"Jesus Met A Woman at the Well…"

In tune with today’s gospel, Peter, Paul and Mary perform a classic folk spiritual (evidently from a televised performance in Japan…)

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  1. Deak Pete says:

    Thanks for the inspiration, Greg! I’d use it for an intro to my homily today, but not sure how the conservatives in my town would take to P,P & M at Mass!

  2. Love it! Thank you. If you can’t meet Jesus at he well (cause you don’t have one in your city), he may be on the TUBE.

  3. Greg: Just discovered your Blog. I’m not very computer literate. This is the first “Blog” that I have ever seen.

    I discovered yours via info I was seeking re Fr. Corapi. Your comments were well presented.

    I am a deacon in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, ordained in 1978 in the Diocese of Oakland, California. My main ministry is in Catholic Broadcasting. We are headed toward a goal of owning and operating a 24 hour Catholic Radio Station.

    I thank you for your work on this blog…….Actually enjoyed Peter Paul and Mary. lot’s of good memories from my younger days!

    God Bless you and your work.
    Larry Sousa

  4. Moonshadow says:

    That would sure be a folk mass, Pete.

  5. ThirstforTruth says:

    While this would probably not be MASS appropriate..there could be many other venues where it would be…Bible Studies, Youth groups, RCIA discussions, would be just afew that come to mind. Please do not be so hard on those who want the Mass to be the Mass of Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Christ and music liturgically appropriate! Deacon Kandra…this was still a great video …especially for the Peter, Paul and Mary generations. Thanks!

  6. Deak Pete says:

    Actually, Thisrt…I was jokingly referring to the POLITICAL conservatives who would react to P, P & M! Sorry I did not make that clear!

  7. So many memories!

  8. Or I guess you could take Puff the Magic Dragon and mix it in with the Transfiguration or the Holy Spirit at Jesus baptism.

    Mixing P,P, &M with the gospel has its severe downside which conservatives know and liberals should have learned by now. And now for something totally different, the clown mass…

  9. Deak Pete says:

    LOL, Greta! Where I live, the clown mass would be more widely accepted than P, P & M!

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