My Good Friday

It was busy.

“Mary’s Way of the Cross” at 1 pm, led by me and my wife and accompanied by about 15 altar servers;  incredibly, we had a packed church, close to a thousand people.  Then, the liturgy commemorating the Lord’s Passion at 3, and again at 7:30.  The 7:30 liturgy included a spellbinding performance of DuBois’ oratorio “The Seven Last Words.” The choir was, in a word, stunning.  Both liturgies included the Veneration of the Cross, and again, the church was packed with people.  When I left at about 9:30, folks were lining up for confessions, which were scheduled to continue until about midnight.

Tomorrow, I’ll be up and out the door early.  RCIA rehearsal begins at 9:30.  (Tonight, I work on my Easter Vigil homily…)

Below, a shot of the church from early afternoon, with the tabernacle empty and the altar stripped …


  1. Deacon Alexander Breviario says:

    Deacon Greg,

    Awesome! Regards and Easter blessing to Msgr. for his panache!

    Wishing you and your family a Blessed and Glorious Easter!


  2. “The choir was, in a word, stunning.”. I may bepickey, but did God’s grace have anything to do with this or was it done on their own?

  3. Deacon Norb says:

    In our storage locker, we have the scripts for five different Stations of the Cross. Because of our expected crowd on Good Friday, I had to select “Mary’s Way of the Cross” for the 12:15 service where I presided. I think that box had 500 booklets in it and almost all were distributed. That is, to my knowledge, the first time I had ever used that text. Pretty powerful!

    Response to Joe #2: I would think that you would need to have been there to make that judgment. Since Greg was, and he said it was “stunning,” I can accept that.

    I can recall visiting a suburban parish for the first time one Sunday when I was on a trip. I was immediately struck by the “opera quality” talent of both the choir and the soloist. As I was listening and silently admiring the music, a voice came to me and said: “Don’t be deceived! Behind these talented voices are hearts of stone !” I was amazed at that revelation and bowed my head in humble wonder why I was selected to receive it.

    Only the very best of blessings from here in the Midwest!

  4. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    It was entirely on their own, Joe. God had nothing at all to do with it.

  5. Regina Faighes says:

    I attended the 1:00 PM liturgy, and was awe-struck, as usual, by your and Siobhan’s inspiring Mary’s Way of the Cross. Siobhan has such a lovely Marian countenance, which was augmented by the Madonna blue dress she was wearing. It was beautiful to see so many altar servers participating and deeply moving to see how PACKED our very, very large church was. It was an outpouring of faith and devotion to Our Suffering Lord and His Blessed Mother. May God bless you and Siobhan for this beautiful and powerful Lenten service to our parish family!

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