Best wedding video ever?

That’s what they’re calling this jaw-dropping production over at Huffington Post. See what you think.

Now, when I was married (25 years ago this month!), my uncle brought a gargantuan video camera from New Jersey and surprised us by shooting the whole thing on a big fat beta tape with blurry images and scratchy sound.  But to this day, when my wife and I look at the faded copy of a copy we keep on our shelf, it never fails to bring a smile and a tear.

I wonder if this couple will feel the same way in 25 years. After a video like this, how could any ordinary marriage ever compare?
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14 responses to “Best wedding video ever?”

  1. Hmmm… not to my way of seeing. I guess I have officially become an old crank. Life is not a television show. Don’t get me wrong, I love joy and when I look out our wedding video, I feel great joy, but mostly because of how the liturgy went, the faces of those we love. This was a bit too slick for me.

  2. I like it! As we’re heading into ordination season when can we expect to see the first clerical ordination video?!


  3. Given that white number the guy’s wearing, I’m just thankful his partner’s a woman!!

  4. WOW! Modern technology! I’ve been married long enough that my wedding is in an album with black and white pictures—no video or film or anything. Has only lasted 46 years. Hopefully the couple will have a long a happy married life. The video will probably seem old fashioned to their children—if they have any.

  5. OT – I posted earlier about this Aussie Bishop who was removed by the Pope. Now he upped the ante in standing up to the Magesterium:

    “Australian Bishop William Morris of Toowoomba, removed from his post earlier this week by Pope Benedict XVI, is not going quietly into early retirement as agreed.”

    “For most of the week, Bishop Morris and his supporters continued to wage a public campaign against the Vatican investigation.”

    What is it with these priests lately refusing to accept discipline and their cult of personality defending them? It’s like they are worshiping a singular man instead of Jesus and rejecting the authority of the church. I submit, that they are not true Catholics.

  6. This is the perfect Anti-wedding video. It’s two individuals fight for the camera, not a marriage. I pray for this couple. My guess is they won’t be watching this video in 25 years.

  7. As a part time wedding photographer myself, I would never produce a wedding video of this kind; just not my thing, although it was certainly interesting to watch from a technical standpoint!

    On the other hand, it pretty much sums up the attitude of the culture on marriage, now relegated to the same genre as MTV!

    As the ad guys of Mad Men once noted, (as well as Dcn. Greg) on this thread, it’s all about “that ache, that makes us want to go back.” (FYI, one of TV’s finest moments IMO)

    I couldn’t agree more, (with the ad/madmen), and it’s why I will keep doing wedding and event photography as long as the Good Lord keeps me on this earth. In my world, the bellwether of great photograpy is tears, period.

    IMO, the only “tears” that will be shed over this video will be years later when the “so hip” video isn’t so “timeless.” On the other hand, IF it was a 2nd video made for fun, well, so be it, just hope it wasn’t the one and only, but then, the marriage may not be either.

    P.S. to Dcn. Greg: You might want to think about getting your own wedding video backed up or even “cleaned up” and put on a DVD. The technology is awesome now for perserving the oldies; just find a good pro camera shop that does in house processing.

  8. Couldn’t take it past the first minute. I am trying really hard to fight the cynicism but I have to say that I agree with Jim above. If I end up getting assigned to do marriage prep as my ministry of charity I may use it as an example of what’s wrong with today’s approach to marriage.

  9. Our youngest is getting married next month. As we looked at photographer’s albums on the net, we began to compile a long list of what we didn’t want for their photos.
    Never mind a video, which we decided to skip.
    This is like a catalogue of everything we didn’t like.

  10. It’s fun to watch – if it’s a movie production. For a real life wedding, a little too contrived for my taste.

  11. I actually made it to 3:54 before hitting stop. I can’t believe this comes up in a google search for the best wedding videos 2011. As a wedding videographer I would walk away from a project like this. I read above someone thought this was interesting to watch from a technical standpoint, as a professional I have to add this was poorly done, cheap color correction fx, the speed up in the beginning could have been better shot by my barely walking one year old and I can’t believe no one is noticing the horrible green chroma key reflection on his hands as he holds up a picture of his wife to be. Very amatureish. One word made up – douchepocolipse.

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