Woody Allen raises money for Catholic hospital in Rome

Surprised?  I was.

Read the details below, from the Reuters:

What’s a nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn doing helping to raise money for a Catholic hospital owned by the Vatican in a city where until 1870 the papacy required Jews to live in a ghetto?

If that nice Jewish boy is Woody Allen, the conundrum is resolved by a four-letter word: Jazz.

“Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band” charmed a packed house in Rome’s Conciliazione Auditorium three blocks from the Vatican and just across the Tiber River from Rome’s synagogue.

The band, made up of Allen on clarinet and six other top-notch jazz musicians steeped in the New Orleans tradition, belted out more than a dozen tunes over nearly two hours at the benefit for the Bambino Gesu, Italy’s top children’s hospital.

“We love to play jazz music and we are always thrilled when anyone comes to hear us — thrilled and surprised, actually,” he told the audience in his trademark self-deprecating style.

That was it for one-liners, almost as if he wanted to step out of the shoes of Woody Allen the actor/director/comedian and into those of Woody Allen the musician.

“We are going to play songs from New Orleans from the 1910s, 1920s, 1930s — songs that were popular in the churches, parades, brothels and dance halls of New Orleans so sit back and we will do our best to entertain you,” he said.

And entertain they did, with numbers such as Louis Armstrong’s “Someday You’ll Be Sorry”, “Muskrat Ramble” by Kid Ory, “At The Jazz Band Ball”, “That’s A Plenty”, and “Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet”.

There was also a sublime and moving rendition of the spiritual “Take My Hand Precious Lord” — fittingly, perhaps, if one considers that the world’s largest church — St. Peter’s Basilica — was just down the street.

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  1. I think when the word Catholic is used by Reuters or AP, they immediately check to make sure there is some put down in the article. “until 1870 the papacy required Jews to live in a ghetto”.

    Imagine if they did a story on the democratic party and felt compelled to point out that “in 1870, democrat KKK members required those they called n—— to live in segregated ghettos and if the dared to do anything to offend, were beaten and often lynched”. That of course was the legacy of the democratic party who fought any effort for the end to slavery and then fought to keep them from having equal freedom for another 100 years after the civil war. Why is it the media never feels the need to point out history unless it is against the Catholic Church. But of course they would make an exception. this same story would be printed if Republicans and Democrats could change history and make the Republicans the party of slavery and lynching and the Democrats the party of Lincoln and freedom.

    I would love to see an exam of African American school children to see how many know that KKK members were dominated by the Democratic Party and that the Republicans pushed through freedom and the civil rights legislation.

  2. The liberal media despise the Catholic Church, always have, always will. The illustrious New York Times actually predicted the fall of the Church about 120 years ago I believe.

    It’s a very simple world view really: Catholics bad, Pope bad, imams good, secular liberals good.

  3. We will see if the NY slimes ( I mean Times) can out live the Church in 120 years time huh? What is the NYT to predict anything. I prefer to the Bible as a source in a heart beat over the NYT. Nothing will destroy the Church, Christ Himself found. Sorry liberals. If hating the Catholic Church makes your heart content, then go right ahead, all I can say to you is
    “God Bless your heart”.

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