Bless this house, O Lord we pray…

The day after Easter, I stopped by a parishioner’s apartment to perform a favorite ritual, a house blessing.  That simple blessing, and all that it means, is the subject of this week’s “All Things New”:

Whatever compels people to ask for these blessings, there is in every case a strong desire to make something old new. Especially now, in the weeks following Easter, we want to feel a part of the rebirth that is happening in our Church, and in our world. The Church is full of new life, among the newly initiated and freshly baptized. Many others have taken advantage of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the days leading up to Easter. And outside the church doors, leaves are returning, grass is growing, flowers are blooming. You can’t escape the sense that life is happening. The tomb is empty, and the dead earth is bringing forth buds.

And we want the blessings of all that to extend everywhere. There is something within us that cries out to have our lives, our loved ones, the shelters built around us sanctified. We have become new creations. We want to spread the grace around. And a great place to begin is at home.

Check out the rest, which includes the prayer of blessing, too!

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One response to “Bless this house, O Lord we pray…”

  1. People love to have their houses blesses and most in the parish do not realize that this is a ritual available to them. Once this is made known many ask for this riutal and it is a GREAT way for a priest or deacon to get to know parishoners on a different level and on their own “turf”. I highly recommend deacons getting involved in this home blessing ministry.

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