"Where are you going? Can you take me with you?"

A little Good Friday meditation for you, from the movie of “Godspell” …

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  • brother jeff

    That was some pretty powerful music, despite the cheesy seventies clothing and hair.

  • Barbara Flannery

    OMG…..so many memories back in my Folk Group days. And, the message is clear: HE is here, by our side…….always……..

  • jkm

    Brother Jeff, something we agree on! Both the power and the cheese. And as always, the power overcomes the cheese. May we all dare ourselves to skip the roads with Him today.

  • brother jeff

    We had it on an eight-track tape and my parents played it frequently along with Sound of Music. The “where are you going?” question was so touching, so human; little could they have imagined where he was going at the time.

    St. Catherine Emmerich has him entering the realm of the dead on Good Friday with angels on either side of him, like a champion. That would have been something to see.

    I’m off to watch The Passion.