My Holy Saturday

A drizzly, miserable spring morning here in New York.  Sloshed through puddles to the church for 9:30 coffee and bagels with the RCIA crew, followed by rehearsal for the Easter Vigil.  I got to meet The Candle and try it out for size.

It’s big.  Really really big.

One of the priests walked everyone through everything — offering bits of catechesis here and there about the ritual and what it all means.  With the DRE and the MC, they somehow figured out the traffic management and how they were going to accommodate 15 people in the sanctuary, along with their sponsors. They practiced receiving their first communion and sipping from the chalice, and even worked out the carefully choreographed recessional (following, of course, the “Hallelujah!” Chorus).

After that was done, I donned an alb and stole to administer the Ephphatha rite. Had lunch after with the priests in the rectory, and sloshed home to finish work on my homily for tonight and practice, a few more times, the Exultet.

I need a nap.

Below, a shot from the RCIA rehearsal.  I’ll try and post some pictures from the vigil, if I’m still standing, later  on …


  1. Regina Faighes says:

    May God bless these Candidates and Elect as they wait with joyful anticipation for this evening’s Rites which will bring them into full Communion with Our Lord and His Church. And may God bless the priests, deacons, and sponsors who are leading them on this journey of faith!

  2. Regina Faighes says:

    Well, the Easter Vigil Mass was in a word…glorious…thanks in no small part to your beautiful chanting of the Exultet and your powerful homily! May God bless you and Siobhan with a blessed and happy Easter and a lovely spring!

  3. do you use a Master of Ceremonies for such a Liturgy ?

  4. Deacon Greg Kandra says:

    Joe …

    The head of the altar servers acts as MC for the Easter Vigil.

    Dcn. G.

  5. Mr Flapatap says:

    Sounds like a very busy schedule and that does not reflect the reality that Holy Thursday and Good Friday were very hectic too. However, the bells and lighting all the candles during the Gloria, witnessing and welcoming those joining the Church and, even placing back the lamp next to the tabernacle, makes it so worthwhile!

    Happy Easter.

  6. God Bless all the people, in all the Churches everywhere, who put in their time and effort to make the Easter Masses so warm, loving and beautiful. The lectors, the altar servers, the choirs, music directors, and of course the Deacons and Preists, you all work so hard and go unnoticed.

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