Happy Birthday, Christopher Walken

A friend pointed out on his Facebook page that today is the esteemed actor’s birthday.  I think that’s worth a little dance, don’t you, Chris?

Face it: this is great stuff.  Truly.  Awesome.  Video.  If you polled people to name the top five music videos of all time, this would have to be on nearly everyone’s list.  (I see embedding has been disabled.  Harumph.  Just click on the screen and it will take you to YouTube, and you can see it there.)

YouTube Preview Image


  1. Congrats to you, Deacon Greg Kandra, yes, Happy Birthday to Christopher Walken is an event we should all share…I think back to the times when we all know that religion has a place and magnitude to encompass oour life and success to all goals. thanks. And remember, the quote: WE NEED MORE COWBELL!

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