Charlie Sheen's father on the meaning of life — UPDATED

Martin Sheen talks with Irish interviewer Gay Byrne about life, faith, conversion — and Charlie.

You can watch the entire conversation right here.  An excerpt, below.

UPDATE: LifeSiteNews has picked up this significant excerpt:

Byrne asked Sheen: “The liberal causes that you espouse are readily identifiable with people in the movie business, but your anti-abortion stance is very strong indeed. And tell me what you told me on the late late show in 1987 as to why that is.”

Sheen replied, “Well we had pregnancies with our grandsons, three specifically.  And we welcomed these children and encouraged the mothers to have the children and gave them support. The lads were not happy at the time but they came to love these children. We have three grown grandchildren, two of them are married, they’re some of the greatest source of joy in our lives.”

Sheen went on to note that his wife Janet struggled after the conception of their fourth child, but chose life despite the circumstances after speaking with a therapist.

However, Byrne asked about Janet, “was she not born because of a rape?” Sheen responded that his wife would rather that he not speak about it, but does admit that she was conceived in rape. Byrne followed up, suggesting that “if there had been an abortion she would not exist.”

Sheen relates further that even after birth Janet’s mother contemplated “dumping her in the Ohio River.”  She was raised by aunts till she was six, after which her mother, with a new husband, “came to collect her,” he said.

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26 responses to “Charlie Sheen's father on the meaning of life — UPDATED”

  1. Our lives are meant to unite the will of the spirit to the flesh?????????

    The will of which spirit?

    He had to draw upon indian paganism?

    Oh Dear……and the big one……

    It has something to do with happiness…….(chuckle chuckle)



    This is not newsworthy or inspiring. It is the use of celebrity to applaud this phenomenon of New Catholicism.
    Today we are seeing such a MIXED bag of errors and heresies constantly be promoted by people trying to figure out the meaning of life. IT is so sad there is no uniformity , no absolutes being taught or reminded anymore. Instead we are all forever individualising what we think..BLAH BLAH BLAH.

  2. Sometime this summer, the Church of the Holy Trinity in Dayton Ohio will be celebrating its sesquicentennial — 150 years of service to the Risen Lord Jesus. The family of Ramon Estevez has been members there for generations and, while no big deal is going to be made of it, no one there would be the slightest bit surprised if Ray — as the parishioners there still know him — attends some of the celebrations. You see, he still touches base with his home and family and can suddenly and unexpectedly and quietly shows up for Sunday Mass there.

    I knew that my own grandparents were married there my own father and all of his siblings were baptized there. It turns out that one of my cousins and his wife are current members and they are on the sesquicentennial committee. That committee fully expects Ray to come but it will be his expected “we are celebrating our faith and not me” style.

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

  3. Jollyros Post #2:

    The true definition of a heretic is someone that — after correction because of possible ignorance — continues to teach something that directly defies Christian Doctrine or Roman Catholic Dogma.

    Christian Doctrine includes those long-standing “eternal” (infallible) teachings that we share with non-Catholic Christians — for example what we find in the Apostles Creed or the Nicene Creed.

    Catholic Dogma includes those long standing “eternal” (infallible) teachings that are unique to Roman Catholicism — for instance the unique role of Lady Miryam of Nazareth in salvation history or the necessity of a Bishop of Rome to honor and follow the Petrine office.

    These actual infallible categories are extremely narrow while the remaining three areas of Catholic religious practices are much wider: Magisterial Teachings; Good Order and Discipline; and Individual Spiritual Practices.

    In fact, Individual Spiritual Practices are unique in that the only time the organized Catholic Church ever interferes is when those individual practices of prayer spill over into the public forum and disturb others.

    Yes! We can pray standing on our heads or kneeling on a prayer rug; we can pray in any language in this world or out of this world; we can be charismatic/pentecostal and go down “slain in the Spirit” when we pray or we can sit still in the position of a introverted mystic. Roman Catholicism does protect the right of every human being to pray to the Almighty in any way that person is prompted.

    Bottom line: Your notion of heresy is simply not correct.

  4. Jollyros wrote:This is not newsworthy or inspiring.

    Of course not. You’re right. How ridiculous. Hollywood celebrities are always talking about Dorothy Day and Mother Theresa and Tielhard de Chardin and how we need to care for the poor and the outcast. The National Enquirer is constantly reporting how wayward Catholics who are famous came back to the faith. Entertainment Tonight is always throwing the spotlight on reversion stories of Emmy winning celebrities. You’re right. This isn’t news. This isn’t inspiring. This isn’t remotely significant. How foolish of me to think otherwise.

    Dcn. G.

  5. Deacon Greg:

    Thank you very much for posting this interview, as I would never have seen it. It has been a long time since I have heard a Catholic articulate so well the values and spirituality of the Church that I have known and loved (and tried to live) since Vatican II.

    Martin Sheen, (as most of your readers know, took his stage name from Bishop Sheen) you have given me much food for thought during these final days of Lent – 2011.

  6. If anyone would be in hell it would be Teilhard de Chardin deacon. As for the charismatic commentor , you are flirting with spirits you really don’t know. Some people just have to push the boundaries hey? I laughed when you used hollywood idols as a reason to be inspired…Good Lord are we that dumb?

    No wonder the good old US of A is going down the toilet-and QUICK…sheeeeshh. Candy Catholics and nothing more.

  7. Henry wrote:“If anyone would be in hell it would be Teilhard de Chardin deacon.”

    I’m sure Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict would be interested in hearing that, since they both have quoted admiringly from his work.

    For future reference: anyone who declares definitively that they think someone is in hell will have that comment deleted. Nobody knows – and people shouldn’t claim they do. Good Lord, are we that dumb?

    Dcn. G.

  8. For future reference:

    Don’t plaguerise someone who hit a sore spot!

    And we are very DUMBED down in this country

  9. Henry:

    You cannot be serious … plaguerise (?) You answer your own comment of being a dumbed down country.

    “By means of all created things, without exception, the divine assails us, penetrates us and moulds us. We imagined it as distant and inaccessible, whereas in fact we live steeped in its burning layers. In eo vivimus. As Jacob said, awakening from his dream, the world, this palpable world, which we were wont to treat with the boredom and disrespect with which we habitually regard places with no sacred association for us, is in truth a holy place, and we did not know it. ” – Teilhard de Chardin

  10. Henry: post #7

    “As for the charismatic commentor , you are flirting with spirits you really don’t know.”

    I’ll assume you were referring to me.

    Catholic Pentecostalism got its start here in the US way back during the era of Pope Paul VI. I fact, he embraced the movement publicly appearing a a number of their international gatherings in Rome during his pontificate. I am convinced that we as Roman Catholics know a great deal about the spirits involved.

    Yes, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement has had a very rocky existence but that is usually because folks in that movement tended to get their egos involved and became too exclusive. They violated a very basic tenet of Roman Catholicism — we are “catholic” and being “catholic” means being “universal.”

  11. As a fan of “West Wing” (miss that show)and the acting of Martin Sheen, in that and other projects, I find it totally newsworthy to know what the man, Martin, feels about his faith. Great quote from the Indian’s also. I admire his stance on abortion, even though I am pro-choice.

    Thanks for putting this post, Deacon.

  12. My, my, we can be so righteous at times. So damned correct that of course we know, KNOW what Gid is thinking. Of course we can read hearts, it comes with calling ourselves Catholic. We like to be in our exclusive club of fellow righteous non sinners and point out the flaws the other fools have. And it is absolutely fine for us to ignore the command of Jesus to not judge lest we be judged or to ignore the command to love one another. St Paul must have been having an off day when he told the Corinthians that love was patient, kind, never rude, never pompous. I mean, THAT can’t be inspired. Right?

    Enough and ENOUGH. There are Pharisees in our midst in the guise of truth-tellers. I prefer the real Church, the Real Magisterium, the Real Holy Spirit.

  13. Oh, yes, I WILL be stopping at confession on the way home. Guilty of sinning in my own message.

  14. I saw the full interview (I’m Irish so I saw it at home here on Irish TV).
    I grew up as an Irish Catholic but I’m undecided about my faith now. Martin Sheen seemed to have strong beliefs which I’m fine with, but I must say I was inspired by the strength of his beliefs.
    I know people might disagree with his thoughts and how he spoke of some religions, but he did have some really beautiful things to say. I thought it was nice that someone in his position speaks in such a manner.

  15. This updated excerpt is the part that really touched my heart when I saw the video late last night. His response to the question: “What do you think happens at Mass?” is also powerful! (It begins around 26 minutes.)

    And now for some cognitive dissonance:

    Martin Sheen is a life-long Democrat and in 2008 he endorsed Obama.

    I have come to this conclusion:

    Martin Sheen can do more for the pro-life cause that any pro-lifer who wants to deny the reception of the Eucharist to those who share Sheen’s political preference.

  16. Unless the pope is speaking from the magesterium he could otherwise be a total jerk….John Paul or Benedicts personal opinions about teilhard chardin are not a reason to put him in the instant MUST be followed category. And quoting him does not make him astoundingly brilliant either.
    The charismatics flirting with spirits is meant to mean that the spirits you are calling may not necessarily be heavenly instead demonic. You do not know what power and realm you may be inviting through your so called “confidence”. It is dreadful and shameful to watch and hear such meetings. Do you really think this behaviour went on when Christ and his apostles were around? They would have been admonished for attention seeking-VANITY.

    As for Deacon Greg your journalistic ethos to bot let others whom you openly invite and then change rules in the course of being offended is most immature , selfish, hypocritical and unmanly.

  17. On another note Sheen endorsing a wicked man (Obama) who will willingly sign papers to have the innocent slaughtered is not a person who is helping the PRO life movement at all.

    “I am for life BUT I am going to vote for the executioner!’…………………………HOW dumb is that!

  18. Henry wrote: “As for Deacon Greg your journalistic ethos to bot let others whom you openly invite and then change rules in the course of being offended is most immature , selfish, hypocritical and unmanly.”

    I’m not sure what you’re talking about here. The guidelines for comments state clearly: DO avoid sweeping condemnations, especially when it comes to consigning someone to the furthest reaches of hell. Similarly, DO avoid deciding unilaterally who is or is not an authentic Christian or a Catholic. (Likewise, outlandish statements like “All Democrats are baby-killing cretins” or “You can’t be a Christian and be a Republican” are guaranteed to be deleted.) They also advise all participants here to act with charity and respect. Please play by the rules, or go play elsewhere. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Dcn. G.

  19. Henry Post #18;

    Seems to me you are violating Deacon Greg’s Terms of Service but that is his shot to call.

    James challenged your “dumbing-down” insights. He beat me to it.

    Fiergenholt challenged you on your view of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement. I have not worked with those folks in years so I have no current insights.

    I have to challenge you, however, on you pretending you are Almighty God and calling out your personal condemnation on both Ramon Estevez/ “Martin Sheen” and President Barak Obama. Bottom line: that is not your judgment to make — PERIOD.

    Perhaps you might want to consider that when you reach the “pearly gates,” Saint Peter may well call upon both Ramon Estevez and Barak Hussein Obama to vouch whether you are worthy.

  20. You know what…I am convinced nobody in today’s Catholic USA thinks they will be possibly going to hell….Apparently we are all saved…

    These “catholic” websites are here for us to pat each other on the back and say aren’t we great.
    There is no room for any true authentic analysis on any topic because that may offend….

    CANDY CATHOLICS and nothing more. We have cut and paste Catholics in this country over and over again.

    …”True charity speaks the truth and is not afraid to either”

  21. Henry, the fact that Martin Sheen backed President Obama is another reason to admire him. Backing a person for President doesn’t mean one has to agree with everything that candidate says. Martin Sheen may be against choice, but he apparently agreed with enough of what candidate Obama wanted to do when elected. BTW, President Obama is by no means a “wicked” man, IMO.

  22. Read what the church teaches about abortion – particularly hone in on the deliberate word procure.

    To vote someone to use your tax dollars to chop up, poison (and this is exactly what Obama knows will happen) to an innocent baby who God willed to come into existence is nothing more than demonic. To say, yes you can use my money to do so, and I give you permission by voting for you also means that you are now accountable. If you spread his evil policy then you have also erred by inciting others to help him do so. It does NOT matter how great his other policies sound, he still can lead you to hell if you give him your vote that permits him to commit murder.

    Ask the Holy spirit to help you discern His truth. There is no
    difference between Obama’s intentions or Herod’s. Both were evil because of what’s in their hearts.

    President or not, King or not, you will know them by their fruits.

    Change your name as well. Pagansister is not becoming of any woman. If you are as intelligent as your question then you might also consider having some dignity and self respect. Please don’t take this comment as an insult either.

    The road to heaven is narrow not superwide like you are being coerced to believe.

  23. Henry:

    Are you watching for a response? Are you having a good time throwing out the term “candy catholics”? (that’s funny)
    You are nothing but a troll, just here to gain a response from your uncharitable judgements. I will pray for you, brother … you have already damned me to Hell … but I know God will show mercy and justice on you.

  24. Touched a nerve James?
    Regretting you voted for him?

    Don’t take it out on me. Go to a priest.

    Maybe next time you might truly think before casting your vote.
    By the way, which part is so sinful that I deserved your personal attack?

    It seems that this site only likes “sheep” thinking

  25. Henry, the posts on this site (The Deacon’s Bench) are not for personal attacks. FYI, I’m not insulted by your comments, and I’m proud of my posting name, so it’ll stay. Enough said.

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