Fr. Corapi update: "The unsubstantiated rant of a former employee" — UPDATED

Santa Cruz Media, which owns and distributes Fr. John Corapi’s CDs and DVDs has posted the following statement on his website:

We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way. As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church, although we have the utmost respect for Church authority.

We fully support Rev. John Corapi in this terrible trial, not surprisingly having begun on Ash Wednesday. Through the sacrifice and struggle of the desert and all of the dark moments that this entails, we are confident that the glory of the risen Lord will shine forth from the power of the Resurrection and Easter.

We have consulted with a number of canon lawyers. They have assured us that the actions of the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas are, on several points of canon law, illicit. It is our fervent hope that The Dallas Charter will be changed because of false accusations like this. There is no evidence at this time that Fr. Corapi did anything wrong, only the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee, who, after losing her job with this office, physically assaulted me and another employee and promised to “destroy” Father Corapi. We all continue to pray for this person, and we ask you to do the same.

We sincerely believe that the work Fr. Corapi has done is of greatest value to the Church, hence hated by the devil. We fully intend to make Fr. Corapi’s material available as a service to the Church and the world for as long as we possibly can.

The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc. We have never accepted donations or charitable contributions of any kind. We are supporting Father’s efforts to defend himself. Your purchase of products from Santa Cruz Media helps provide the funding for Father’s continued work as well as the legal expenses he continues to incur as a result of these malicious allegations.

Father Corapi and all of us here at Santa Cruz Media, Inc. greatly appreciate your kindness, support, and prayers. Please continue to pray for Father Corapi and his accuser, as well as all priests who find themselves in this unfortunate situation.

Bobbi Ruffatto
Vice President of Operations
Santa Cruz Media, Inc.

UPDATE: At the urging of some readers, I did a little Googling to try and find out more information about Santa Cruz Media, Inc.  According to this filing from the Whitefish Montana Election Commission, where the company is headquartered, the CEO of Santa Cruz Media is listed as John Corapi.

Also, The Anchoress is asking some questions about this latest development.

UPDATE II: A reader pointed me to this website, which indicates that Santa Cruz Media — though located and operating in Montana — is incorporated in Nevada. (Fr. Corapi, of course, worked in Nevada for some time before becoming a priest.)

UPDATE III: Enough already.  Comments are now closed.

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139 responses to “Fr. Corapi update: "The unsubstantiated rant of a former employee" — UPDATED”

  1. Love the title! The note is quite a difference from Padre Pio’s response in one of your earlier posts. May we all have the Faith and courage and love to respond to that which is difficult as St. Pio did!

  2. That letter is pretty strong evidence that a framing of Father Corapi may have been afoot.
    Maybe the devil went too far. If Father Corapi is strongly and publicly cleared it might bring to the fore what I have been complaining about regularly–how people who make false accusations frequently are let off the hook and just disappear leaving an innocent victim’s reputation (because many people assume all charges are true–and who wants to take a chance on the person afterwards) in tatters and many times financially ruined.
    I know I am affected by having taught in a public high school where a teacher was falsely accused. Every student and teacher knew the teacher was innocent, the jury found him innocent in lightning speed, and even the prosecutor admitted he shouldn’t have brought the case but he didn’t want anyone to think he was hiding anything.
    The teacher, not being on tenure, was quietly let go by the school board (didn’t want any controversy) , his defense costs ruined him financially, and he lost his home as a result.
    Maybe something further will develop on the Corapi case. But if he is clearly the victim of a framing, maybe there will be more media looking at other cases of false accusations that ruined people’s finances, reputations, and lives.
    Because of the horrendous things a few priests did and bishops handled poorly (but like all school superintendents and police chiefs of that era) the media– and even the Catholic Church in America–seem to have forgotten that our law is based on the premise that one of the worst crimes of all is to falsely accuse another person of a serious crime.

  3. I do not know if Fr. Corapi is innocent or guilty. I not that familiar with him to register any judgment or feelings, one way or the other.

    But, since this response by Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) Media has been posted by the Deacon, I do have some thoughts and concerns about it?

    1) “The Church provides no financial support to Fr. Corapi. He has to pay for his own legal representation, medical costs, food, housing, etc.”

    this is what I understand about religious life. He has a vow of poverty and thus any money he earns from the sale of his work by Santa Cruz Media should go to the order. Since he is a member of a religious community, his community should pay for his medical costs, food and housing. I should think that they would also pay his legal expenses but, then, I do not know what is stipulated in a suspension.

    2) “We have consulted with a number of canon lawyers. They have assured us that the actions of the Bishop of Corpus Christi, Texas are, on several points of canon law, illicit.”

    Illicit? Perhaps, Edward N. Peters could weigh in on this?

  4. I have to agree with HMS. According to this information canon lawyers should be looking into Father’s community and the relationship he has with them and they with him.

    This statement by Santa Cruz media sounds a lot like good old capitalism at work. This secualr company stands to increase their profits quite a bit with this statement. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

  5. Yep, got that letter from SCM earlier today. Frankly I never believed the allegations. This is Father John Corapi we are talking about here, not some false prophet who preys on children and works for the other team. Have faith. Father John Corapi will not be toppled this easily. It’s going to take a WHOLE LOT MORE than than unsubstantiated rants to fell this mighty oak

  6. I agree with HMS, this is giving very strange information about some basics: he is a professed member of a religious community, his priestly faculties are suspended not his religious vows, and the bishop of Corpus Christi did not suspend him it was his religious superior. It the writer of the letter can get this so wrong, how is one suppose to believe the rest of the letter?

  7. I don’t think he gets monetary support from his order. And all religious don’t take vow of poverty, I would doubt very much that he has taken that vow. I DON’T think he is rich, but, he is in control of at least some of his money. That also means he has to pay for his own security, pay for his travel, pay for his insurance, pay for his health problems, and most likely pay for his lawyers.

  8. Greg,

    So when are you going to hop on the elevator and start asking the priests riding it: “Have you heard Fr. Corapi’s accuser is a nut job?”

  9. If I remember right, didn’t Father Corapi and another individual win a whistle blower suit about 5-8 years ago against a cardiologist in California? I think he came away from that with a few million bucks. Does anyone else remember that?

  10. My prayers are with Fr. Corapi. God has given him a great gift of preaching and faith. He is a beautiful example of conversion for all Catholics and an inspiration to us all especially to those who have fallen away from their faith. The devil will be constantly trying to sabotage his efforts and credibility.

    It is no coincidence that it happened on Ash Wednesday. His lent, although, full of suffering already, just proves he is on the right track. He definately has the devil working overtime.

  11. Fr. Corapi is awesome. I bet if he has had millions of dollars since being a priest that he is investing towards great causes. I am sure Santa Cruz can turn this into a money making situation and like someone said before, why not, I would too. I can’t wait for the Truth to be revealed to the public!

  12. Why does Santa Cruz Media’s statement reference the Dallas Charter? Doesn’t that apply only to cases involving the alleged abuse of minors? I don’t think it is being invoked here — rather Father Corapi’s religious community has made its own decision about how to handle the allegation.

    It sounds like all the bishop did was refer the case to the religious community. What is so “illicit” about that?

  13. Also, if there was a physical assault involved, then the Santa Cruz executive should go to the police. If there is a false accusation, then take civil action. Don’t bad-mouth a bishop, even if not under his authority. The Church authorities involved have underscored that the allegation against Father is no proof of any wrongdoing. Santa Cruz Media needs to give the bishop the same benefit.

  14. HMS and the others… It’s true that Fr. Corapi doesn’t get any support from his order. He’s mentioned it several times in his talks if you have listened to any of them. I’m not sure how it works, I don’t believe the order has a right to the money earned from his talks either. Maybe that is why they are so willing to throw him under the bus, they may have a problem with that. Yes Father took a vow of poverty but he may have signed over the money to a charity or a family member. I think Mother Angelica did something similar with EWTN. I believe it was a big deal at the time but she chose not to sign it over to the church for them to have control. Now I understand why. The Catholic Church is the church of God, we certainly have proof by how stupid the bishops can be and the mistakes they make. It takes divine intervention to keep it going.

  15. The type of religious community that S.O.L.T. is, is a Society of Apostolic Life.

    Canon 741.2 “members are also capable of acquiring, possessing, administering, and disposing of temporal goods, but whatever comes to them on behalf of the society is acquired by the society.” S.O.L.T. Media was initially the sole distributor of Father Corapi’s materials, now it is a for-profit corporation, Santa Cruz Media Inc. I’d guess that the majority stockholder and president of Santa Cruz Media Inc. might turn out to be Father Corapi. If it were anyone else, I’d wonder why a vice-president prepared the statement rather than the president.

  16. Yes, Corapi won an over 3 MILLION dollar settlement in 2005. As for where the money went, I have no idea.

  17. The California Secretary of State’s website states Santa Cruz Media, Inc. was formed in 1976. Its current status is “suspended” (which may probably indicates somebody hasn’t been making the required corporate filings and isn’t necessarily sinister).

  18. Father Corapi is an effective and unique messenger of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church”. The Catechism is literally the sacred “Word of God”.

    This woman is accusing Father Caropi of the very grave sin of SCANDAL When, in effect, she may be commiting the gravest sin of BLASPHEMY.

    2284 Scandal is an attitude or behavior which leads another to do evil. The person who gives scandal becomes his neighbor’s tempter. He damages virtue and integrity; he may even draw his brother into spiritual death. Scandal is a grave offense if (by deed or omission) another is deliberately led into a grave offense.

    2148 Blasphemy is directly opposed to the second commandment. It consists in uttering against God – inwardly or outwardly – words of hatred, reproach, or defiance; in speaking ill of God; in failing in respect toward him in one’s speech; in misusing God’s name. The prohibition of blasphemy extends to language against Christ’s Church, the saints, and sacred things. It is also blasphemous to make use of God’s name to cover up criminal practices, to reduce peoples to servitude, to torture persons or put them to death. The misuse of God’s name to commit a crime can provoke others to repudiate religion.
    Blasphemy is contrary to the respect due God and his holy name. It is in itself a grave sin.

  19. Wow – this is amazing.
    I seriously question that any reputable lawyer would council an employer to refer in print to such a serious accusation as “the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee” even if that in fact was the case.

  20. Joe…

    You see my update? Something that goes unmentioned in that statement is that Santa Cruz Media is Corapi’s own company. He’s listed as the CEO.

    Dcn. G.

  21. Correction: the California corporation listed above is not the Santa Cruz Media involved in this. That one is a Montana corporation for which Father Corapi is listed as the President and Director. The other corporate offices are listed as “vacant”.

  22. Sorry Deacon, I didn’t realize you had worked on this one while I was googling away myself. Father Corapi, by the way, is also the Registered Agent for the corporation.

  23. SJ…

    I suspected that he had a heavy hand in crafting that statement. This news more or less confirms it. In effect, John Corapi IS Santa Cruz Media.

    Dcn. G.

  24. Arnold —

    If the accuser is lying, then yes, she’s committing a grave injustice. However, we have to allow for the possibility that she’s telling the truth. At this point we just don’t know, so it’s unfair to demonize her.

  25. No Greg I missed the update- nice job uncovering who actually is behind Santa Cruz media.

    However I am even more amazed- and while I don’t know anything about the facts and accusations in this case, one would conclude that Father Corapi either has no council or is not listening to their advise to reply in this manner

    folks – something here is just not right here…

  26. I love Father Corapi and all he stands for in his amazingly great talks on EWTN or anywhere else that he appears.
    I am so happy that this latest information has gone some way to show his innocence…
    However even if this latest information is incorrect and I seriously doubt that it is, then I still love and believe in this Great Man of God.
    It seems that there are plenty who still want to throw stones in his direction under the guise of wanting the truth.
    It would be far better to pray instead of rant this way or that like his accuser seems to have done.
    We need to pray for all concerned which now includes so many bloggers who seem to be experts on something that none of us really have all the facts about.
    Someone wrote in a previous article..PRAY! PRAY! PRAY!

  27. Father Corapi is an awsome preacher.
    Since Archbishop Fulton Sheen, I haven’t heard any preacher with as much common sense and courage.
    He is funny, charismatic. He teaches with authority
    and is appreciated by millions. And he says the truth
    without fear about the current situation of our church,
    our people and our country. PEOPLE LISTEN TO HIM.

    I do not doubt that the devil is hard at work trying
    to destroy him. I’ll be praying harder for Fr. Corapi
    and for the accuser.

  28. This entire situation deeply disturbs me. What is a priest doing with millions of dollars in legal settlements? Why doesn’t he live with a religious community, just on his own apparently with a large house in Montana? Why the sudden change in physical appearance? This is immensely discouraging.

  29. Can. 273 states that Clerics are bound by a special obligation to show reverence and obedience to the Supreme Pontiff and their own ordinary. Is the Bishop of Corpus Christi Fr. Corapi’s ordinary?

  30. I cringed when I read the Santa Cruz Media statement in my email this morning. It seems so defiant & disrespectful to say that they’re a secular organization so they won’t abide by Fr. Corapi’s Superiors.

    Now, to discover that Santa Cruz Media Inc., which refers to itself as a Secular org not in the jurisdiction of the Church or affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way, is in fact a John A. Corapi Enteprise? Ugh.

    It’s not the allegations that are turning me away from Fr. John A. Corapi, Inc. It’s his response, the way he’s reacting.

  31. Humorous how every inference continues to be drawn against Father Corapi. I think at this point the accuser herself could come out and recant her accusations, and there would still be bloggers questioning or “suspecting” whether maybe Father Corapi pressured her to do so by way of a Jedi mind trick or something. It’s comical. I also have no doubt that Father Corapi had no hand whatsoever in writing this statement given some of the obvious factual errors regarding the bishop’s involvement. He is at least as intelligent as those scrutinizing his every move all of the sudden.

  32. Sadly, this is another rash letter. When it uses unnamed “canon lawyers” and keeps making harsh attacks against a bishop who is acting out of prudence, one must wonder what is really going on.

    I pray Fr Corapi is innocent. But I also pray he finds humility and prudence — that he apologizes for his rash behavior against his bishop, and that he says the best thing is to let authorities examine the case in silence, and not through a mob of supporters and detractors on the internet fighting each other on the internet, when neither would know what happened.

  33. Lets all stop making judgments.
    Yes, there have been false accusations by some individuals against priests over the years. In fact, our own bishop was falsely accused and exonerated a number of years ago. But there have also been substantiated abuse by some priests that have seriously damaged our Church and has driven many from the Church.
    The fact of the matter is that WE DO NOT KNOW who is being truthful and who is not.
    Let us support and pray for the priests who the bishops have designated to do this difficult task of sorting out the truth from the lies.
    And in Christian charity let us pray for both Fr. Corapi and his accuser.

  34. Correction. I should have said….our former bishop, Joseph Bernardin was accused thirty years ago and exonerated.

  35. IMO, the biggest take home message of the Father Corapi “scandal” is the clueless and sad to say mean sprited elite Catholic blogsphere, of which I have been forever soured. Sure, you throw a few bones, but it’s the “in between the line stuff” that is so telling and insulting. I’m only sticking around to offer my defense and respect for a holy tireless priest(regradelss of guilt or no guilt), who has lead many souls to Christ, while he continues to be unfairly relegated and analyzed at ever turn.

    For starters, those who know Father Corapi, also know that yes, of COURSE he is Santa Cruz Media. He never made any attempt to hide it, as he’s totally a self sustaining ministry. Thank goodness for him that he is also an accountant and savvy business/marketing person. For those of us who have been following him for years, he mentions it all the time. It was never any secret! That still doesn’t undo the fact that he needs employees, or that one of them could be an obcessed nutjob. Like most professionals, he hires people to do the day to day business end of things while he spends his time on what he does best, prayer, research, and the preparation of lectures and writings.

    That said, who but Pope Benedict could pack an arena or self sustain a worldwide ministry in this country? In all of the years that the Cathechism has been out, he is the ONLY one who has ever preached it (and recorded it), in great depth. Anyone who listens to all the 50plus DVD’s of his Catechism teaching has without question been taught the real teachings of Jesus Christ, including the ‘whys’.

    I posted earlier that he gets NO financial support from the Church. For the most part, he is on his own, ordained by JP II, determined by the Vatican to be a “gifted Apostolic Speaker” sent forth to go out and continue the work of Fulton Sheen.

    He’s mentioned more than once that wasn’t his choice, albeit God’s will for him. Many also don’t know that prior to that he live a secluded life in a hermatage for about 5 years, which he said greatly prepared him for his public role as a preacher. Based on much of what he has taught and said, it seems pretty obvious that if the choice were Father Corapi’s, he would be most happy to live out a life of poverty and cloistered prayer.

    If Father Corpai is “guilty” of anything, it’s teaching the rock solid truth of Jeus Christ. I’ve said it before and I will write it again, we are/were STARVED out here, most having been failed by our priests, our bishops, our nuns, and in many cases, even our parents (despite good intentions). While the tax sheltered, yoga lovin’, afraid to speak real turth danced (and contineus to dance), to their own drum, the starved sheep found a new place to feed. Consequently, you elite bloggers label us as crazed rock star fans. If I read one more blog post insulting us with “Now don’t fall in love with your priests boys and girls, not good”, I’m going to implode.

    So let me say it again, we are in love with TRUTH, and as Father C would said, that truth is somebody, Jesus Christ. When you insult us and or Father Corapi, you insult Jesus. If it weren’t for Father Corapi, most of us would probably be Protestants.

    I wish you would all just stop writing about him, as you don’t know him well enough to give him a fair shake. Yes, he did have a large “settlement”, and again, if you know him, you know the story behind it. He saved a lot of people from fraudulent, (medicare scam) unnecessary open heart surgery. He said it wasn’t an easy thing to do, but necessary. As for the money, it’s really none of our business where it went, but I’m almost postiive most or all of it has long been donated to a religious cause.

    Last but not least, Father Corapi is one of the most Marian Priest I ever knew. What he has taught not only of Jesus but also his mother is enough to make a devout soul weep.

    It should be obvious by now that the only thing necessary to “bring down” Father Corapi is his inability to preach, and or sell his tapes and books, as that is the only means of his financial support.

    Perhaps all of you who admit to “hardly knowing him” could pick up a tape or two for Lent. I’m sure he would appreicate the business, that is, unless it’s “illicit” to purchase from a Holy Priest who was accussed by a terminated employee.

    In any case, guilty or non guilty, Father Corapi deserves respect. Reardless of the outcome, nothing will undo the Turth that he taught. I for one know that if I make it to eternal life with the Glory of God, it will be much because of the tireless and couageous efforts of Father John Corapi that I got there.

    Lastly, I know there are many other holy and tireless priests/religioius, and you too are much appreicated. Sadly, you are more the exception than the norm.

    God Bless all.

  36. Klaire,

    Not all of us in the Catholic blogosphere have been gunning for Father C.

    Deacon Greg,

    I do find it strangely telling that the accuser is a former employee and has yet to file criminal of civil charges against Corapi. Similarly, neither she, nor any of the other ‘women’ she mentions in her letter have come forward publicly.

    As for the respect due one’s superiors, Corapi has submitted himself obediently to suspension. According him the presumption of innocence, I don’t think that he is morally obligated to go quietly into a paper shredder, nor is he bound to show respect for the injustices of the Dallas charter. If anything, an innocent man ought to howl in rage at such injustice and call attention to it.

    That Corapi is the CEO makes Santa Cruz so much more an inviting target for litigation. The longer that such litigation is not forthcoming, the more I’m inclined to believe Fr. C.

  37. The issue that people do not get is this letter is from the company which he is the CEO, saying it is secular and doesn’t have to obey the church. Say what? If he is the CEO, and he is required to obey the Church, well, what gives?

  38. Dear Arnold,

    While I know nothing about John Corapi (I’ve never heard him preach, never watched any of his broadcasts; in fact, never really heard much about him before this current flap), I would like to offer a correction to your comment that “Father Corapi is an effective and unique messenger of “The Catechism of the Catholic Church”. The Catechism is literally the sacred “Word of God”.”

    Now, Father Corapi MIGHT be a preacher who focuses on the Catechism; as I said, I’ve never heard him. However, the Catechism is NOT “literally the sacred Word of God”! The Catechism is an important ecclesiastical document which summarizes important points of Catholic teaching: it is not, in itself, that teaching. Even more critically, the Catechism is NOT the inspired Word of God. The Word of God is Christ Himself; Christ is the fullness of Divine Revelation and from Christ there are two “streams” of revelation. The written “stream” is known as Sacred Scripture and the unwritten “stream” is known as Tradition.

    According to the Catechism itself (see the “Index of Citations” at the back of the book), the highest teaching authority for Catholic teaching is scripture; this is followed by the Creeds themselves; then comes the documents and decrees of the general councils (such as Nicaea, Trent, Vatican II); then the decrees of local councils. After that come the teachings of the popes, and then official ecclesiastical documents (such as the Catechism).

    Keeping this “prioritization” in mind can help us keep things in perspective.

    God bless,

    Deacon Bill

  39. I don’t know if Fr. Corapi is guilty or not and I’m not going to judge this thing one way or the other.

    What I do know is that a close friend of mine has been a member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity for over a decade and he has told me that according to their constitutions they can keep and manage the assets they had before making their promises of poverty. This is not the case with Fr. Corapi, who has made millions of dollars after his promises and who has kept most of this money.

    I also know that Fr. Corapi lives by himself in one of the most expensive places in Montana called Whitefish and that he drives an almost new BMW.

    We all need to stop following some of the priests whom we follow just because they preach beautifully, while disregarding the rest of the picture they themselves act out.

    Whether this accusation is true or not, Fr. Corapi has a lot to give account for, for what he does and for how he lives after he finishes preaching.

  40. Deacon Bill,

    Not t quibble but I believe the Church has two, co-equal sources of teaching authority, i.e., (i) sacred tradition and (ii) sacred scripture. I’ve never heard that scripture is any kind of pre-eminent place. That seems like a fairly protestant view a la Martin Luther.

    In the Second Vatican Council’s document on divine revelation, Dei Verbum (Latin: “The Word of God”), the relationship between Tradition and Scripture is explained: “Hence there exists a close connection and communication between sacred Tradition and sacred Scripture. For both of them, flowing from the same divine wellspring, in a certain way merge into a unity and tend toward the same end. For sacred Scripture is the word of God inasmuch as it is consigned to writing under the inspiration of the divine Spirit. To the successors of the apostles, sacred Tradition hands on in its full purity God’s word, which was entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

    “Thus, by the light of the Spirit of truth, these successors can in their preaching preserve this word of God faithfully, explain it, and make it more widely known. Consequently it is not from sacred Scripture alone that the Church draws her certainty about everything which has been revealed. Therefore both sacred Tradition and sacred Scripture are to be accepted and venerated with the same devotion and reverence.”

    This makes sense inasmuch that there was a Church and a pope before there was ever a new testament.

  41. Andrew, way “not to judge” with the the little poison dart about his alleged BMW. Lol. Human beings are scary.

  42. Being a public figure Fr. Corapi does not have the same protection against libel, slander, and defamation as would a private person. However, in a case involving maliciously unfounded intent to damage someone, I believe that the accuser can still be be held libel. If that turns out to the case I (if innocent) would attempt to sue her right into bankruptcy.

    Are their any civil lawyers out there that would educate me on this matter?

  43. Yes, with the money, fr. received from the settlement, he paid his attornies, built a new studio to broadcast tapes to us, built a house for himself to live in,paid his living expenses . As for the automobile, I have a bmw and I dye my hair. Fr. lost a lot of weight, tans, and feels good about himself. He is a person too. Don’t mis-judge him. Theresa

  44. The Catechism IS NOT the “sacred word of God.” Even what is contained in it is NOT all of the same level of teaching authority. This is something many do not understand; not everything in the catechism is as authoritative as other texts within it. Many thought this oversight would cause problems — and that there should be some indication, in the text itself, of different levels of teaching authority being employed. We can see what has happened when we see people treating it as the “word of God.” It isn’t. It isn’t meant to be. It is important, but, we must not confuse everything in it as being as important as other bits in it.

    And, even if Fr Corapi’s teachings are good (I find much of what he says to be off, but that’s me), this doesn’t make him good or holy. St Augustine, for example, talks about preachers who are thieves — they are sinners who use good material to try to pretend to be good themselves. This is something we must be conscious over — just because someone speaks good doesn’t mean they are good; many know how to use the good for money and attention. Again, this is not to say it is the case with Fr Corapi, but on the other hand, it points out the argument “he says good things” is not in itself indicative of anything about his own character.

    We must be careful and not get caught into a cult of personality. There is much which I see going on now that reminds me of the talk around Marcel — with similar kinds of responses to try to say the complaints against him must be false. Again, I am not saying what Fr Corapi is accused is true. On the other hand, I think one can say his response to his bishop, his treatment of prudence, and his attempt to use his “secular media” are problematic.

  45. What a load of bull. As Klaire points out, this “cult of personality” lecture seems to be one of the “talking points” of the anti-Corapi camp and it is tiresome at this point and has been rebutted a hundred times already.

  46. Jeff

    The whole “he has led all kinds of people” response is a cult of personality. It is the kind of response many false locutions use to justify themselves — even when condemned by the Church. The fact that people can’t even see the Church’s need for prudence and immediately judge the bishop says much. Perhaps, just perhaps, there is indeed a cult of personality. Again, this is getting quite like all the debates around Marcel. Why?

    The fact that Fr Corapi is acting imprudently is a concern. Whether or not he is guilty of the accusations, his response to his bishop, and the response of people to his bishop, is worthy of criticism. The “innocent until proven guilty” response is true — in regards to law, but, on the other hand, when someone has an accusation against them, prudence also says action is taken. Administrative leave is NOT canonically the same thing as guilt, and to act like it is, is problematic as well.

    Saints, many of them, have had false accusations against them. Their response was not to come out strong against those looking into the accusations — they were rather “God’s will be done.” ” This is due to my own sins” etc. Some would even go as far as to act as if guilty– look, for example, to St Gerard Majella.

  47. Well as I said before, there have been many accusations and scandals involving other religious and religious orders, but only the situation with Corapi generated instantaneous blog articles here and elsewhere. They possessed a kind of “read between the lines” tone suggesting he might be guilty and people who have been touched by his books and speeches understandably responded in his defense.

    Regarding the two statements, Father Corapi’s to me at least seemed quite docile while fairly defending his own reputation, which has a right to do under moral and Church law I believe. I would rather not have seen the second one posted on his site, but, again, it amazes me that everyone is rushing to condemn his alleged failure to act like Padre Pio, when many saints vigorously defended themselves against false accusations. And I’m not saying Fr. Corapi is a saint. I’m just saying that at every turn the worst inference is drawn against him by people who should know better, who should be empathetic to the destruction of a reputation. How would you or I react if our life was being dissected all over the internet by bloggers we had never met?

    We also know now that the accuser is herself accused of a physical assault and a vow to “destroy” Father Corapi. But this is all passed over in silence while fire continues to be trained on Father Corapi.

    Prayers for all involved is of course the best answer, but I don’t quite accept yet that Father Corapi has no right to speak in his own defense. You could also say that there was a “cult of personality” around JP II and I in fact heard more than a few priests say just that. But would anyone deny that he led many people to Christ? Let’s leave the cult of personality argument to people like David Koresh and Jim Jones where it belongs.

  48. No, he is not the only one to get instant responses, but we must also remember, he is the one pushing for responses by going public and making accusations against ecclesial authorities. And you have many people asking for “support” for him without any reason why people should do so, other than, they like him.

    “We also know now that the accuser is herself accused of a physical assault and a vow to ‘destroy’ Father Corapi.” We only know that through a source which is either Corapi himself or the organization seeking to defend him at all costs. So, she is accused, but often those who commit sexual assaults DO accuse their victims, so the fact that she is now accused only helps the M.O. and hurts the situation even more. Even if this were the case, it would have been better NOT to go public about it until the investigation has been done– only because it does help HER case against him, that we now see retaliation. If this was also the case, I would hope he has evidence, and perhaps, had reported it to the authorities when it happened — if that is the case, it would help him quite a bit, but if he didn’t, it will make it sound like (whether or not true) it is just being made up as a defense, since this is what often happens. Again, it would have been best for him to follow through with the example of saints, but again, the saints were not looking out for financial interests.

    It is not an issue of “don’t speak out for your defense,” but how one does it. The way he is doing it makes him appear guilty — whether or not he is — and that is the problem. He is the one who turned this into a public spectacle, he is the one who is saying he is being treated as if guilty (which is not the case, since canon law treats guilt quite harshly, and it is not mere administrative leave).

    Come on, look to situations outside of this case. Look, for example, what happens with police accused of brutality. What happens? Administrative leave. This is what happens across the board. It is prudential.

  49. Priests are called to live poverty which is part of loving the Lord with an undivided heart, a heart that is not dissipated by a love of material goods, a detachment demanded by the vocation of a priest (PDV. 22) The Directory n.67 notes that the priest is called to follow Christ’s example, he who became poor for our sakes. It says that the priest’s “inheritance is the Lord”. It concludes by citing Canon Law and Vatican II’s Presbyterorum Ordinis, saying that the priest, “although not having assumed poverty as a public promise, must lead a simple life and avoid anything which could have an air of vanity (CIC 282.1), voluntarily embracing poverty to follow Christ more closely (PO n.17d). In all aspects (living quarters, means of transportation, vacations, etc.), the priest must eliminate any kind of affectation and luxury (PO n.17e)”

    My question is this: Can a priest/religious obtain permission to be exempted from these norms?

  50. Like I’ve said before–IF the accusations are false–and even IF proven false in an undeniable way–Father Corapi’s reputation is gone, kaput, out the window in the eyes of many people who only give lip service to “Innocent until proven guilty.” And even many of those who have stood by him and feel vindicated if he is vindicated will have a subconscious itch that will undermine their trust.
    Yet the issue of false accusations is rarely or barely covered in the news media. And if the Church even tries to defend itself from false accusations, the media and SNAP attitude is: “How dare you! How cruel to the real victims”–and that gets the coverage. It is interesting how the kindegarten abuse scandals of a number of years ago have been ignored as reasonable background through these latest abuse scandals. Many accusations then were determined to have been caused by phony “repressed memories” and the kindegarten furor disappeared. I haven’t seen any follow up looking into the shattered lives of the falsely accused after months and months of the media portraying the falsely accused in that earlier scandal as uniquely evil— until they were vindicated.
    It was during the kindegarten furor that the teacher in my public high school was falsely accused and had his life totally destroyed.

  51. John …

    If and when the accusations against Fr. Corapi are proven to be false, and his name is cleared, I have no doubt he will be waging a new crusade against the kind of injustices you describe.

    You are correct: the issue of false accusations has gone largely unreported. I’ve tried myself to get innocent priests to come forward and describe their ordeals on television. No one will do it. They’d prefer to just turn the page and move on.

    Maybe Fr. Corapi, if he’s cleared, will use his considerable pulpit — and sizable megaphone — to raise awareness about this issue.



    It is a cause for great joy that the Latin typical edition of THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is being published. It is approved and promulgated by me in this Apostolic Letter and thus becomes the definitive text of the aforementioned Catechism.

    This edition was prepared by an Interdicasterial Commission which I appointed for this purpose in 1993. Presided over by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, this Commission worked diligently to fulfill the mandate it received.

    … confirms its purpose of being presented as a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life.

    The Church now has at her disposal this new, authoritative exposition of the one and perennial apostolic faith, and it will serve as a “valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion” and as a “sure norm for teaching the faith,” as well as a “sure and authentic reference text” for preparing local catechisms (cf. Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum, no. 4).

    Catechesis will find in this genuine, systematic presentation of the faith and of Catholic doctrine a totally reliable way to present, with renewed fervor, each and every part of the Christian message to the people of our time.

    Through the harmonious and complementary efforts of all the ranks of the People of God, may this Catechism be known and shared by everyone, so that the unity in faith whose supreme model and origin is found in the Unity of the Trinity may be strengthened and extended to the ends of the earth.



    THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH was written by the authentic Church Magisterium. It faithfully and systematically presents the teachings of both Sacred Scripture and the living Tradition in the Church. This book IS the TRUTH because, by apostilic succession, its source is Christ — the ultimate TRUTH.

    Father Caropi, uniquely and effectively, has relayed the TRUTH to millions of people.

    Father Caropi (sinful or not) is really irrelevant in this discussion. Many people do not want to face the TRUTH. WHY???


    28 In many ways, throughout history down to the present day, men have given expression to their quest for God in their religious beliefs and behavior: in their prayers, sacrifices, rituals, meditations, and so forth. These forms of religious expression, despite the ambiguities they often bring with them, are so universal that one may well call man a religious being.

    29 But this “intimate and vital bond of man to God” can be forgotten, overlooked, or even explicitly rejected by man. Such attitudes can have different causes: revolt against evil in the world; religious ignorance or indifference; the cares and riches of this world; the scandal of bad example on the part of believers; currents of thought hostile to religion; finally, that attitude of sinful man which makes him hide from God out of fear and flee his call.

  53. I am disappointed that Fr. Corapi would put such a self-serving statement on his website and by his vice president!
    Even if the sexual and drug allegations are judged unprovable, his handling of this matter is reason enough to stop listening to this forceful preacher.

  54. Deacon Greg’s last comment makes my point, i.e., “If and when the accusations against Fr. Corapi are proven to be false, and his name is cleared…”

    This is the whole point of why the Dallas Charter is unfair as it pertains to this situation. There is an immediate penalty for the priest without any proof of the charges. This has no parallel in the civil justice system in our country. There is also no minor involved her molested by a homosexual priest. These are two adults. The claim that Corapi wrote the Santa Cruz statement is another case of imputing the worst to him, instead of accepting that the author wrote it himself in good faith.

    I can’t help but see an issue of feminism at play at this point also. The accuser in this case is an adult woman, and the accused a man. And we all know that through the prism of many radical liberals in the Church and elsewhere: women good, men bad.

  55. Henry,

    Were the same situation to befall you, I doubt that you would imitate my patron saint, Gerard Majella. I also doubt that you would be quiet and say that God wills lies about your good name be told.

    If Father Corapi is innocent, he is duty-bound to strenuously fight to clear his good name. I simply cannot fathom how the excesses of the Dallas charter are being defended here and elsewhere with dewey-eyed Catholics expecting a lesser standard in the Church than they expect for themselves in secular society. This is sick and disgusting.

    Bearing false witness against others is one of the major offenses in the Ten Commandments. Bishops are morally obligated to adjudicate claims in a manner that does minimal, of any damage at all to the falsely accused. That they don’t makes them as morally culpable in the destruction of innocents as the accusers themselves.

    For what it’s worth, Corapi’s response is the healthier response. There was simply no reason to suspend him, as no crimes of rape or coercion were alleged.

    Be honest Henry. Would you respond more like Gerard Majella or John Corapi?

  56. Father Corapi, according to property tax records, owns numerous real estate properties in addition to Santa Cruz Media Inc., including a $70,000 dock at Eagle Bend Yacht Harbor, a large 10 acre home, several Tamarack Center Condos. Definitely, no vow of poverty there.


    Enter ‘corapi’ to get the list.

  57. Good for him. Do we remember the parable of the talents? and as Jesuit once said to me, if you have the talent to become a millionaire, it’s a sin not to.

  58. S.O.L.T.’s statement was “We have received an allegation that Father Corapi has behaved in a manner unbecoming of a priest and are duty-bound to conduct an investigation in this accusation.” At the moment, Father’s website says “Perpetually professed priest in good standing with the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, a society of apostolic life of the diocesan rite with headquarters in Robstown, Texas.”

    I’d like to have S.O.L.T. clarify whether or not Father Corapi was in good standing with them even prior to the past couple of weeks. He seems to have separated himself from the community for a lengthy period of year. This doesn’t seem to square with Canon 745 governing professed members of Societies of Apostolic Life. I’m not sure that the Society could have even provided Father with any faculties under the circumstances, and the local ordinary where he resides has not. So has Father simply continued his for-profit ministry without any priestly faculties without disclosing his actual standing?

  59. Jeff …

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” — Matthew 19:24

    Dcn. G.

  60. Adele:

    It seems to be an old notice of the event that has been canceled by the diocese. You should erase that particular bad mark.

  61. Re the eye of the needle, of course, but that needs to be squared with the Parable of the Talents. Jesus was not saying that wealth was bad in itself, he was saying it is morally neutral. It is when we become attached to it, value it above the things of the next life like Ebeneezer Scrooge, that it becomes a millstone.

    To slam Father Corapi because his talents and work have generated wealth (and I’m not saying Deacon Greg is doing that at all; others seem to be) is really nothing more than envy. Being a Christian does not require us to live in squalor or seek some illusory communist paradise.

  62. The Catholic Church says that priests are supposed to live a simple lifestyle. They are to avoid any semblance of vanity or luxury. They are to voluntarily embrace poverty in order to follow Christ more closely even if they didn’t make a vow of poverty. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  63. You have no idea how Father Corapi lives or what he does with his earnings. It is uncharitable in the extreme to paint him with that brush. You make it sound as though he is lying around by a pool at a 5 star hotel. Give me a break.

  64. Being non-communist does not mean priests are to go to the excess of selling themselves out for money. St Anthony of Padua wrote considerably against such clerics — the fact that Fr Corapi seemed to look at using his ministry for money IS a problem. It is not envy to speak out in this fashion — it is not communist to speak out in this fashion — it is following Scripture and the Doctors of the Church. Be careful.

  65. Deacon Greg,

    This is getting really, really ugly. Now we’ll have all manner of disclosures about Corapi’s finances leading to him being portrayed as some evangelical nut-job televangelist in the style of Jimmy and Tammy Fay Baker. Do we know what he does with the money? How much does he support his community or the poor?

    You quote one verse in scripture, but neglect Paul who said that if a man preaches the Gospel well to pay him twice what we would have.

    This is exactly the sort of damage the excesses of the Dallas protocols lead to. Again, he may well be guilty as sin, but it matters how we arrive at that determination.

    This isn’t it.

  66. Dcn. Greg, for the sake of souls taking cheap shots at a priest, I highly hope you consider closing or removing this thread. Thanks!

    A Bit of Wisdom From the Pieta Book:



    “Jesus, Mary, I love You, Save Souls.”

    Our Lord’s revelations to Mutter Vogel

    “One should NEVER attack a priest, even when he’s in error, rather one should pray and do penance that I’ll grant him My grace again. He alone fully represents Me, even when he doesn’t live after My example!” (page 29, Mutter Vogel’s Worldwide Love, St. Grignion Publishing House, Altoting, South Germany (29. 6. 1929)).

    When a Priest falls we should extend him a helping hand THROUGH PRAYER AND NOT THROUGH ATTACKS! “I myself will be his judge, NO ONE BUT I!” “Whoever voices judgment over a priest has voiced it over Me; child, never let a Priest be attacked, take up his defense.” (Feast of Christ the King 1937) “Child, Never judge your confessor, rather pray much for him and offer every Thursday, through the hands of My blessed Mother, Holy Communion (for Him) (18.6. 1939)&nsp; “Never again accept an out-of-the-way word about a Priest, and speak no unkind word (about them) EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE! Every Priest is My Vicar and My heart will be sickened and insulted because of it! If you hear a judgment (against a Priest) pray a Hail Mary.” (28. 6. 1939)

    “If you see a Priest who celebrates the Holy Mass unworthily then say nothing about him, rather tell it to Me alone! I stand beside him on the altar!” “Oh pray much for My priests, that they’ll love purity above all, that they’ll celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with pure hands and heart. Certainly the Holy Sacrifice is one and the same even when it is celebrated by an unworthy priest, but the graces called down upon the people is not the same!” (28. 2. 1938)

    Mary. Queen of the Clergy, pray for them.

  67. Poor people of America ! Cast your so deeply embedded naivete aside !

    Though your collective naivete is pitiable, it borders on folly, and thus unpardonable.

    The posts on this and other sites reporting this story are truly frightening. They go the very heart of what is wrong with the church in America. Any independent observer, upon reading the comments here, or upon visiting the man’s website, will immediately be struck by the combination of: 1. an unhealthy cult of the individual the man has cultivated amongst his naive followers, combined with 2. naked self-promotion, buttressed by the powerful marketing machinery behind the Corapi “brand” (i.e. Santa Cruz media) 3. A murky “credibility” which has been established by his “touching” story of personal “conversion”.
    How so many of you fail to see the evident and deeply-rooted character flaws of the man, how you blindly place so much trust in “servants of God” who so evidently use the gospel as a vehicle for personal advancement and enrichment is incomprehensible. One needs but visit the man’s website, look at his videos and “products” to see that he is a shameless self-promoter, a peddler of cheap and poor taste spiritual wares, all designed for vainglorious and economic puposes, though wrapped in a cute little spiritual wrapper, which sadly, albeit predictably, the vast majority of Americans fail to see through. One need only watch his videos to shudder at the strange voice, the brazen self-confidence, the evident lack of prayer life and absence of holiness that are so immediately apparent. How so many of you fail to see this is beyond me.

    People, I make an appeal to you: read post 317, on the original Corapi breaking story on this blog, by a certain Bobbi Ruffato, Vice President of Santa Cruz Media, Fr Corapi’s marketing engine, and see therein the number of red flags, which should alarm you. Do not be like the SEC which was blind to all the red flags surrounding Madoff ! Mr Ruffato writes:

    1. “We are a secular corporation and not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way. As such, we are not under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church.” FASCINATING ! Let’s pick this statement apart, dear people. So the marketing engine of a Roman Catholic priest’s cheap spiritual wares is a “secular corporation” which is not affiliated with the Catholic Church in any way? Since when has the Church’s message, her truth and her ministry been funnelled through “secular corporations”? People, does that not strike you as odd? Does it not equally strike you as odd that the Vice President of this “secular corporation” deems it within his remit to criticise the procedures of the church – as the corporation is not deemed to be an organ of the church – and mix into a letter of legalese some vague statements which have spiritual connotations, like signing off “yours sincerely in Christ”, even though Santa Cruz Media has no affiliation with the Catholic Church? Finally, are you people not alarmed by the fact that the marketing engine of this “priest” claims it does not come “under the jurisdiction of any bishop or other official in the Catholic Church”? Is it not deeply frightening that the way a “priest” should “evangelise” his people is through the medium of a “secular organisation” which claims to be free of any ecclesiastical authority, in other words, giving the charlatan total free reign?
    Poor people of America ! When will you understand that ANY priest who draws attention to himself (Fr Corapi being a prime example), and who makes a cult figure of himself, is, in all likelihood, a fraud, a charlatan, and an instrument of Satan?

    Open your eyes America ! Remember Marcial Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ saga. Maciel was only able to achieve what he did because of his legions – no pun intended – of blind followers, who sought the stardom of their cult figure before they sought an inner life guided by the Holy Spirit.
    Stop praying for the accuser to repent, as the likelihood of her accusations being real is nigh on 100% – pray rather for yourselves and for those whose faith will be profoundly if not irreparably shaken when these allegations are very likely to be proven true, because, like Dorothy (post 319), who was “saved” by Fr Corapi (as opposed to through Christ’s grace), they put their faith in their cult figure, rather than in Jesus…Dear people, for all the “due process” which you think the man has been denied, you do not even consider the remote possibility that very few people, in their right mind, want to go through the type of process that accompanies the gravity of these kinds of accusations. If Mr Ruffato deems it fair to call these allegations “malicious” in his post – though he has no right to do so unless he possesses proof the accuser is lying – which he inevitably is not in a position to do, then it is equally fair to bring some balance back to the discussion.

    Oh, and Mr Ruffato, I suggest you start looking for another job, as Santa Cruz Media is not likely to be around for long…If it were a listed company, I think short-selling it would not be a bad idea, for when the man is unmasked, the whole artifice will collapse, rather like the LLC (Legionaries of Christ, Incorporated)

  68. There is also no minor involved her[e] molested by a homosexual priest.

    So, jeff, you think that guilty-until-proven-innocent witch hunts are perfectly ok when conducted against homosexual priests? Or is it that you think that an adult man raping a minor is hunky-dory-a-ok as long as the minor is a girl?

  69. Why shouldn’t the details of Fr. Corapi’s finances be discussed? Doesn’t the latest statement by Santa Cruz Media address that very issue?

  70. This link below found on Catholic Answers site, is an interesting article debunking (don’t want to give it’s name) the lies by the unnamed found on other blog sites about this issue..


    Excerpt from this article – Fr. Corapi’s 60 minute interview:

    “But it wasn’t a doctor or a nurse who finally did something about what was going on at Redding Medical Center. It was a priest, Father John Corapi.

    Last June, after Moon informed Corapi that he had a fatal heart condition and needed bypass surgery, he went to a lawyer to prepare a will. He went to confession and then he went to another hospital where he had close friends for the surgery.

    “The cardiologist said, ‘Excuse me, but what are we bypassing? You’re bypassing something when you do a bypass surgery,’” recalls Corapi. “He said, ‘I don’t see anything.’”

    After a series of tests showed that his heart was normal, Corapi called a meeting with Tenet’s administrators at Redding Medical Center. He asked them to investigate the case and said “there is something that’s not quite right.” But the hospital refused. Instead, they told Corapi that he was in a life-threatening situation and that they concurred with Moon’s recommendations.

    Tenet’s administrators also assured him that another anonymous cardiologist had also confirmed Moon’s opinion. Meanwhile, Corapi consulted seven other cardiac specialists, who agreed his heart was healthy.

    He then called the Redding Medical Center one last time. “It just sticks out in my memory,” says Corapi. “Hal Chilton, the CEO, said over the phone, ‘We like our position. Seek counsel if you like.’”

    Father Corapi did more than seek counsel. He called the FBI, who eventually sent more than 40 agents to raid Redding Medical Center, Moon’s office and the office of the hospital’s director of cardiac surgery. They confiscated thousands of files, including those of at least 167 patients who died after surgery ordered by Moon”


    I’m behind Fr. Corapi. It’s one thing to spuriously throw out sex but when she threw in the drugs, knowing his past, flags went up. Didn’t need to read Santa Cruz’s latest (although grateful for it) update to come to that conclusion.

    Prayers for her too for the great deceiver is working thru her as well. Ruining her life, if not already. Why was she let go? Yes many prayers for her too. Father is protected by Our Lady. I do get some comfort from that. Still unsettling nonetheless.

    I visualize a Corapi / accuser meeting like Pope JPII did with is assailant.

  71. The vast majority of ALL Catholics know very little about the teachings of the Church. We think we do, but we don’t.

    Pope John Paul II declared — The CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH is a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life. The CATECHISM is the new, authoritative exposition of the one and perennial apostolic faith, and it will serve as a “valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion” and as a “sure norm for teaching the faith”.

    Father Corapi is an effective and unique messenger of “THE CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH”. He has exposed the Catholic Church to millions of Catholics. Look what he gets in return! I think Christ is proud of Father Caropi.

    Anyway, I have a challenge: Study the CATECHISM for several years. Get yourself a television show. And tell the world about the true Catholic faith. I will totally support you, even if you do not believe what you preach and you make billions of dollars.

  72. Let us not forget this thread started, not as an attack but simply the posting of a so called secular media company response to the administrative leave of Father Corapi. This “secular company ” made clear it was not under the jurisdiction of the Church. it then strangely went beyond just offering its support for Father Corapi and accused bishops of illicit actions in this case and described the initial accusation as the unsubstantiated rant of a former employee. It was certainly implying an independent verification of Father Corapi’s innocence.

    As you and others have shown as this thread as developed, Father Corapi is the primary officer and listed as the legal agent of the Santa Cruz Media company. This not an attack or the work of the devil, it is simply a fact. However this fact, makes many discount and question the independence and source of this latest post.

    Keep up the good work Greg. Even the Vhurch, perhaps especially the Church still needs good, honest journalism from loyal and talented believers.

  73. As I wrote earlier Jeff, IMO, the biggest take home msg. of the Corapi story is the arrogance of the Catholic blogosphere, not only clueless to where the majority of the flock is being fed, but shockingly disrespectful to the work of a tireless Catholic Priest, even allowing cheap shots of personal information to be presented with more clueless assumptions (FYI, before Father Corapi became a priest, he was an accountant at a Las Vegas Casino. Chances are he has his fianancials set up or connected with an old cohort he used to work with. As well NV is a tax free state and many people incorporate there for that reason).

    I certainly don’t mean any personal disprect to any of the bloggers, only that if anyone has been “scandalized” over this, it should be the readers of the Catholic blogs.

    With few exceptions, you are beyond disappointment, and I for one have been deeply scandalized by the whoring and disprespect you have shown to a priest who has catechized more American Catholics than any living Catholic priest in America. Prove me wrong.

    God works in interesting ways, and I for one will always remember this time as when the “reality” hit regarding “the bloggers for whom we .supported, and followed on a regular basis.” Like all humans, you too came crashing down, leaving the feeling of bamboozled while you live in your own little dogmatic world, gloating at each others latest “must reads.”

    Frankly, I’ve read enough; time for prayer, for all. God Bless.

  74. TCM, I’d laugh at how stupid that remark was but this subject has been exhausted.

    To Joe, I, at least, wrote nothing about the corporate structure of Santa Cruz or Father Corapi’s position in it. But you’re inaccurate to imply that Father Corapi is to blame for the endless, read between the lines blog articles on this “scandal.” No one forced at least 10 blog articles to be written on this topic; it is a free world. Bloggers chose to put this story front and center, over and over, without having all the facts. That is certainly their right, but let’s not pretend that the blogosphere has not fanned the flames of this story over and over.

    I repeat, the FBI believed Father Corapi, but not the catholic blogosphere. I won’t be surprised if they end up owing Father Corapi an engraved apology.

  75. Hey Jeff, maybe you can ask Fr. Corapi to clear up something.

    1) Is Father Corapi a ‘Green Beret’?
    2) Did Father Corapi serve in Vietnam?

    His military records state he never attended US Army special forces training. He spent his time in Germany as a clerk.

  76. Klaire, I most strenuously disagree. In my opinion, a significant cause of the scandals of the priesthood is a combination of two factors, which I call the “squeegee man problem” and the “chinese boy problem”

    When Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York, life in the city was, well, uncivil. The symbol was the ubiquitous “squeegee men” who would run out to cars stopped at red lights and wash the windows, except that it had devolved to them smearing the windows with a filthy rag and then you had to pay them a ransom to get them to squeegee it off. Giuliani sent the police after the squeegee men, and also arrested people for spitting, littering, etc. And the most amazing thing happened — the rates of serious crimes of murder, assault, robbery, burglary, etc. went down with the enforcement of laws against misdemeanors.

    In Asian societies, and particularly China, sons are more valuable than daughters, so there is already a certain tendency to let them be spoiled brats. With the one-child rule you have hundreds of millions of families with the one son who is also the only grandson to both sets of grandparents and the only great-grandson to 4 sets of great-grandparents. And there are a lot of little monster boys running about China coming out of this intersection between culture and circumstance.

    Having lived through the last 48 years of American Catholicism, I see the mass defections of priests starting after Humanae Vitae and continuing through the 70’s and 80’s as our single most important shared trauma. As our priests abandoned us in larger and larger numbers, we could see the upcoming demographic train wreck, and understood the necessity of supporting our priests. But in practice, “supporting” our priests worked out to be a lot more like putting up with any obnoxious behavior they happened to exhibit. So you have an appointment with your priest, and something comes up and he can’t make it, and there is no phone call, no message at the rectory office, not even an apologetic note taped to the locked rectory front door. Your pastor sees some piece of electronic equipment at the parish school and decides he wants it and helps himself without a word to anyone, and with no consideration that this was some vital part of some lesson involving students, teachers, volunteers, and might not even belong to the school but was borrowed. Or the pastor refuses communion to a teenager with downs syndrome because he confuses her with her great-uncle’s middle-aged non-Catholic sister-in-law who also has downs syndrome, and there is no apology to anyone of the hurt and confused family members. And more and more of our priests live alone, so there is no one to give them a hard time if they eat unhealthily, no one to notice if they don’t come home at night, no one to negotiate with over what to watch on TV, no one to be appalled if they do something appalling. Canon law & diocesan regulations may say that they have to have a parish council and parish finance committee, but nowhere do they say that the pastor has to give them any heed, or even that those groups have to meet.

    When I look at the priests who got themselves in trouble — not just the sexual abusers, but also the embezzlers, the alcoholics, the lazy shirkers, the rude, the incompetent — I wonder whether we could have done anything differently that would have helped them to avoid their fall. As a parent, I know that raising my child to be an obnoxious brat doesn’t do my kid any favors. How much did allowing our priests to act like spoiled children contribute to the failures of some of the weak ones?

  77. Jeff,
    Thanks for your posts here….Most of the rest of you would have Jesus arrested and scurged and put to death again if you had a chance….Each one of these ridiculous posts here are hateful and make no sense. You are flogging Father Corapi at the pillar with your words……Most of the worst posts are by people that have never even bothered to hear him speak. Go listed to his work. His work on the Catechism is 58 hours of lectures. They are amazing and are the Truth.

  78. All these attacks from all different angles. Most of you need to go get a couselor. Spiritual warfare is being thrown at our priests….You can keep attacking and I will keep praying for them. Are we supposed to be impressed with your originality and method of attack against this priest? Do you just hate the Church that Jesus started? Do you know anything about Father Corapi and his work or did you just come in this blog to “Pile On”?

  79. Just two comments… I think that we need to keep everything in perspective. First of all it is simply an accusation, which is unproven and hence precautions are taken in the modern Church to avoid any chance of further scandal…much of the current thinking in this regards is that it is better to error on the side of caution just in case.

    Secondly, if it ends up that Fr. Corapi IS guilty of sinning, then that just makes him human. Everyone sins, and some sins are simply more visible than other sins. The fact that someone is a sinner does not mean that they cannot teach Catholicism effectively. Many great saints struggled with “big sins” and yet were effective role models for others. Being a saint does not mean that one does not sin, rather it means that one sins and repents time and time again.

    The fact that people are scandalized by the possibility of a priest sinning is surprising, given that out of the 12 apostles whom Jesus handpicked, all of them ran away when the time came for them to prove their faith at the Crucifixion and one of them even went so far as to betray Jesus for money! Priests and brothers such as myself are simply human, granted, we need to try very hard to avoid sinning especially scandalously at all costs, but the fact is, we are human and weak and it will happen. I want to take this opportunity to ask for prayers as I finish theological studies towards ordination.

    Br. Pawel

  80. George, Father Corapi never claimed to serve in Vietnam or be a Green Beret. Why don’t you read the Wikipedia article on his background to clear up your misunderstandings. He was in the army and was injured during special forces training, which medically disqualified him from serving in Vietnam. The rest of his class was killed in Vietnam.

  81. Up to this point, I’ve stayed out of this specific blog-stream because — as I explained to Deacon Greg in an off-blog e-mail — “I don’t have a dog in this fight.”

    But there is something I need to explain to all of you arguing about Fr. Corapi’s claims of military service.

    I have been around military folk since the mid 1960’s; I married the daughter of an Army Major; have had a son and two son-in-laws in uniform (one who is getting ready for his third deployment in Western Asia). I am also a current volunteer and I serve on the largest military base in our area of the country. I can often “decode” military decorations on sight

    Genuine “decorated” military combat veterans NEVER talk about their own experiences — PERIOD! — even to their own families. Thus, if you do hear someone talking about his combat actions in a bar (or even in a church), dismiss that individual’s credibility immediately.

    Perhaps Deacon Bill — a retired Navy Officer who often posts comments on this blog — can chime in here as well.

  82. Father corapi has repeatedly stated that he was a ‘nobody’ in the army during vietnam working in a ‘miserable desk job’ in germany due to his injury during special forces training. this is turning into a high tech lynching, get corapi by any means necessary. shameful.

  83. Jeff, here is more proof that Fr. Corapi claimed he was a Green Beret DIRECTLY from the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity’s own webpage in 2003.

    Did the Dioceses conspire in 2003 to high tech lynch Corapi?

    I can provide many more from official Catholic sources which makes these claims if you wish.

    “Prior to ordination, Fr. John Corapi, Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), was a high school football star, blackbelt in Karate, Green Beret soldier, CPA, Las Vegas casino auditor, multimillionaire real estate businessman with a yacht, Ferrari, and home on the ocean. He eventually became a cocaine addict…destitute, homeless, and wandering the streets in Los Angeles.”

  84. Jeff,

    Here is another reference to Fr. Corapi serving in Vietnam and being a Green Beret by the Holy Family Roman Catholic Church of Las Vegas, Nevada. Hmmm.. Where we they get that idea?

    Most anyone visiting this web site is somewhat familiar with John Corapi’s story, so briefly,
    —Father John Corapi is a priest and a religious, a perpetually professed member of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity;
    —Born in Hudson, New York, in 1948;
    Green Beret Special Forces during the Viet Nam war;
    —Millionaire in Las Vegas……..multi-millionaire in Hollywood………..friend of the stars, mansion on the beach, yacht, Ferrari…..

  85. Jeff:

    You don’t find it odd that in this article – – that Thomas K. Concert refers to himself as an investigative journalist and fellow S.O.L.T. member and in the article dated 8/28/2010 says:
    “Maybe more out of military respect than spiritual duty, I was fascinated by these two priests in front of me during Mass because I knew their military backgrounds. Fr. Corapi was a Viet Nam-era gung-ho Special Forces warrior hell-bent as he says of ‘kicking some serious enemy butt.’
    Fr. Flanagan was a World War II active duty member of the elite fighting machine called the Navy ‘Seals.’ I always imagined Fr. Jim, who was an All-American football player at Notre Dame, swimming under water behind enemy lines with camouflaged greasepaint across his Irish face and a bayonet clenched between his teeth. For me, I was a dead shot in the army and loved it. So, here were the three of us, all trained killers in the past…”

    You can of course pick this apart by saying that is says “Viet Nam-era”, not that he was in Viet-Nam. That he is called a “Special Forces warrior” because that is what he was trained for, not that he was an actual member. That “Seals” is in quotes since there was not yet a Navy Seals unit during WWII. That “All-American football player” did not mean that Fr. Flanagan was actually named to an All-American team. That it was said that the author “always imagined” Fr. Jim doing these deeds, not that it is being claimed that he actually did. Of course this story is written by someone else, not Father Corapi.

    I’ve heard Father Corapi refer to Father Flanagan in the same way, as a Navy Seal and All-American football player. Where that got started and who is at fault I don’t know, but it seems odd that it continues so recently.

  86. I have been interviewed by the media. When the piece came out. They had it wrong.

    I’ve submitted letters to the editor. When published . . . let’s just say you’re lucky if they put your ‘feelings’ in the letter. Editing for space alters ones thoughts.

    As for “Green Beret soldier”? Ya think maybe they edited Fr. C’s bios for space using secular terms?

    And this one- “During the Vietnam War he thought he could be somebody by being patriotic so he enlisted in the army and became a Green Beret”. This confirms Fr. Corapi said what he supposedly said George. These quotes you are putting out there are what someone else has edited to say George. What’s that?

    Fr. Corapi has talk about his time in service. It’s one thing to be enlisted in the GB then being side tracked with an injury. All anyone hears is Green Beret.

    This site debunks the lies:

    As for nobody talks about their military service. To some degree that is true. But, I’m not a Fr. Corapi sharing my powerful story either.

  87. PMA,

    According to Fr. Corpai’s military records which were obtained by the POWNetwork’s freedom of information request, there is no record that Corapi ever attended any special forces training, nor was ever in Panama, nor Vietnam, nor Airborne training which is a basic requirement for Green Berets.

    The military only documents that he had Admin Clerk training and served in Germany.

    Here is a MP3 where Fr. Corapi, in his own voice, claims he had Green Beret training. Maybe that’s where he got his closet Uzi training to protect his girlfriend.

    Corapi claims he hid in a closet with an Uzi machine gun.

  88. I served as the chair of my local Methodist church’s pastor-parish relations committee for a number of years and consequently received training on the United Methodist Church’s policies on such matters. Placing a Methodist minister on administrative leave as soon as such allegations are received — at the outset of an internal investigation, before the veracity of the allegations is determined — is par for the course. And it makes no difference whether the alleged victim is a child or an adult, or if there is NO victim of the alleged misconduct, e.g., using drugs in the privacy of the parsonage. So the action taken here is no surprise to me. Like it or not, it’s the prudent course, from S.A.L.T.’s perspective, to follow.

    Jeff, it’s simply not true that “this has no parallel in the civil justice system in our country”, if by that you mean (as I think) that Father Corapi would not be suspended were he a secular employee. Administrative leave (with pay while the internal investigation was pending) in these kinds of situations was the policy of my former employer, a government agency.

    As a lawyer, I can tell you that it’s a mistake to assume that the accuser must be lying because she has not yet filed a civil lawsuit against Father Corapi and Father Corapi has not been arrested [Bobbi Ruffatto of Santa Cruz Media, LLC, doesn’t appear to have called the police herself after being assaulted by the woman]. Similarly, one should not assume that Father Corapi could not have possibly engaged in the misconduct alleged. Even godly men and women can act recklessly, in ways that surprise — and sometimes appall — us.

    But I also wholeheartedly agree we shouldn’t leap to the conclusion that Father Corapi did indeed engage in sexual exploits, used drugs? We have no basis on which to assess the veracity of the claims.

    I do think it was a bonehead move for Bobbi Ruffatto to post that particular message on It’s obvious that she did not first confer with a savvy attorney or PR person, or else she ignored the sage counsel such a professional would have offered. And because (a) it is posted on Father Corapi’s web platform and (b) it’s still there & he has not disavowed it, I see nothing improper/unfair about deeming him responsible for its contents.

    I join everyone else who’s praying for all concerned.


  89. #100

    FYI, Don’t expect “freedom of speech” over at Bill’s site so I will repost my comment here:

    To Bill:


    So Bill, before you commit more Catholic Blog scandal, consider this:

    We were starved for Truth and Father Corapi fed us Truth. It’s that simple. Regardless if he is guilty to innocent, he fed us the Truth of Jesus Christ, period!

    Now go mind your own buisness, and consider stop being a shill for corrput lawyers making false accusations against innocent Catholic Priests.

  90. Klaire, you comments about never criticizing a priest are quite interesting. I had a priest in high school who felt that he should never be criticized. He referred to himself as “the perfect one.” Over ten years ago this man disappeared. It turn out he was sent to a center for troubled priests far away from our state, because he was a predator. Your statement are important because I think this is the way many priests and bishops thought. This is why they protected each other. That is why so many predator priests were sent from parish to parish and people were not warned about them. Many of our children were sacrificed to protect the reputations of priests. Never attack a priest? Never speak ill of a priest? This kind of thinking lead to a lot of harm for a lot of people. Most people don’t buy this line of thinking anymore.

    In regard to Father Corapi. I hope that he is innocent but still one wonders what he did to the person who is accusing him. Would any person treated with respect and consideration go after a person like this? We don’t know the whole story here. It is troubling though that Father Corapi seems to have little humility and a big ego. He does not seem like a person that anyone would like to cross. People need to remember that we worship God and should not form a “cult of personality” around priests or other church leaders.

  91. I have always loved Fr. John’s preaching; but researching these allegations I came across pictures of how he has altered his appearance and frankly I was shocked….He now looks like some new age guru (RenewAmerica)….it’s hard enough to reach the secular world with the TRUTHS that Fr. Corapi speaks of…It’s more easily dismissed when it’s coming from behind hair dye, spray tans and botox! This really bothers me; all I keep thinking is pride, pride, pride. I will wait and hope and pray that these allegations are false, but I am still greatly shaken.

  92. The measure of a man is his fruits. Our loving Father uses whom HE pleases to accomplish HIS work. Father John, like my self, wonders why HE would pick some one like me. HE also said they will attack you, and say all kinds of things, that have nothing to do with it. The particulars of his business, which we know nothing about, are not the subject here. Instead of making it sound like we know what we are talking about, when we don’t , lets ask what JESUS wants us to do . Do not judge, and you will not be judged. I think, as many have already said, and as we do in ProLife, pray for this young lady , and know that OUR BLessed LORD has allowed this to happen for a good reason. All I know is that it is GOD”S WORK , and we just get to help. Sometimes we get in the way. Watch what we say. We are at war,and we all know who the enemy is. IF you go after the shepherd, the sheep scatter. Father John must be doing alot of good, for the evil one to go to this much troulble, to try and ruin his reputation . GOD allows it you know, so we don’t forget WHO is really doing it. Look at poor Jobe. GOD BLESS US, and Mary Keep us. All things work out, they must. JMJ.

  93. @ Ronald

    Father John must be doing alot of good, for the evil one to go to this much troulble, to try and ruin his reputation

    What if the allegations are true and Father Corapi has been a hypocrite? Father Corapi is still a human and not above sin himself.

    I think his legion of followers are losing sight of the bigger picture which is Christ and their own salvation, not a man who models himself on Tony Robbins hawking books and tapes for his own profit.

    Perhaps Jesus is testing Father Corapi by targeting his weaknesses which he constantly lectures on.

  94. The idea that “by their fruits you will know them” has to be kept in context. That quote was used for YEARS so that Marcial could continue his sexual abuse of minors, his affairs and children he fathered, and his lavish life style……people just stayed in denial because “he seemed so holy” and “look at all the good fruits that come from his work.”

    a better quote is “God is not mocked, what you reap you will harvest.”

  95. Mareczku, there is a world of differnece between criminal activity and “talking about a priest because we don’t like the way he does things.” Any person, including a pope, should be brought to justice for any criminal activity, especailly harming innocent children. Sorry I can’t agree with you that the “cover up” from the Bishops was because of the reverence they had for priests, as that could only mean a total disrespect for children and truth, as the real reverence would have been to deal with truth. That said, . all priests, regardless of their behavior, need our prayers.

    And Mareczku, as for the 500th blogger to use this blogosphere “talking point” :

    People need to remember that we worship God and should not form a “cult of personality” around priests or other church leaders.

    Please, give it a rest, or at least change it to include bloggers as well as priests. So original, wow!

    Audree, who do you think you are fooling? Greatly shaken? How could that be when you don’t seem to have a clue about Father Corapi (just wondering how you can be “shaken” by a person you obviously don’t even know). If you did, you will know about the Vit D deficiency that almost killed him (hence his need for sunlight) and his recent two year illness and weight loss. And botox? Do you really feel good Audree throwing a lie out there like that? Do you have any idea of the consequences of destruction of anothers’ reputation? It can never be undone. You now own that one Audree.

    Again, Dcn. Greg, why do you keep this cesspool for priest bashing alive?

  96. I second that. enough is more than enough. if this were some Jesuit under attack I can guarantee you the comments would have been closed long ago.

  97. Disagree strongly.

    Deacon Greg has been more then fair and Father Corapi has hardly been undefended at this site (or at many other sites for that matter)

    Irrespective of the charges against him, Father Corapi, as CEO/ President/ Secretary/ Treasurer and legal agent ( not my opinion but the legal facts as posted here) for Santa Cruz Media fanned the blogging flames by posting on HIS WEBSITE a notice from the Santa Cruz Media “VP of Operations” charging the bishop of Corpus Christi with illicit action in his case. For a high profile priest who was placed on administrative leave to use a media front company he clearly controls to make such a charge against his ordinary is clearly news worth reporting and discussing.

    And if Father Corapi doesn’t want to be associated with this attack, he should remove the notice from his website and dissociate himself from the Santa Cruz Media post- which he clearly has not done to date.

  98. PS. I am quite certain if a prominent Jesuit was placed on administrative leave and published the same charge of illicit action against his provincial or a local bishop who moved to put him on leave – we would easily be looking at well over 100 comments in the blog world too.

  99. @Klaire vs. Audree

    You fail to make a distinction between someone who is familiar with Fr. Corapi, has maybe gone to a conference & heard him speak, or seen his Catechism series on EWTN as opposed to one of his true followers who are privy to all these details about his Vitamin D deficiency.

    It’s hard to imagine a context where a vitamin D deficiency would be relevant to the Teachings of Christ, even for a speaker such as Fr. Corapi who spends a great deal of time talking about himself.

    To the majority of people for whom Fr. Corapi is only one among many dynamic, inspiring teachers of the faith his dramatic change in apearance of dying his goatee, tan & shaving his head seems vain.

    I would think a true friend would have told him as much. I personally found his gray hair & beard gave him a look of a well groomed person not overly concerned with his appearance.

  100. Did you ever sign a contract that you barely read? Did you ever play a game in which you did not really know the rules?

    The majority of Catholics are in this predicament. We really do not KNOW most of the Church’s teachings. Sadly, this is so easy to prove! As a result, there are a myriad of “Catholic” religions; many are at odds with each other.

    Pope John Paul II and the current Magisterium constantly beg Catholics to read and study the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. It is the Church’s rule book. In many ways, it IS the Church.

    Father Caropi also begs Catholics the read the CATECHISM. He has been more effective in presenting its teachings than any other man alive. He has brought the TRUTH to millions of Catholics. (For various reasons, many people do not like rule books.)

    Now Father Caropi (a human sinner) is accused, perhaps spuriously, of immoral actions. Why he may not have even been a Green Beret!

    If you succeed in neutralizing Father Caropi’s ministry, I hope you will (continue to) read the CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    Unfortunately, millions won’t.

    But that’s OK because Father Caropi really wasn’t a Green Beret!

    Actually, it’s NOT OK.

  101. Most of the posts on here attacking Father Corapi come from people who have issues with he Church and are going to throw darts whenever they get a chance. They have never heard Father John talk and if they heard the Truth they would probably would not recognize it. They know nothing of his health issues and are only listening to what they want to hear about the man. The attacks come from all over from all angles(most are ridiculcous)….That is how the devil works. Especially when it is attacks against a man that speaks the Truth and is spiritually feeding us all with the Truth.

  102. Good Job Arnold! I agree with you. Deacon Bill(post 38). Maybe you should research before you comment. Father Corapi has give 50 talks on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and that is what Arnold was referring to. When you state you have never heard Father Corapi talk you shouldnt be throwing darts without first checking out what you are attacking….Educate yourself about the situation before you amke yourself an expert……WOW

  103. What ever happened to “innocent ’til proven guilty”? This only proves the Fr. Corapi is doing something right. If that were not the case, no one would even notice him. This is an attempt to silence him. It may silence him on radio and TV, however, I have at least a dozen CD’s and DVD’s. Right now, I’m watching him on “Spiritual Warfare”?

    God Bless You, Fr. Corapi. I had the great privelege of meeting you n Omaha last fall.

    Thank you. Stay strong. I will continue to pray for you.

  104. Maybe once Father is cleared we should start thinking of counter suites against false accusations. I was accused 3 times at a place of business of taking 100 dollars. I knew in my heart of hearts that someone from the cash office was stealing and making me take the fall for it. I was awarded after 6 months 6800 dollars from unemployment for their foe paw parden the pun. What a feeling it leaves you with even though your defended. Idiots cooperating with Satan.
    Go figure but God is in charge and …,

    People should really know what their talking about or maybe they are going to have to face false accusation claims against themselves. Come on lawyers start doing this when someone of this caliber is wronged. We love you Father John!!!

  105. Wow Klaire…I guess the sun turns a grey beard black too huh?! You also lost sight of the fact that I am hoping these allegations aren’t true and am praying for him and his ministry; I am allowed to voice shock at such a drastic change from humble religious robes and unassuming humanity to cream and gold robes, bald head, unwrinkled face and dyed beard just as you are allowed to voice such vitriolic outrage. I’ll pray for you too….Peace

  106. I could mention the flies I’ve noticed in the ointment re Father Corapi, but the important thing to me by far is that he made the case for Catholicism that brought me back…….I don’t understand much of the faith but I believe nevertheless. And it is because Fr Corapi explained it in way that made it believable. The case against him may be valid, and that makes him a sinner just like the rest of us. The points that he makes in his presentations are nonetheless understandable to me. Just because someone believes in the 10 commandments doesn’t mean he or she will never break any of them….

  107. I would not be particularly scandalized even if it were to turn out that the charges against Fr. Corapi are true. But I have been shocked by the more slobbering “defenses” of him that I have read in the comments section here. Someone up in this very thread said that making accusations against Fr. Corapi constitutes blasphemy!?! I can only hope that this usage was one of those Princess Bride moments (You keep using that word. It does not mean what you think it means!) and that we really don’t have people practicing idolatry and demanding it of the rest of us.

  108. cathyf,

    The CATECHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH (not the Princess Bride) defines BLASPHEMY:

    2148 Blasphemy is directly opposed to the second commandment. It consists in uttering against God – inwardly or outwardly – words of hatred, reproach, or defiance; in speaking ill of God; in failing in respect toward him in one’s speech; in misusing God’s name. THE PROHIBITION OF BLASPHEMY EXTENDS TO LANGUAGE AGAINST CHRIST’S CHURCH, THE SAINTS, AND SACRED THINGS. It is also blasphemous to make use of God’s name to cover up criminal practices, to reduce peoples to servitude, to torture persons or put them to death. The misuse of God’s name to commit a crime can provoke others to repudiate religion. Blasphemy is contrary to the respect due God and his holy name. It is in itself a grave sin.

    I wrote … This woman is accusing Father Caropi of the very grave sin of SCANDAL When, in effect, she MAY be committing the gravest sin of BLASPHEMY.

    I said, “MAY”?

    If her accusations are malicious and false then she probably IS committing the sin of blasphemy.

    Blasphemy against the CATEHISM OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, blasphemy against the EWTN network, and blasphemy against a Catholic priest.

    Father Caropi is just a messenger of the Truth. I do not idolize him and I certainly do not idolize you.

  109. Jesus said (from Mathew chapter 23):
    “The scribes and the Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses. Therfore do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example. For they preach but they do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens and lay them up on people’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger to move them. All their works are performed to be seen. They widen their phylacteries and lengthen their tassels. They love places of honor at bequest, seats of honor in synagogues, greatings in market places and the salutations ‘Rabbi’. As for you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’. You have but one teacher, and you are all brothers. Call no one on earth your father, you have but one Father in heaven. Do not be called ‘Master; you have but one master, the Messiah. “The greatest among you must be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled; but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

  110. The bottom line is Fr. Corapi teaches us true, valid, authenic Catehism of the Catholic Church.

    The Vatican is run like a business as it should be so that it handles its resources responsibly and effectively so it can provide good in the world. This same principle is being applied by Fr. Corapi.

    Unscrupulous doctors who prey and try to profit from patients by lying about their need for heart surgery like the ones that preyed on Fr. Corapi paid the legal and financial consequences for their wrong doing. Being a priest should not exempt one from money settlements for the blatant wrong doing of some doctors.

  111. So I guess the distinction between having Green Beret training and being a Green Beret is supposed to prove that Father Corapi has embellished his military service, so therefore he is also a philanderer and a druggie.

    What next, a former seminarian who claims he cross-dressed with Corapi on Friday nights out on the strip?

    This entire thread serves to illustrate why the Dallas Charter is being misapplied in Corapi’s case, and why the presumption of innocence (and its requisite discretionary silence) is so very important. Any man contemplating priesthood reading this filth and crap would do well to reconsider.

    There is such a thing as the sin of detraction, and it has been very much on parade here. But I guess as long as we end our detraction with “In Jesus’ name,” all is kosher.

  112. Amen Gerald! The “Corapi demons” are indeed plentyful and in wait in cyberspace.

    At this point, anyone who gives a forum to this sinful detraction group should probably stop, take a deep breath, and really think about what he/she is allowing to be said about a priest who has brought many to Christ.

    But hey, rest assured, the echo chamber will no doubt continue to follow all things Corapi, with the insulting disclaimer, “I wasn’t going to write anymore, but….. (here’s another “read between the line doubt for those of us who don’t know him well).”

    Lastly, if one enlists and trains as a Green Beret and never because of injury in training does “active combat”, what does that make that person? Still a GREEN BERET!

    (btw, another little fact of which Father Corapi often spoke).

  113. Well said Gerald and Klaire. I would have “liked” those comment but no option here. What is transparent at this point is that many people can’t stand Corapi because he is orthodox and unapologetically so. He actually praises things like the rosary (gasp) which were so passe after V II. He also uses military and war metaphors which are just so….. so……. war like and masculine.

    Maybe we should go on a witch hunt about his high school grades now. I hear he may have gotten a C+ in chemistry and how we can accept someone with a grade like that could preach the good news of Jesus Christ without compromise?

  114. “Why do bad things happen? So that a greater Good may come from it.” Is there any doubt that a greater Good will come from this situation? Have faith. Fr. Corapi and all involved are in my prayers.

  115. @ Klaire

    False. In order to become a Green Beret in the US Army, it takes several years of training including Jungle Warfare School, Airborne Training, and in some cases US Army Range Training.

    Fr. Corapi’s military records only indicate “Admin Clerk” under ‘Education’. He has no military decorations for US Special Forces training.

    But it is a simple thing for Fr. Corapi to prove. Simply publish a picture of himself in his US Army uniform from the Vietnam War. As a man who constantly talks about himself, surely he has some photos of himself from his service.

    Most US Military veterans view claims like this as “Stolen Valor” — a major no-no.

    The internet never forgets. Things people claimed years ago are still recorded on websites including EWTN videos where Father Corapi discusses his biography.

  116. What about the detraction against the bishop? Why is that fine? And why is it detraction to criticize him for things he claimed which do not add up (like being a Green Beret)? And why is it detraction to point out the kind of lifestyle the church expects of clergy vs what we see with his lifestyle? Were the saints and doctors of the church wrong in decrying priest using their ordination for money?

  117. Henry,

    You never answered my questions to you, and I find that very interesting. You seem to be invested in a particular outcome. I’m not. For me, the process matters. It’s how we get there that matters.

    Again, if you were in Corapi’s shoes, would you respond as St. Gerard or St Pio? Or would you respond at least as vigorously as Corapi has?

  118. If a bishop tells me he is looking into me and what I say and do, and he asked me to be quiet as the examination goes on, I would say, ok. I wouldn’t start making remarks as if I was being singled out unfairly and smear the bishop with charges of my own.

    But what does that have to do with anything? Seriously. It would be one thing to say, “I am innocent; now let’s let things be examined to show I am.” It’s another to be going around, trying to get a mob in frenzy, demanding one outcome. The second is what we see going on now. Just look at how people take everything his “secular organization”says as a fact.