Worth a thousand words: the tsunami strikes

From Japan this morning:

Our Lady of Akita, pray for us.

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4 responses to “Worth a thousand words: the tsunami strikes”

  1. I was just reading a FB note from a friend whose partner is stranded in Tokyo. I pray for all those who have been impacted and for all who might be. Our Lady of Akita please pray for us.

  2. Our Lady of Akita ?

    i don’t want to downplay the awful tragedy in JAPAN, but i must comment after researching info about this SISTER.
    Allegedly , the sister heard a statue calling her with messages emphasizing prayer and repentance.
    Messages such as : ” I alone am able to save you ”
    and : ” those who place their confidence in me will be saved ” I don’t ever see MARY warning people in the BIBLE
    about end time events , but i do see JESUS saying : ” there
    will be famines and earthquakes in place after place” and
    ” many false prophets will rise up and decieve and lead many into error “. JESUS then said : ” but he who endures to the end will be saved .” MATT 24

  3. Jim…

    Nonetheless, the apparition of the Blessed Mother at Akita has been approved by the Church (unlike, for example, the still-ongoing apparition in Medjugorje).

    Dcn. G.

  4. How nice to see a reference to Our Lady of Akita, as it/she was my first thought upon hearing of the tragedy in Japan.

    Jim, as Dcn. Greg pointed out, Akita is chruch approved (which is no easy doing), and also a very powerful message, albeit always consistent with all authentic Marian apparitions: Repent, believe, and of course the power of the Eucharist.

    Here’s a 7 minute and IMO, powerful video summary of Akita:


    Nothing ever being a “coincidence”, my first thoughts were once again, (occuring on the first Friday of Lent), of the huge importance of making reparations, not only for our own sins, but the sins of the world, including our own church members.

    Imagine if only for Lent, every Catholic would just attend even one extra mass or have one offered for reparations?

    Akita is very much in line with the message of Fatima, including chastisments. I see Japan not only in human tragedy, but also in God’s great mercy.

    Who could possibly watch that horrific suffering and devestation and possible think that “they” are in control. It’s a great reminder, especially at the beginning of Lent, of the importance of repentance for ourselves and others.

    I don’t want to get “gloomy doomy” here but part of the message of Akita (and Fatima) is that UNLESS we do repent, we will have a chastisment bigger that anything we could imagine.

    Of course, no one has to “buy in” to Church approved apparitions, but the message of repentance is rock solid Catholic.

    What could be worse than a sudden, unprepared death?

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