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“What are my sources of strength? My husband and my three kids [Donna, Laura and John Jr.], my health-care team, and my religion.  My desk drawer is filled with all kinds of prayers.”

— Geraldine Ferraro, writing about her struggle with cancer, quoted here.

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6 responses to “Quote of the day”

  1. We all need to pray for those who can no longer pray for themselves. And we all have to hope for the merciful love of God overcoming our sins. I also see moments like these as opportunities for teaching by Catholic Church leadership as well.

    Geraldine was not a hitler or stalin. She was a very warm and nice person. For some reason, this warm, nice, loving person chose to support abortion and gay lifestyle, both of which are taught by the Church she called home to be grave sin and called on those who could stop them to do so. So today, we can suppose that a God of mercy and love, but also a God of Justice, must allow her to meet the 50 million plus that she supported to be killed in abortion to meet with her and ask why she supported their death. Face to face, she might try to explain proportionality and that she did so, but it was nothing personal and she did not chose to kill anyone herself. She would point out that she supported the poor and social justice issues. But I suppose that these thin arguments which the church has said must rise up to the proportionality of killing 50 million plus babies created by God and placed in a location He had planned as a safe place for them, the mothers womb, would fall on deaf ears. How can you give liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a dead infant? How can you give them big government solutions to their poverty when they are dead? How does being against a war (especially those started by the other party) balance out? How does fighting for the end of the death penalty balance out? They are not even close and that is what will make meeting those babies the right type of justice and giving them the opportunity to dispense mercy and forgiveness as we did for them. But those Church leaders who tried to fudge Church teaching to allow votes for those who made the killing legal and supported its growth will also have to meet these children. Those who knew they were voting for the killing of these babies and used the fig leaf they knew deep down did not cover the sin will have to meet them. We all have to meet them who live during this holocaust and say what did you do to stop the holocaust in the same way Germans will have to answer for that holocaust by the Nazi’s.

    I pray for her, but I also pray for Church leaders to speak out clearly and to force the party of death to stop it or lose all support of any kinds and for those catholics in that party to stop supporting it or face the wrath of the Church. After all, it is only votes, and who would risk their soul for a few votes..

  2. Amen Greta.
    This is exactly the point I was trying to make on the other post….well at least half of this point.

    We do have a merciful AND just God. This is why it is NOT up to us to judge her soul only her actions. I too pray that the magesterium would talk more firmly about the tough issues. But alas all we can do is pray, which seems to be not enough for some.
    I strongly disagree with Geraldine’s policies, but as a member of Christ’s Mystical Body, I love her with all my heart. I pray that she has finally found God’s total, and unreserved love.

    For he did give us a new command…..

    Peace to all

  3. Greg-

    a) A great quote. How ironic ( and a bit sad) that it was People Magazine, and not the other more ” mainstream” press that published this statement.

    b) Not sure about all the various saints and judges that have been commenting on her passing, but from the sounds of it I must be in big trouble since I have all of my chips on a merciful, loving and forgiving God.

    Perhaps the Irish Blessing should be rewritten to read–” May you be in heaven an hour before the Devil (and the holier-then-thou crowd) knows your gone…”

    I didn’t agree with most of her politics but a lot of this sounds spiteful to me.

    requiem in pace Geraldine

  4. Tonight I was the deacon of the gospel and preached at a week-day mass in a parish some distance from my home. The first reading — as many of you know — was the story of the Syrian General Naaman and the bizarre cure of his leprosy.

    I won’t bore you with the whole homily — it was rather impromtu anyway and thus I never wrote it down — but Geraldine Ferraro’s twelve year long fight with the demon of acute multiple myeloma — and the thousands of dollars she spent on experimental drugs — quickly became the core of my message because it does parallel Naaman’s fairly well.

    All of you — including Lady Geraldine of New York — pray for those who have still to fight that same demon.

  5. May she rest in peace. She made history as the first woman vice- presidential candidate—and will live in history for that. For those that get upset by her stance on a woman’s right to choose, and support of those who are gay, it really proved that she was a warm, loving nice person. (as poster #1 mentioned).

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