Roll out the barrel: polka mass?

This is a new one to me, though apparently it’s been floating around YouTube for a while.

Take a look and give a listen.

I wonder what Karol Wojtyla would think…

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15 responses to “Roll out the barrel: polka mass?”

  1. Polka Masses have been around here in Minnesota for decades. Every year there is one in our parish. I cannot say I look forward to it, as I don’t, but it draws a crowd.

  2. Mark Mitchell:
    I was intrigued by your comment and so I went to YouTube to view the closing Mass of the L.A. Religious Education Congress.

    I have attended a lot of different masses in my life: several masses celebrated by popes in the piazza of St. Peter’s as well as many other masses with large and small groups in cathedrals, homes and dirt floor churches (Nigeria and Kenya). To me, it’s the same mass but different styles. I honestly could not find anything irreverent at the mass in L.A. What I saw was joy and a beautiful community spirit.

    Archbishop Gomez didn’t seem to be displeased. I think that his comment at the end of the mass was delightful. He said that next month he is going to Rome to attend a meeting of the Pontifical Council for Latin America and that he wasn’t sure that he would see the pope, but, if he did, he assured the group that he would tell him that the Church in L.A. and in the US “is alive.”

  3. I personally don’t like polka music but I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with praising the Lord playing music in this genre at mass. “Praise the Lord!” says psalm 150:1. Doesn’t say what style, music or genre. If music – whatever genre – is played with a reverent, loving and respectful spirit, then what is so wrong or “sinful” about it?

  4. Well they are, I guess, making a joyful noise [of sorts] to the Lord. I, too, have attended Polka masses at my former parish. Yuck, but there were many Polish people in the parish who looked forward to it.

  5. Mark Mitchell needs to travel outside America so that he may refrain from such profession of abysmal ignorance.

    Bravo HMS!

  6. When I lived in Phoenix, AZ, they had a group who would do a polka mass each month in a different parish. The mass would be a standing room only event. I do miss them as well as the marachi masses.

  7. “If music – whatever genre – is played with a reverent, loving and respectful spirit, ”

    agreed, but I have never heard a polka mass fit that description. It’s a hoe down that often doesn’t even mention Jesus. I’m not kidding.

  8. I wonder if they take requests? One of my favorites is ,
    ” In Heaven there is no beer , that’s why we drink it here ,and when we’re gone from here, our friends will be drinking all the beer. “

  9. I’m surprised you haven’t seen them before. They used to be pretty common in Central MA, CT, and I think out on Long Island in the 1970s-1980s. This was a pretty tame version, really. Honestly, it makes me nostalgic for my (1st generation) Polish parents.

  10. “It’s a hoe down that often doesn’t even mention Jesus”

    That’s almost like saying metal music can’t be loving, reverent and respectful to God because it often glorifies Satan and it has a “violent” tune. The idea that “loving, respectful and reverent” always and only mean gregorian chant is just wrong.
    If we want to play music to praise the Lord we have to take away our prejudices. If the music doesn’t always mention Jesus then let’s start including His name on the lyrics. Let’s change our music instead of just complaining.

  11. We had Polka Masses in WI & MN back in the 70’s & 80’s. Not sure if they still do them, as I’ve been gone for the past 20 years.

  12. RE: “I wonder what Karol Wojtyla would think”:

    No need to wonder, according to this source –

    “In 1983 Fr. Perkovich and the Polka Massters had the experience of a lifetime, celebrating the Polka Mass on the high altar of St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican for Pope John Paul II. The Pope commended and encouraged Fr. Perkovich in his endeavors with the Polka Mass and was pleased to accept a recording of the Mass.”

    I’m not sure exactly what was said or what was performed, but feel free to check out the link yourself:

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