Double life: priest gets three years for stealing a million dollars for Armani and male escorts

It happened in Connecticut:

A Roman Catholic priest from Waterbury who stole more than $1 million in church money and spent it on male escorts, Armani clothes and nights out at gay bars has been sentenced to three years in prison.

A plea of no contest was entered on behalf of The Rev. Kevin Gray, 65, and he was sentenced on Wednesday to three years of probation.

Gray was accused of stealing the money from Sacred Heart Church. He told his congregation he had cancer, but that was not true. The investigation revealed that he shared a small apartment on New York’s Upper East Side with a man he met in Central Park in 2005. After the apartment was vacated, items left behind included a reproduction of part of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, stuck to the ceiling of the living room, and a poster that seems to be the Virgin Mary.

Gray paid the $2,000 rent each month and would visit for a few days every week,according to court records.

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  1. Does anyone know why the Bishop will not seek restitution for the $1.3 million stolen from the Sacred Heart parishioners?

    Police said when they confronted Gray, he told them he was unhappy with his church assignments and said, “He began taking money because he felt the church owed it to him.”

    Rev. John Gatzak, spokesman for the Hartford Archdiocese, said the news has been ever more painful for the parish and it’s parishioners because of the fact that they believed Gray was battling a serious illness, an illness they now believe may have simply been a lie to try and give the priest more time to allegedly cover up the lost funds.

    This part is shocking.

    According to Gatzak, some in the parish were even upset that the archdiocese made a report to the police. He said they told him they would have rather handled it privately in the parish.

  2. Deacon Greg Kandra says:


    We encountered a similar situation in my parish a decade or so back, when it was discovered that the outgoing pastor had dispensed close to a million dollars in parish funds to various “needy” people of dubious background.

    Most of the funds were recovered through an insurance policy.

    To my knowledge, no legal action was ever taken against the former pastor, since it appeared no criminality was involved — just awful judgment and bad management. Soon after that debacle, the new pastor set up a parish finance committee and trustees who oversee the finances of the parish.

    In the Connecticut case, it may be that the bishop feels that restitution for that large a sum will be impossible, and seeking it would be fruitless. But that’s just a hunch,

    Dcn. G.

  3. So a man can STEAL over a million dollars with fraud, lies, deceit and lives a double life with male prostitutes and all he gets is three years probation? that is just SICK.

    And the diocese does not even try to get restitution? THAT STINKS. Maybe the diocese would never get all the money back, but he still has make a living for himself and the church should hold him responsible for what he has done and what he owes from his years of theft. Whatever he makes or earns beyond his basic needs should be turned over to restitution.

    I think (?) even Rembert Weakland had to pay back the money he took from the diocese?

    I am sorry but i disagree with your “hunch”, my hunch is that the diocese is playing soft ball because he will spill the beans on what is really going on with other pastors. They are just buying his silence.

    [anthony...AP says it's three years in prison PLUS three years probation on top of that. But it is a little unclear. Dcn. G.]

  4. I think the best way to handle this is to take the priest’s pension to repay the parish otherwise they are being victimized again by church leadership who are not taking the issue seriously.

    Apparently, the only penalty for Rev. Kevin Gray for stealing $1.3 million, violating his vows, lying, sleeping with prostitutes, cheating, etc is that he is ‘suspended’. He still is a priest and still capable of receiving his pension.

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