any hedging. Did Fr. Corapi make enemies? You betcha. Just like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, some of the priests were resentful at the hearty reception he received in Sacramento. Nevertheless, we, the faithful, were starved for the truth and glad to hear it preached by Fr. Corapi.
    Do I know whether he is innocent or guilty? No, I don’t. I only hope this matter will be resolved soon and that Fr. John Corapi will be a better priest for it.

  19. WHY would you find it strange that people should defend a man not yet proven guilty, in a world whee it is known over 50% of accusations against priests are false? “Innocent till proven guilty” is also in the latest Code of Canon Law, as well as the right to face one’s accusers, if I read it correctly, in different words? With good reason. Intrigues are far too common, setups, behind the back libel-slander campaigns. I’ve seen what appears to be people set up by witnesses who were set up themselves with hypnosis and drugs delivered unknown to them by Catholic hating doctors — remember McMartin Preschool and related cases, where innocent people spent years in jail? The Father of Lies never stops with junk science, intrigue, lies, attempting to undermine faith in Christ and the Catholic Church, and Catholic priesthood. Remember the case of Jean Cardinal Danilou?

    U S Press has largely lost its ethical compass, destroying reputations on a “maybe”, “if”, “rumor”, sinning mortally.

    Question is, why should we believe this one woman? She waded into this with her letters; now she needs to prove her allegations. I think I can predict a slew of such smear attempts against priests, consecrated, bishops — unless Catholics remember the moral laws regarding proof, defamation; the difference between proven fact and rash judgments. Ah yes, what if he sinned long ago and was forgiven and went on to be a Saint? Unnecessary revealing of severe faults of others is also grave mortal sin. Believable lies take down souls. Do we only preach forgivess of sins for people other than priests? Jesus is about forgiveness, mercy, another chance. Jesus is NOT, in terms of the book GAMES PEOPLE PLAY, “it” in a sick perverted game of “now I’ve got you, you SOB.” Neither is Fr. Corapi or any other target of such morbid hatred of the Church. The press has to apply its skepticism in a moral way here. It flunks. Why report so much on so little? WHY not wait until competent authority tries and comes to a sound conclusion here?

    “Check out the reality of your assumptions, your understandings, your supposed ‘facts.'” my pastoral ministry professor used to tell us.

  20. First, I would have to wonder whether the ignorance about Father Corapi was feigned, since he is so well known and tends to ruffle a lot of feathers across the church.

    Second, it is shocking how easy it is to sideline such a bold teacher of the faith. These charges (drugs and sex) will never be proven unless she has video or pictures. In the mean time, he has been pulled from TV and radio for an unknown length of time, with suspicion raging among his enemies and detractors.

    Personally, I believe he is innocent, based on the depth of his faith and strength of his convictions Still, it is true that when someone stands high to lead people to Jesus, he comes under the scathing attack of the Enemy. The intensity of the battle is very high given the times we are in, and I doubt I could stand in his shoes. Rev 12:9 says that Satan will be allowed to make war with the saints…and conquer them.

    Even if it turns out to be true, it does not remove the truth from his homilies, and I’m glad I have a large collection to fall back upon. I will forgive him.


  21. Where’s the presumption of innocence for the accuser? Shouldn’t everybody just wait and see what the facts are before deciding who the victim is?

  22. Didn’t the same thing happen to St. Padre Pio. He was accused of having an affair with his spiritual daughter by a woman who was very jealous of him & this young girl he took under his wing.
    I believe Fr. Corapi is going to be a SAINT, just like JPII, & Mother Theresa, & St. Padre Pio. He is a modern day saint being perscuted by evil. When the truth does finally surface it will make Fr. Corapi’s words more powerful to the unbelievers. He does have many enemies, even within the church, due to jealously of his popularity & his truth. Many people are not open to the truth & many religious have blocked their sacraments by their liberal thinking. It would suprise one, to the many sacrilegious people in the church who do not even believe in the true presence of the eucharist.
    The sad part about this whole issue is that there are souls that are in jeopardy of being lost because the voice of a saint has been silenced.

  23. I find it interesting that he is being accused by one woman saying many other women were involved. Where are these other women? Have they come forward?

    I love Fr. Corapi because he tells it the way it is while so many of the priests and deacons do not…for what reasons only they know for sure.

    My prayers are with him always.

  24. Father Corapi is known and admired for his courage and candor, often saying what other priests won’t. I wouldn’t expect any clergy whose teaching is not in conformity with the Magisterium of the church to ever acknowledge knowing who he is.

    A priest who tells the whole truth of the Church’s teaching from the pulpit or via the media can expect the derision and scorn of the “tepid and spiritually non-discerning” clergy.

    God bless Father Corapi in his time of persecution.

  25. To Jesus through Mary — Remember, Oh Most Gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known – that anyone who fled to THY PROTECTION, was left UNAIDED — EVERYONE PRAY!

  26. A few years ago on you tube I saw someone at least dressing up like a Roman Catholic Priest, discrediting Fr. Corapi and saying all kinds of bad things about him. I do remember some of what was said, but I didn’t believe any of it and I hope and Pray this will all be cleared up. thank you

  27. I too will believe Fr. Corapi is innocent unless it is irrefutably proven that he has done what he has been accused of. It is unfortunate that EWTN has not taken this same position. Taking him off of their network without proper and thorough investigation is a presumption of Fr. Corapi’s guilt. We might as well rip all of St. Paul’s letters out of the New Testament because he once persecuted and forcibly led Christians to their execution. The point being that irregardless of Fr. Corapi’s status of innocents or guilt, his teachings of God’s truth are powerful.

    Satan will NOT win with this ploy. The truth will still come out. And Jesus WILL win.

  28. Dave, you mentioned that this woman’s accusation will never be proved “unless she has video or pictures,” as though the absence of such things means the church should not look into it at all. A very legalistic approach to dealing with allegations of misconduct, it seems to me — essentially, “They’ll never nail us. Reasonable doubt all the way.” Shouldn’t the church investigate just the same?

    For that matter, though, video evidence is not necessarily required. If a number of alleged victims were interviewed and they all had similar stories to tell — without any evidencee of collusion — shouldn’t that be enough for the church to take seriously?

    I’m not saying Corapi is guilty. I have no idea either way. It would be nice to hear that he is not guilty (even though I’m not a big fan). But don’t serious allegations deserve a serious hearing? (He’s not alleged to have abused minors, as far as I can tell, hence there’s no need for a criminal investigation. But is it so unreasonable for the church to open an investigation if it deems the allegation as at least somewhat credible?)

  29. Keep the faith Father Corapi. Remember they falsely accused Jesus as well and no man is greater than His Master. God will see you through this. We will be praying for you as well as those who risk their souls eternal salvation by false accusations. The devil is going all out and he is after consecrated souls the most. God Bless!

  30. We should not judge either way, but pray for all and not speculate. I wanted to post to Mike: Mike, Fr. maciel didn’t rise then fall. He was bad from the beginning, as a teenager molesting young boys in his care as “head” of a “seminary.”.

  31. Deacon Kondra is supposed to be known for his great writings. This writing about Fr. Corapi must have been his worst! Deacon stated “He (Fr. Corapi)is as much a stranger to me as the women who made the accusations against him”. (although the deacon has seen and heard him on TV and radio)

    Fr. Corapi’s TV talks last one hour. I have seen about 15 or more hours of his talks and the deacon is telling me I don’t know him any better than the woman I have never seen or heard of.

    How ridiculous!


    [Don … Look closely. You are referring to something written by Eric Sammons, not me. Dcn. G.]

  32. Dear Deacon,
    As a former ADA in Brooklyn, I know that people are presumed innocent before casting aspersions on their character.The evidence is viewed, facts determined, and a verdict reached. Evidence of good character can be introduced in the pre-trial and trial stages. I think that Fr Corapi’s priestly ministry has demonstrated a man of admirable character.
    As a former religion chair at a Manhattan Catholic high school for over a decade, I know that the virtue of charity compels us to refrain from negative presumption against one’s good name (which all have a right to) without any evidence (not a shred yet produced) to the contrary, wether known personally to us or not.
    Knowing the facts about CBS News and it’s propensity for agenda driven information (even known falsities in the Rather era), I might infer by your resume that you, as a member of CBS, are either left leaning or heterodox….but that would go against the virtue of charity.
    I believe that as catholics we owe every person, especially the one’s who’ve produced “good fruits, the right of their good reputation until proven otherwise. Your article does a disservice to that right. By their fruits you shall know them.
    Jim McCartney
    Hempstead, NY

  33. I have worked for the church for 20 years and believe me there are some mean-spirited people sitting right up front in the pews every sunday at Mass. Because I was fairly young and female, I was treated very badly by some female parishioners who made up all kinds of gossip against me. None of it was true but it brought me to the brink of quitting my job as cook to the priests. I prayed (and cried) but stood my ground and through Gods grace I stayed. I have had 20 years of blessings serving good and holy priests of my diocese. Many of us have grown old together and retiring this year. I thank God every day that I had the courage to stay.

    I believe Fr Corapi is innocent. Why? because I don’t believe for one minute he is a liar. I think if he were guilty he would have said nothing. But to flatly deny the charges tells me this holy man of God is innocent, and I believe time will show he has been falsely accused.

  34. Steve,

    “If a number of alleged victims were interviewed and they all had similar stories to tell — without any evidencee of collusion — shouldn’t that be enough for the church to take seriously?”

    Well they haven’t have they? My point is that this is merely a he said-she said incident, yet he is bearing the full brunt of consequences as if he were fully guilty, being pulled from TV, radio and personal appearances. If it were even a charge hinting at children, I would see the point of such a reaction, but so far, the results are completely asymmetrical. He bears all the weight of it.

    I hope I don’t come across as sarcastic because it isn’t intended. I just think at this point, Father Corapi should be shown more evenhandedness and restraint.


  35. Thank you Deacon; I had the same thoughts. While I certainly pray and hope Fr. Corapi is found innocent we must hear both sides of the argument and give attention to the evidence or lack thereof. I don’t think it must feel nice to be accused under a guilty until proven innocent system (and perhaps this system should be reviewed/amended) however I think that in this case this should humble the priest and he should assume an attitude of obedience and cooperation.

  36. I have watched Fr. Corapi for several years. Have found him a person who speaks the truth… though a lot of people do not want to hear it…. and he is very passionate about “Pray the Rosary”. I’ll keep him in my prayers.

  37. This Deacon sounds very much like those who are blinded by their own pride and arrogance and therefore sit in the back ground like government social workers (wait that’s an insult to social workers) and act like cowards. They riddicule the people who are stuggling and they hate the people who excel. They hate the Hot and the Cold but love those like themselves = lukewarm lazy bums who love their own arrogant thoughts and ideas. They sit back like cowards and go to lunch like robots consumed by fear living like cowards. Their hearts meanwhile are ugly, uglier than a million postitutes, drug dealers etc… Nothing worse than a cold arrogant heart that thinks it is wise.

    People who love the Catholic Faith and the saints know in their hearts the beautiful corageous work of Fr. Corapi. We don’t need to sit back like pagans who have not been given the Holy Spirit.

    This deacon and those two priest whish they had 3 percent of what Fr. Carapi has. God forbid someone challenge them to actually be bold and proclaim goodness! So he writes this ugly letter.

    No the woman should not be attacked. I agree. However, even if he were guilty, so what. We are all sinners. This hollier than thou stuff is so disgusting. God hates the lukewarm and vomits them out of his mouth. These deacons and priests wether conservative or liberal who have become cold and rely on their own pride should repent during this lent so they are not vommitted out of God’s mouth.

    We are all sinners who are unable to even think on good thought if not for the grace of God. They should throw out these lukewarm deacons and priests who do nothing but take up space instead of comming against Corapi. If you fall, you get up. We will fall in the spiritual life. We are not angels. Our sins do not define us. If you say you have no sin, you are a liar. We must learn to forgive ourselves and others. Maybe these lukewarm priests should either be hot (bold and on fire with God’s love) or cold (and sin). They need something to wake them up out of their mental comma they are in. Lazy lukewarm priests and deacons, liberals, hate corapi and love to see him persecuted like the pharasiees.

  38. What can I add to this discussion except that I believe whole-heartedly that Father Corapi is innocent of these accusations. This woman, whoever she is, obviously has no fear of God to accuse one of God’s shepherds in this way. I personally have knowledge of individuals who have accused priests of misconduct because they were angry at God and wanted to blame someone and who better then one of God’s priests, only to admit later that the accusations were lies. I believe the same is true here. We must and should be storming heaven with prayers so that God will answer our prayers and vindicate Father Corapi. Prayer Warriors lets get to it!

  39. Let’s pray for him regardless: let us pray for the accuser(s) as well…. In his words, we should do the following for him.

    ”  So, you have a direct line to God. Call to heaven with the Spiritual “911” when you need to send a distress call for heavenly help. It will take less than an hour in most cases. If you don’t have that much time, make the solemn intention to do it as soon as possible. God loves you and will help you. He may not remove the problem, but he’ll always give you the strength and means to triumph over it.” (Fr Corapi)
     9 Memoraries 
    1 Rosary 
    1 Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  40. Father once said in one of his talks, “Johnny’s my name and fighting my game”. Well I feel sorry for whoever accused him. They will surely have a good fight. God brings good out of all suffering. I have never meet Father Corapi, but I feel I know him well. I can’t say that about his accuser. I will pray for both. All the great saints had to suffer. Its just the way it is. Nora

  41. It seems appropriate to apply to Fr. Corapi the axiom drilled into my repertoire over the years, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” And this is IF, in fact, it applies. Otherwise, “Love my neighbor as myself.” It’s not for us to judge. Let’s live the way Jesus taught us.

  42. If Eric feels that Fr. Corapi is as much a stranger to him as the woman who accused him, then I would say he really didn’t listen with the heart to Fr. Corapi’s teachings on EWTN TV and radio. Father, in so many words, would say that given the right circumstances and the temptations of the devil, any one of us is not beyond falling into serious sin. There but for the grace of God go I. The temptations of the devil are the fiercest against those who are making the most difference in the salvation of souls. He is now attacking the priesthood, with many priests being falsely accused of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the Charter that is supposed to help the victims is now opening the door for false accusations to take out innocent priests. In this case, Father Corapi has said that he is innocent of these claims. Why wouldn’t we, his brothers and sisters, not believe him? On what basis would we not believe him? Has he proven to be a liar before? No, he hasn’t. His life, that was shared with us, was all about serving His Lord and Holy Mother Church and her children, his spiritual children.

  43. Whether this priest did fall into temptation or not, it is already a garish on him…BUT what he has preached regarding the teachings can NOT be disputed. He has taught truth. When Peter was attacked by the devil a number of times, God did not abandon him, nor shall we who hunger to here the true teachings of the Church. God guide him!

  44. I have had the privilege of seeing and hearing Fr. Corapi twice. I believe the man is innocent! We need to pray for him and his accuser! I believe that is what charity would demand.

  45. A second thought…please research and release more info on the accuser w/o the name. I bet there is more to this than meets the eye.

  46. I would like to echo the sentiments of so many who have voiced their feelings on this matter. Fr. Corapi calls a spade a spade and there are many among us who do not want truth. satan is alive and well and now with only a few brave shepherds left to lead the flock he is working overtime to destroy them. he will not succeed! God is in charge and will bring his flock home. In the meantime I pray for both Fr. Corapi and his accuser.

  47. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Fr Corapi speak, so I have no opinion about his ministry.
    But what troubles me in the good deacon’s commentary here is that he abandons a simple principle: we have to presume a person’s innocence until proven guilty. Whatever happened to that idea?

    Our legal system operates on that principle. I realize in the aftermath of the sex abuse scandal, the Church has to be very careful and investigate allegations. Yet we cannot assume that every allegation is true. Unfortunately, there are some persons, whether through mental illness, meanness, or a spirit of deceit, who will make false statements about others. We can’t take them at face value without some proof.

  48. Fr. Corapi is innocent.

    Aside from that NO ONE HAS A Spotless background. NO ONE. Catholic Church is the only one that can see Sin as problematic and is able to Have the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There is GREAT HOPE and Wisdom..with This..given to us by CHrist.

    The woman there is hope for her also. BUT.. pointing fingers at someone..you Have One finger pointing at the FR. Corapi..but.. Three fingers pointing back at you. AND…Let the First Sin Free person cast the First Stone. And ALso.. be willing to take what has been dished out..What goes around comes around.

  49. Be careful, Alberto. That’s what members of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi (and also many others even in the Vatican) said about Maciel!

  50. The investigation by the Church will take quite a loooong time. Wouldn’t it be more expeditious for Fr Corapi to file a Slander/Defamation lawsuit in Civil Court against his accuser? The woman would then be forced to prove her accusations in a legal court of law. Failure to prove the accusations leveled against Fr Corapi would bring this situation to a quicker resolution than waiting on the interminable investigations of the Church. It would also prove the falsity of her accusations to Church authorities. This course of action has been accessed in the recent past by a number of other priests who were falsely accused. As soon as they were served with papers to prove the accusations in court the accusers promptly dropped their false accusations.
    For the sake of the Catholic faithful I think it is important to investigate this promptly so that if the accusations are false then Fr Corapi can resume his ministry.

  51. Here are my thoughts:

    I find it perfectly plausible that this woman is lying. She could be acting from any number of motives. She may be looking for some kind of payoff. She might be out for revenge — note, she’s been described as a former employee. Possibly, this is her way of getting Fr. Corapi back for sacking her. She might be a frustrated chalice-chipper — hell hath no fury, and all that.

    However, I’m not willing to declare Fr. Corapi innocent based purely on the things I’ve heard him say on television. That’s his public self; like any other media personality, he has a private one, too. The two may be one and the same when it comes to sexual restraint — then again, they might not be. People have mentioned Maciel; there’s also Cutie, Euteneuer and Weakland, to cite only those that spring readily to mind. That a priest can fall is to obviously within the realm of human possibility to reject out of hand.

    Fr. Corap’s superiors didn’t do a thing to tarnish his reputation. On the contrary, in their long silence on the reason for benching him, they seem to have been scupulously concerned with protecting it. It was Fr. Corapi who blew the whistle on himself. Possibly, he had his reasons — the woman may have been threatening to go public on her own. (If I’m not mistaken, witnesses in canon trials are no longer sworn to secrecy, so she’d have had no incentive to remain silent.) When the SOLT provincial confirmed that an investigation was underway, he made it very plain that none of the alleged offenses had been proven, or constituted criminal conduct — a matter that Fr. Corapi’s own statement left somewhat hazy.

    I found it deeply disturbing that so many people were eager to blame his provincial, and even the bishop of the city where he lives. One person, posting on the Anchoress blog, demanded that the bishops, plural, “turn in their mitres.” To this guy — who, I suspect, in his better moods, prides himself on his docility to the Magisterium == the successors of the Apostles mattered less than this one particular priest.

    I don’t know what Fr. Corapi thinks about any of this, but if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t want anyone putting me on that kind of pedestal. It would give me way too fall to far. I’d prefer people said something along the lines of, “We want you to be innocent, and we believe you to be innocent, but if it turns out you erred — okay, we’ll work with that. A spotty record might make you less effective as a symbol of the Church, but one would not in any way detract from your value as a person. You’ve given us so much in the way of inspiration; now, we want to pay you back in the form of love and forgiveness.”

    Yes, if I were in Fr. Corapi’s sheos, that’s what I’d figure was owed me.

  52. Why has Father Corapi’s look changed so drastically over the past year? His goattee is now dyed black it seems he is tanning and his eyebrows as well appear dyed. Where is the grey habit and grey hair of 10 years ago? Was it the 2.7 million he was awarded in 2007 for being a whistleblower that changed his look to ‘modern’ Money can do scary things. Why is he not a simple humble preacher? I saw him in Buffalo last year and he had two burly hollywood-looking bodyguards beside him the whole time. Bodyguards? A catholic preacher? Really? I think his Pride is catching up with him.

  53. Don’t even compare Fr. Macials conduct to what Fr. John is being accused of, there is a huge difference.
    A priest should not be suspended unless there is substantial evidence against him. I have every talk he has ever given and he has always spoken the truth. If he was guilty I believe he would be the first to admit it. I believe Fr. John is innocent but if he did fall at some point ( which he has always said anyone is capable of falling) that would not detract from what he has always preached, the truth. He has dared to speak up for what is right and has never been afraid to doso. There are many people who hate him and would love to shut him up. He and all priests are in my prayers.

  54. “we all know that Father Corapi ‘tells it like it is’ and lots of people do not like that.”

    Unfortunately, the adversary doesn’t either. And THATS what this is all about. Dear God in Heaven, please protect and bless this Blessed man, Father Corapi, who has done so much in this world. Amen.

    Mary Grace

  55. Fr Corapi is innocent because he says that these accusations are false.
    I have met Fr Corapi and all those who try to destroy this good priest need to be very careful.
    St Pio was accused in similar fashion, to be found not guilty when his accuser recanted.

  56. To: Mary G

    “Don’t even compare Fr. Macials conduct to what Fr. John is being accused of, there is a huge difference.”

    If you were responding to my post, let me say a word in my defense.

    The point I was trying to make was that we just don’t know if he is innocent or guilty.

  57. By canon law, a priest must be placed on administrative leave when allegations of misconduct are made. Fr. Corapi is not being singled out here. Saying that he should not be suspended until the case is investigated is impossible under current canon law. The suspension comes first, then the investigation. You might not like it, and you might think that Fr. Corapi should be exempt from canonical proceedings, but even priests who are beloved and who “tell it like it is” are bound by canon law.

  58. Yes, there is a difficulty here and a teaching. The Church is bigger than Fr. John Corapi. As much as everyone admires & supports him, he has made himself into a larger than life figure. Its sometimes not the content but the messenger that gets in the way. Yes, I enjoy hearing him speak, he’s a great orator. But sometimes in that oratory I detect a grain of boastful pride in the constant regaling of his multiple university degrees, his abilities to have been a lawyer, realtor or a business broker, his various athletic abilities in boxing and football, his stories of unnamed movie star and rock star associates. Are these needed? Are they relevant? Do they make the catechism teaching more relevant to the common man? Sometimes I ask myself, what exactly is the teaching here and what is our fascination with the person and has that usurped what should be our focus, the Church. And yes, the answer as the Monseigneur said should be: Father Corapi, who?

  59. HMS:

    She might have meant my post. If so, she’s got a point. We don’t know exactly what Fr. Corapi’s accuser is alleging (a relationship? A series of hookups?), but it would have to be pretty awful to place him in the same boat with William Jefferson Clinton, never mind Marcial Maciel.

    I mentioned Maciel for good reason, though. Leaving aside the number and gravity of his crimes, he and Fr. Corapi have several things in common. One, they’re easy to love and admire from a distance. Two, they’re very good at speaking Truth-with-a-capital-T in ways that people found compelling. One person recently posted that Fr. Corapi’s was the lone voice for truth. (Not sure whether he or she used precisely those words, but they capture the gist.) Though this is demonstrably untrue — last I heard we had a spookily smart pope named Benedict, who was very much on the job — I could understand why the person felt moved to say it. Fr. Corapi must have been the first person to teach Catholicism in a way that he could relate to.

    Both men have seen benefits from this. In Corapi’s case, as in Maciel’s, the reason goes, if the message is good, so must be the messenger. That carries particular weight when the message is unpopular. Plenty of people would like to see Corapi fall simply because they don’t like what he has to say — this was true of Maciel as well. But Maciel’s case should serve to remind people that just because a man has enemies, and just because those enemies are working from bad motives, shouldn’t clear him of wrongdoing without due process.

  60. I have to admit that Father Corapi has never been a favorite of mine. I find his voice obnoxious, his persona arrogant and self-serving, and his presentation of the Catholic faith more than slightly skewed. However, I would hope and pray that these allegations are false, as I would for any other man, which is, ultimately, all a priest is…A MAN, pure and simple.

  61. I think Deacon Kandra’s point about our limited knowledge regarding Fr. Corapi is a valid one. Most of us only know Fr. Corapi at a distance. (This is in no way to say that he is guilty or not. ) Some say…oh I think he is guilty because of such and such, and other say he is innocent based on their experience of this and that. The truth is that 99.9% really have no clue whether he is innocent or not.

    Yes, let us think the best of others unless proven otherwise. Yes, let us think best of Father Corapi. What Father Corapi needs from us is prayers, whether guilty or innocent.

  62. If you truly are doing the will of God, this kind of persecution comes, even if you are not doing the will of God perfectly and are not a saint. If you are a fervent follower of Christ in reality, you will most times eventually get this kind of false accusation. I don’t know why it happens, but it does. You can almost expect it. It happened to Jesus, and it will happen to you if you are really following Him. Jesus was called crazy, an agent of Satan, a false prophet, and so on.

    I don’t know what it is about those who really commit to Christ in their hearts and follow it up with actions that provokes such hatred in some people. If he is innocent, Fr. Corapi should wear these accusations and the resultant persecution and loss and suffering as a badge of honor. He is in great company.

    St. John of the Cross was put into prison by his own brothers in the Carmelite order. From Wikipedia: “On the night of 2 December 1577, John was taken prisoner by his superiors in the calced Carmelites, who had launched a counter-program against John and Teresa’s (of Avila) reforms. John had refused an order to return to his original house, on the basis that his reform work had been approved by the Spanish Nuncio, a higher authority than John’s direct superiors in the calced Carmelites. John was jailed in Toledo, where he was kept under a brutal regimen that included public lashing before the community at least weekly, and severe isolation in a tiny stifling cell barely large enough for his body. He managed to escape nine months later, on 15 August 1578, through a small window in a room adjoining his cell.”

    St. Faustina Kowalska was silenced by the local bishop and all her writings and the devotions she said were given to her by God were banned until well after her death. The messages of Divine Mercy appeared dead forever, and if you read her diary you see how her own sisters in the convent called her names, mocked her, and even accused her of putting on her illnesses. She probably didn’t record most of the injustice leveled against her, because of charity, but out of obedience she did have to record some.

    If you read the lives of the saints, you will see story after story of false accusations and persecutions. It is a martyrdom of spirit. We all know this, so we should be praying fervently for Fr. Corapi and for our Church, because if we can suffer such persecutions with good will and love of our fellow man, we too will be counted among the saints.

  63. What I see here is an effort by the evil one to destroy Father Corapi’s ministry. He has constantly taught on Spiritual Warfare and also has spoken the truth in many instances against things that are not the way they should be, according to God’s teachings. The accuser is taking his past life, long before he became a priest and trying to incorporate it into the present time. But I am confident that he is innocent and sincere in his love for the Lord and faithful to his calling.

    There have been many innocent priests accused of wrongs simply because vindictive people didn’t get there way about something and they are now getting even.

  64. I have been inspired by Father Corapi’s talks and allegiance to Catholic orthodox teaching. I am tired of the politically correct homilies of other priest who don’t want to offend anyone by speaking the Truth. Fr Corapi encourages praying the rosary and expresses love for Mary and Jesus, and defense of developing babies who are aborted. He also exposed corruption that brought down a hospital so I would not be surprised if this were a set-up by many who felt it was payback time. Happens all the time.

  65. It is very easy to conjure up an accusation against any person, even a priest.
    I remember a man asserting that a certain woman was a lesbian. I simply asked : ” How do you know “, to which I got a vacuous grunt. Just how did he know: rumor!
    Our priest, a great one, was murdered. I knew him very well and considered him impeccable and beyond reproach : and I still hold him in the highest regard. After his vicious death all sorts of vile accusations were leveled against this good man.
    It amounted to a media feeding frenzy. I know of only one young person who immediately explained how serious it was to KILL A PRIEST.
    How many good men have had their priestly roles ruined by backbiting, vengeful rumor and innuendo. It is quite easy to kill a priest without lifting a finger.
    May our good God have Mercy on all those who have brought false accusations against priests.

  66. We must always remember to put our faith in the Lord and His Word. The sower of the word is human and subject to the human condition. When the seed is planted in our hearts, we must nourish it despite the tempest around us. When satan seduces our leaders, we must pray for their return. The message behind “Divine Mercy,” is that there is no sin that the Lord will not forgive if there is repentance. So let’s be careful what yardstick we use to measure others. Guard the Faith with your entire being despite what happens.

  67. What would Our Mother Mary say? Pray, Pray, Pray! We need to pray for our Priests and Religious as well. The devil wants all the souls he can get and his time is short. The holier the souls the more evil comes after them. Father Corapi is one of those HOLY souls.

  68. Fr. Corapi was removed from his ministry before being found guilty of any charges. This alone puts an onus on his head and a smear on his name before any facts are determined. “Innocent until proven guilty” should be the rule here, but I guess EWTN sees it just the opposite.
    He should be allowed to continue his work until the truth comes out. This could take a long time ,knowing how the Church works, and in the interim, the Word of God is not preached through Fr. Corapi. What a shame.

  69. The adversary is always on the prowl to attack priests who are doing all they can to serve their Lord and master Jesus, to the best of their ability. And when lives are changed through them, the attacks get worse. Let us pray for all concerned, specially for Fr. Corapi to be able to continue the excellent and fearless work he does for Jesus and His Catholic Church.

  70. i hope that with this time off , fr, can go to the abortion mill and pray . it was at this mill that a fire bomb was thrown at -a praying person- and the police did nothing but blame the pro-lifer for praying for the wrong thing . fr. unfortunately , as with all accused of some form of moral turpetude must wait and pray and offer up as penance for either their sins or the sins of the one wrongly accusing . but the lord will use this penance for the most good and we must pray for all involved , as we know god knows whats going on and our prayers will help his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven .

  71. I would like to point out that I frequently meet many middle aged hens whose existence centers around doing work for/infiltrating the Catholic Church. Very often these women are far from being Christian and they on power trips. They and also psychologically unstable. Many have been known to wear revealing outfits and like to seduce priests. I would not be surprised if this former employee of Fr. Corapi fell for him and was enraged when he spurned her advances.

  72. I believe the truth shall set you free. I believe in Father Corapi. He believes in the truth, god has blessed him in speaking it well. If you truly listen to the man speak you know, he believes it too. Your right I don’t know him personally and I don’t know this person makeing the accusation, but I believe and have faith in father John Corapi.

  73. Yes, some sort of “stepping away” is prudent for anyone in a visible position who is also under investigation.

    However, the charter developed in 2002 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops goes beyond the scope of the Code of Canon Law, and actually contradicts it, and quite frankly, contradicts Christian charity when it calls for “administrative leave” for any cleric “credibly accused” of sexual misconduct with a minor.

    What Fr. Corapi said in his statement about the charter is true: 1) it does not apply in his case since there no minors involved; 2) it is a presumption of guilt on the part of Church leadership until the accused is “proven” innocent. As Fr. Corapi put it, “guilty, just in case.”

    It is contrary to the protection of a person’s good name, as defined in the Code of Canon Law and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The bar for “credibility” is so low virtually anyone with any level of creative malice can step over it. All that the word “credible” means in the context of applying the charter is that the person making the accusation really purports to be a victim of clergy misconduct and that he or she really intends to follow through on the allegation. “I am accusing Fr. A of sexual misconduct against me. I truly intend to pursue the allegation.”

    At that point, under the charter, the bishop, without any further investigation into the accusers’ credibility, places the priest on “administrative leave,” which is a euphemism for suspension. The priest truly is presumed guilty by his own bishop based only a single statement by a person who says he or she is a victim. As I said at the beginning, some sort of “stepping away” from responsibilities is prudent for public figures like priests while they are under investigation. But under the charter, and many times applied by bishops when it is not a charter-type case (like with Fr. Corapi), “administrative leave” means suspension of faculties for the priest: no confessions, no anointings, no homilies or teaching classes, no baptisms, weddings, funerals, no public Masses as celebrant or concelebrant. In some cases, accused priests have been told they have less than 24 hours to vacate their rectories, sometimes even with no alternative place of residence. Some priests have even been told not to wear clerical garb.

    All this, mind you, comes from merely being accused. No matter the outcome of the investigation, and especially if the priest turns out to be innocent, the lost opportunities to extend the grace of Holy Orders in offering the sacraments can not be regained. The confusion that swirls among parishioners is amplified. When a priest is stripped of all ministry, which is what “administrative leave” means, Heaven only knows the chances for sacramental grace that members of the laity missed because Fr. A was not available.

    A couple of correctives are seriously and urgently needed to restore Christian charity toward accused priests while the merits of justice are investigated. 1) Raise the bar for credibility of accusation; 2) Amend the definition of administrative leave.

    With regard to #1, there should be at least a modicum of concern by the bishop that there is credibility to the allegations themselves, not just that the person intends to follow through. Respect for victim accusers says this shouldn’t demand much, just looking into whether there is, in fact, any possibility that the alleged incidents could have happened. (Like the extent of the accuser’s contact, as a person, not necessarily connected with the incidents, with the accused priest. Like, Did Fr. A ever actually serve in the parish in which this is said to haven taken place?) In other words, address the credibility of at least the surface-level descriptions of the incidents. In one of the early Boston cases, a priest was placed on administrative leave after being falsely accused by a man who turned out to be a pathological liar. The priest was eventually restored to ministry, but not without much internal suffering and feelings of abandonment during his “administrative leave.” Not to mention those who didn’t go to confession or missed out a certain way of phrasing things in a homily or class because of Father not being availabel.

    Regarding #2, some form of administrative leave may be prudent. It would be prudent, for example, for an accused pastor to step away from his administrative duties while his case is under investigation. Same for an accused chancery official. That is what I think of when I hear “administrative leave” — it is a leave from the duties of temporal administration. But if Father is truly to be regarded as innoncent until proven guilty, he should be allowed to continue his specificly sacramental priestly service to the people of God. This is the only charitable way of handling the situation, if Father resolutely denies the charges against him.

    As it stands now, all it takes is for a person to clearly identify himself or herself to the Bishop and say Fr. A committed sexual misconduct against me for Fr. A to be taken out of service.

    And that is “guilty until proven innocent,” no matter how the USCCB tries to spin it.

  74. Pax et Bonum!

    We should keep several things in mind.

    First, a good priest is concerned for the salvation of souls, not for his own hide. As a good father, he will be concerned with the possible harm to the faithful under his care, rather than with the possible harm to himself as the accused.

    Second, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, a person of integrity will request without hesitation being placed in administrative leave until an accusation of this nature is properly investigated.

    As in ALL these cases, I have always said that if such accusations were ever made against me AND I was innocent, I would challenge my accuser to a polygraph examination alongside myself in a public plaza for everyone to witness. Whenever, I do not see this type of candid and open response, doubts do arise as to the innocence of the accused.

    We should pray for a thorough, ethical and fair investigation of the accusations. And we must be prepared to accept the outcome whatever it is.

    However, regardless of Fr. Corapi’s guilt or innocence, it will always be just to applaud and give him credit for all the good he has done. You don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Neither do you destroy a man because he succumbed to temptation in a moment of weakness. If he did something wrong he “earned” and should accept the punishment, in the exact same way he “earned” our admiration and applause for the good he has done.

    Let us never forget that the failings, shortcomings or sins of a member of the Church, be he a Pope or a layman, do not in the least diminish the holiness of the Church’s teachings nor the validity of the Church’s mission.

    Above all, let us keep him, and all our clergy, constantly in our prayers. May Almighty God help them to be virtuous and brave!

  75. I ‘m not one to leave comments for many reasons, one of the reasons is due to my poor way of expressing my feelings but today I will give it a try. I’ll tell you what I think is true saddness….. How fast we fall short of being good Christians. It sure doesn’t take long for us to comment, analyze, critize and pass judgement whether it’s done intentionally or not, worst of all you whom God has given you the gift of writing, how can you plant seeds of doubt, criticism etc. in others peoples minds…we
    start by throwing pebbles (such as some words that written on this article and comments) then come the rocks and stones. Are we not to try our best to imitate Christ especially during Lent.
    I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone however I wonder if this Internet is doing us more harm than good.
    May God Bless All

  76. I was afraid of this happening years ago based on his good looks and presence.

    Why don’t those who do the hiring do a better job checking out the women who work with priests?

  77. Tusitala 29,
    I’d really like to know in what way that Fr Corapi’s presentation of the faith is “more than slightly skewed”….please site One example of how this is a fact.
    As far as a priest being “simply a man”, I suggest that you read the catechism on the sacrament of holy orders to understand how important these men are to the church and our need to pray daily for faithful priests.

  78. I like Father Corapi because he speaks the truth and is in the business of saving souls. He came along when the Roman Catholic church got so liberal, some of the churches looked like fraternal organizations having no likenesses of Mary, Jesus or saints to gaze at when praying. I am lucky my church is returning holy images–it took a while.
    Good luck Father……upstate New Yorker

  79. My heart goes out to Fr. Corapi and his family and close friends. My brother was accused and went through 13 years of torture. He went to trial and was found innocent of all 7 counts of misconduct with minors. It was 12 protestant jurors and yet they found the truth. we his family knew he was innocent and supported him in every aspect of his life. He was very close to Mother Mary and the Holy Eucharist. He always prayed for his accusers which was very hard for all the family to understand. He died at the age of 66 from pancreatic cancer. And to this day his name is still tainted. Only God can fix the wrong that Fr. Corapi will be going through. It is a heavy cross to undergo for him and his love ones. So please do not give up on Fr. Corapi, his family and friends. God is with us even
    though it hurts everyone. Mother Mary will see Fr. Corapi as he walks in agony for himself and all concerned.

  80. Statement of Santa Cruz Media, Inc. Relative to Fr. Corapi’s Suspension

    Santa Cruz Media, Inc. is the owner of all of Fr. John Corapi’s intellectual property and the DVDs, CDs, and books that flow from it. We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way. As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church, although we have the utmost respect for Church authority.

    We fully support Rev. John Corapi in this terrible trial, not surprisingly having begun on Ash Wednesday. Through the sacrifice and struggle of the desert and all of the dark moments that this entails, we are confident that the glory of the risen Lord will shine forth from the power of the Resurrection and Easter.

    We have consulted with a number of canon lawyers. They have assured us that the actions of the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas are, on several points of canon law, illicit. It is our fervent hope that The Dallas Charter will be changed because of false accusations like this. There is no evidence at this time that Fr. Corapi did anything wrong, only the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee, who, after losing her job with this office, physically assaulted me and another employee and promised to “destroy” Father Corapi. We all continue to pray for this person, and we ask you to do the same.

    We sincerely believe that the work Fr. Corapi has done is of greatest value to the Church, hence hated by the devil. We fully intend to make Fr. Corapi’s material available as a service to the Church and the world for as long as we possibly can.

    The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc. We have never accepted donations or charitable contributions of any kind. We are supporting Father’s efforts to defend himself. Your purchase of products from Santa Cruz Media helps provide the funding for Father’s continued work as well as the legal expenses he continues to incur as a result of these malicious allegations.

    Father Corapi and all of us here at Santa Cruz Media, Inc. greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and prayers. Please continue to pray for Father Corapi and his accuser, as well as all priests who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Bobbi Ruffatto
    Vice President of Operations
    Santa Cruz Media, Inc.

  81. Me, I will never believe it unless it came out of his on mouth, because he is one who would bare it all, as he has done since becoming a priest. Sometimes you just know Truth when it is in front of you. I doubt that one such as Father Corapi, who has fought fierce battles with the evil one, will have any trouble fighting this one.

    I believe this one was put on Father John, for the benefit of the Church itself. Maybe the Church will step to the front and fight this evil and a lot more that She avoids.

    Jerry L.

  82. To me this is an assult on Fr. Corapi by the Left!
    What is the person’s name and their associations?
    Yes, Fr Corapi does speak the truth and the Left wants him out of the way.

  83. Satan will attack at the heel & a woman will strike him down! Well.. Father Coropi loves the blessed mother, gay woman are fighting to win marriage & adoption of Jesus children.Isn’t it true that anyone loves our Lord is a target for satan? We musn’t forget the truth, The word of God! Anyone who knows anything about the bible, knows father coropi isn’t a liar! I will con’t to pray for him & his accuser. EWTN is also a target because there trying to save souls & apparently we’re really ticking satan off, Aleluia! I Love & Believe in the works of Jesus(EWTN). May God keep you strong & The Blessed mother as all of our advocates. I’ll keep praying the rosary & keep you all in our prayers! God Bless You father coropi, mother angelica and all who contribute to the ewtn. Lois

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